The word perm might strike a bad cord for you, but today perms have come so far. Perms are meant to give your hair more curls and definition. A perm can change the tightness of your curls, reduce frizz, and give you a ton of volume.

Perms might seem a little scary but if you’re on board to try something new and unique, here are some of our favorite looks.

1. Bob

This permed bob will give you soft curls.

2. Natural Wave

Perms can give you a natural wave.

3. Loose Curls

Always have your hair curled.

4 . Wave

This subtle wave is brought to you by a perm.

5. Bounce

Let your curls bounce.

6. Volume

Get tons of volume with your perm.

7. Romantic

These romantic curls can be possible with a perm.

8. Lob

A lob is an amazing style to get a perm.

9. Blow Out

Get a blow out all the time with a perm.

10. Tight Curls

Tight curls look perfect with a shorter style.

11. Texture

Get a lot of texture from a perm.

12. Messy Cut

A messy style can be done with a perm.

13. Grey Beauty

A grey coloring with a perm looks stunning.

14. Soft

This soft look is perfect for everyday.

15. Throwback

If you like the throwback perm, try it out.

16. Ombre Waves

Pop an ombre color on your locks.

17. Coils

Tight curls make the best permed look.

18. Digital Perm

Go the new route with a digital perm.

19. Pixie

Adding a perm to your pixie will leave you will a beautiful finished look.

20. Chop

A chopped bob with a slight perm makes an amazing look.

21. Chestnut

A chestnut perm is all you need.

22. Cut

Cut your hair short and leave a perm in the rest of it.

23. Ponytail

You can wear you perm in a nice pulled back look.

24. Mohawk

Go for a mohawk, then perm it.

25. Wild

You can have a lot of fun with your perm.

26. Longer Pixie

Really take your pixie up a level.

27. Princess

You’ll feel like a princess with your perm.

28. Rounded Perm

Add some dimension to your hair.

29. Vivid

Let your hair and perm pop with some color.

30. Wind Blown

Perms have come a long way.

Perms were once a style people didn’t like, but today the technology has changed and you can get an amazing style all thanks to a perm.

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