Pastel hair color is a fun vibe worth exploring and doing! If you’re into cute and colorful ideas and you’re ready to try something new and vibrant, why not this beauty? In this article, we will talk about some modern and trendy designs that can’t go unnoticed. Are you up for experimenting and do you want to try something that’s different? Look no further, here are some ideas we highly recommend you try out!

Top 30 Pastel Hair Color Ideas 

1. Pastel Hair Colors For Blondes

Light pinky and white icy hair will look good on platinum blondes. If you like your natural hair color but you’re ready to add some pastel shades to it, you can never go wrong with a pink undertone.

2. Purple Pastel Hair Color

How about this wild and retro purple and blue pastel hair design? These shades are a bold statement that is often worn by party women, as well as those who like wild and modern ideas. If you are into outgoing looks and you wish for attention, what better way to do it?

3. Violet Pastel Hair Color

Light pink pastel haircut when styled in a bob is a must-try by low-maintenance ladies. This hair needs to be colored every 3 months for proper upkeep. Age-wise, it can be worn by anyone.

4. Light Pink Pastel Hair Color

Vibrant pink is only for those who dare! You’ll need several hair dyes when coloring this style. Make sure you invest in your favorite shampoo and conditioner so that the pink doesn’t wash out easily or too soon.

5. Ponytail Pastel Hair Color

Cute and feminine ponytails are your thing? Do you like and prefer rainbow colors? This high updo ponytail is chic and sexy, as well as perfect for daily wear. Ready to show it everywhere you go?!

6. Cool Rainbow Pastel Hair Color

Not everyone would dare to give this haircut a try. Would you? This wild rainbow hair design with fierce bangs will look fun and wild on teen women. Show you love dramatic ideas and make sure you can commit to the maintenance of this rainbow-inspired pastel hair design.

7. Vibrant Pink Pastel Hair Color

Is pink your favorite hair color? Do you gravitate toward more pigmented shades? If pink is your go-to and you want to look like a trendy person, what’s stopping you from giving this a go? The perfect hairdo for the spring season.

8. Green Mermaid Pastel Hair Color

How about this wild and playful mermaid vibe?! You’ll look like a true princess with this hair color combo. Heads up since the pastel blue shade is on the high-maintenance side, and you’ll need a skilled hairstylist to achieve the exact same style.

9. Pastel Hair Colors 2024 Trend

Pastel hair color such as this one has several different shades, such as purple, pink, and violet. It is a fierce design that takes time and precision to pull off. You’ll spend 2-3 hours at your hairstylist when getting your hair colored.

10. Bob Purple Pastel Hair Color

Violet pastel hair color and this light shade will come in handy for the summertime season. Women who like pastel designs and light feminine flirty colors will love this result.

11. Half Split Pastel Hair Color

Half split down the middle, this pinky and pastel blonde bob is great for natural blondes. If you have blonde roots just color one-half of your hair in this vibrant shade. Pink pastel is a common and popular choice, no matter where you go!

12. Rainbow Pastel Hair Color

Fierce green and purple combined together is a true statement for the summer season. Do you love lighter neon shades? This summer, be the main attraction with your hairdo! Just book the best hairstylist and colorist you know of, as this is a tricky look to perfect.

13. Feminine Pastel Hair Color Idea

How many shades is too many?! Are you into colorful and somewhat wilder ideas? This hair color is a fun design that will make you the star of the show. Assert dominance and show just how creative you are with your cut.

14. Dark Colored Pastel Hair Color Trend

Do you want to combine several shades all at once? Are you quite indecisive? For anyone who’s into drama and volume, this will leave you breathless! Go for these wild bangs as well to complete the look.

15. Dark Purple Pastel Hair Color

Purple and green are bold colors worth considering. If you prefer shorter hair, but you’re a fan of wild and dominant shades, this one will not disappoint! Try it out for the upcoming season and watch how you get a ton of compliments for it.

