Welcome to the ultimate and effortlessly chic hairstyle: Parisian Shag Hairstyle. Drawing inspiration from the iconic French aesthetic, this trend encapsulates the nonchalant beauty that is distinctly Parisian. The Parisian shag is a celebration of tousled layers, and lived-in texture, and also has that effortless vibe. Dive into the world of glamour and discover how the Parisian shag is redefining the art of casual sophistication in the realm of hair fashion.

20+ Parisian Shag Hairstyle Ideas

1. Blonde Parisian Shag Hairstyle


This light blonde Parisian shag haircut is going to look cute on younger women. If you prefer wispy hairdos and you want to incorporate some stylish bangs on top, this will suit you.

2. 70s Shag Parisian Hairstyle


Warm-toned orange hair with stylish bangs is a must-try for the fall. If you like warm hues and you enjoy chestnut and ginger colors combined, this is your next look.

3. Long Dark Brown Parisian Shag Hairstyle


Go long, black, wispy, and retro by enjoying these locks and volume. Anyone who likes Parisian-style hairdos and wishes to rock fluffy locks is going to enjoy this classic no matter your event.

4. Parisian Shag Hairstyle With Highlights


Moms who are practical and always on the go are going to like this caramel beige hairdo. Incorporate some wispy bangs as well to get this feminine style. If you like shorter hairdos and you want to look like a diva, why not this look?

5. Bright Pink Parisian Shag Hairstyle


Go with this pink Parisian shag hairdo and don’t forget these cute bangs. Not a lot of women are going to dare to try out this look, so how about you stand out? The final result is going to look cute on younger teen women.

6. Parisian Shag Hairstyle With Bangs


If you’re looking for the perfect fall hairdo and you want to try out something with cute highlights, this is for you. Don’t forget these cute bangs as well to make your hair more playful. If you can handle the maintenance and you’re looking for the perfect layered look, we know this is going to suit you.

7. Shag Haircut With Bangs


The cute and natural brown Parisian haircut is going to look the best on low-maintenance and effortless ladies. Does this sound like you? If you enjoy stylish ideas and you’re ready for something practical for everyday moments, we can vouch for this look.

8. Fluffy And Curly Parisian Shag Hairstyle


You can enjoy this Parisian hairstyle and also enjoy its elf look. If you like fluffy bangs and you prefer fluffy hairdos that are quite easy to achieve in the morning, this will suit your style.

9. Modern Parisian Shag Hairstyle


Incorporate some stylish highlights into your look and try out this balayage transformation. This style and hair color combo is going to look the best on younger women who love to follow trends and try out new looks.

10. Hot Bright Orange Parisian Shag Hair


Try out a bright orange color and just know that everyone will be talking about you. This shade is very popular in the fall and often looks super modern on younger women. Ready to give it a go?

11. Natural Brown Parisian Shag Hairstyle


You can look like a model with your new haircut and embrace this Parisian style. This cute hairdo is going to suit women in their twenties to thirties the best.

12. Vibrant Red Parisian Shag Hairstyle


Hot and fiery red with an orange undertone is a popular look for the fall. If you want to look like a true diva and you enjoy bright and warm tones we know that this look is the one for you!

13. Parisian Shag Hairstyle For Fine Hair 


Cute and fluffy bangs can shape your overall look. If you enjoy elegant locks and you’re ready for a subtle transformation yet a feminine outcome, how are we to stop you from enjoying this design?

14. Fluffy Parisian Shag Hairdo


This soft brown hairdo is for ladies who know how to enjoy soft and feminine waves. Add some hairspray to shape your hair and keep your locks in place. If you enjoy shorter low-maintenance ideas, this will look good on you.

15. Black Hair Parisian Shag Hairstyle


Go with your natural shade of brown and try out this subtle everyday hairdo. You’re going to look like an actual Parisian girl and you’re going to love it for daily moments.

16. Hot Orange Parisian Shag Haircut Idea


Color your hair every eight weeks when it comes to this bright design. If you like vibrant ideas and you trust your hairstylist and colorist fully, this is your next must-try look.

17. Retro Parisian Shag Hairstyle


Embrace the crazy 70s vibe and try out this hairdo for daily wear. You’ll love its effortless style and you’ll achieve this look with your favorite hairspray or hair gel.

18. Light Blonde Parisian Shag Hairstyle


Light blonde with a hue of pink is often worn by younger teens who love to try out fun shades. Do you enjoy fluffy hairstyles and do you also want a shade that others don’t have or dare to rock? This is perfect for you in that case.

19. Dark Brown Parisian Shag Hairstyle Idea


Enjoy your emo punk rock phase and try out this cool look. Anyone who enjoys dominant ideas will fall for this beauty. Don’t forget these vibrant and dominant bangs to round up the look.

20. Parisian Shag Hairstyle With Bangs Blonde Look


Cute light blonde hair with subtle highlights is for anyone who likes transformations. You’ll enjoy this look if you want to make your own unique Parisian hairdo transformation.

21. Short Curly Parisian Shag Hairstyle


If you have fluffy and voluminous curls this will suit you. Don’t forget these playful bangs and show off your look with full-on confidence, no matter where you go or what you end up doing.

22. Parisian Shag Hairstyle For Thin Hair


Ladies who like shorter and feisty hairdos will fall for this Parisian hair design. Curl your ends and show off your texture with your favorite hairspray and moisturize your locks everywhere you go.

23. Blonde Hair Parisian Shag Idea


Fluffy and fun blonde hairdo such as this one is very retro and playful. You’ll love it if you’re someone who wants to show off elegance and your fun and bold locks. Don’t forget a ton of hairspray in order to keep them in place.

24. Parisian Shag Hairstyle With Simple Bangs


Short mini bangs will look good when paired with your Parisian style. If you like layers and you naturally have thin hair, this look will suit you. Age-wise it can look good on loads of different ladies.

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