16. Pink And Yellow Pastel Hair Color

A bob design is on the low-maintenance side, while this color is wild and pretty extreme. The combo itself evens itself out, making it practical to get. Just know that this will look great in photosand it will look the prettiest for the summertime season.

17. Space Buns Pastel Hair Color

Keep your natural hair blonde and add some pops of color throughout. Blonde, purple, and pink pastel shades will truly open up your hair transformation and will make you look like a proper trendsetter. Ready to try this out?

18. Ombre Pastel Hair Color

Are you into ombre and pastel shades? How about you combine red roots with blonde middle and green ends?! These three colors when paired together are quite unusual, yet they will make you look and feel like a mermaid. Is that the vibe you’re trying to achieve?!

19. Blonde Base Pastel Hair Color

Purple, blue, and green will look lovely when paired together. All of these hair colors are fun and dominant, as well as often worn by younger women who like the attention. Heads up since this hair combo can easily wash out as time goes on.

20. Orange And Pink Pastel Hair Color

An icy blonde base with light orange and light pink will transform every style of hair. This haircut is quite long and it will look mesmerizing on ladies in their twenties who love the attention and want that dramatic moment and grand design! Want to color your hair and embrace the fun?

21. Wavy Pastel Hair Color

Green is a fun color and it is a statement worth doing. Lighter complexions will look wonderful with this shade of green, while the design itself knows no age limit! Ready to explore?

22. Pastel Hair Color Idea For Ladies

Combine several of these candy-inspired shades and you’ll achieve the perfect haircut for the summer season. This hairdo is also stylish and commonly worn by younger ladies, but only by those who can handle the maintenance and the upkeep. You will need several different shampoos and conditioners to keep the design as stylish and as moisturized.

23. Purple And Pink Pastel Hair Color

Are you brave and bold enough to try this hairdo?! This wispy haircut with fun and flirty highlights will make you look like a trendsetter in 2024. Cute wispy bangs and this blowout can be your next go-to, especially if you’re ready for a drastic and dramatic transformation.

24. Wavy Pastel Hair Colors

Orange and pink will look so lovely when paired together. This is an unusual hair combo, yet it’s something that works! If you like lighter hues and you love candy-inspired designs, this is worth your time!

25. Braid Pastel Hair Color

Do you love and enjoy playful ponytail hairdos? Or maybe braids? This haircut is often worn by teens who enjoy experiments, but it can also be worn by ladies in their twenties who like creativity. Tie your hair up high and leave these wispy ends on the side to add dimension to the cut.

26. Straight Pastel Hair Color Idea

You’ll need to color your hair every 3 months to keep this purple in life. If you enjoy shorter cuts and you are a fan of vibrant ideas, you can’t go wrong with this beauty. Style it straight and show off the look anytime and place.

27. Platinum Blonde Pastel Hair Color

If you need the perfect winter hairdo and you’re intrigued by trying out something new and modern, this is it! If you like lighter hues and you have full faith in your hairstylist, it’s time for something new and fun!

28. Teal Pastel Hair Color

A teal pastel-colored hairdo with these curls will look pretty on party ladies! Add your favorite curling cream to them and define them! Stick to the coloring process every couple of months to enjoy this vibrant color and shine.

29. Rainbow Pastel Hair Color Look

Rainbow-colored hair is a fun vibe and a statement worth exploring. If you love mermaid vibes and you also like wavy haircuts, this is ideal! Give it a go and let the world see you with your new feminine and soft waves.

30. Light Violet Pastel Hair Color

Lastly, a light violet haircut with subtle waves is a fun idea, especially if you have a pinky base underneath. This design will look good with blonde hair underneath, so try it out if you’re a natural blonde.

Pastel Hairdo Time

Did you like this list with several different and gorgeous shades? If so, which one is your top pick and a holy grail out of the bunch? If you’re a picky person we’ve covered everything for your liking, so don’t worry as we got you covered!

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