Pink hair has recently made a splash in the hair industry. People are becoming more open with showing their true colors and allowing their hair to be a little different then what you see walking down the street. When it comes to pink hair, your color options are unlimited too. You can choose a vibrant and deep pink, or go with something softer like a rose or pastel pink. Regardless of what pink you choose, it is a stunning color to try out and looks beautiful on just about anyone.

If a pink hair color seems right up your alley, here are a few ideas to give you a little more inspiration.

1.Cotton Candy

Mix your pink with a variety of other colors for a stunning cotton candy effect.

2. Ombre

Go from dark to light, letting your pink be the brightest.

3. Rose

If you want to keep it a little more neutral, try out this rose color.

4. Pop of Pink

Add a pop of color to your hair if you’re not ready to do your whole head.

5. Bubblegum

Pixies and a bubblegum pink look stunning together.

6. Rose Gold

Rose gold hair color is super trendy right now and looks beautiful.

7. Vibrant Pink

Vibrant pink is bright and gorgeous.

8. Raspberry Lob

A lob with a stunning raspberry color is perfect for the winter.

9. Reverse Ombre

You can reverse your ombre and go from light to dark.

10. Soft Pink

This soft pink is stunning and perfect for anyone looking for a softer look.

11. Pink and Purple

Pair two of your favorite colors together for one stunning look.

12. Pastel Pink

Pastel pink is a beautiful color to add onto your lob.

13. Berry Pink

Go for a little darker of a pink for a deeper look.

14. Minimal Pink

This minimal pink is soft and delicate, perfect for shorter styles.

15. Touch of Pink

Add a little touch of pink to your hair for some brighten strands.

16. Pink Braids

This vibrant pink is perfect to style into braids.

17. Hot Pink

Hot pink pairs beautiful with a longer pixie.

18. Light Pink

Leave your bob shaggy and add a stunning light pink to it.

19. Sunset

Have fun with your pink hair and add a mixture for a beautiful outcome.

20. Pink Balayage

You can still stay on trend with a balayage, just add pink instead.–cjS3J/

21. Soft Pink Highlights

If you want a little change, these soft highlights are perfect.

22. Fire Pink

Choose a pink that is loud and proud.

23. Shadow Roots

You can keep your roots dark and add a lovely pink with it.

24. Pretty Pink

This stunning pink and short braid are gorgeous together.

25. Creamy Pink

This soft, creamy ink is perfect for a touch of color.

26. Pink Dream

This pink is stunning on anyone.

27. Pink Fauxhawk

Add a touch of pink to really show your fauxhawk off.

28. Strawberry Pink

This strawberry pink is fun and flirty.

29. Pink Bob

A soft pink with a bob is a style you need to try.

30. Pink Vibes

If you can choose one pink, pick a couple.

31. Curled Pink Lob

This curly pink lob is stunning and would look beautiful on anyone.

32. Pink Mixture

Mixing pink with your natural color creates a stunning color.

33. Bold Pink

With a bold pink color you get something a little darker.

34. Dip Dye

If you’re not ready to go al pink, try a dip dye instead.

35. Pink Undercut

Color some of your hair pink and leave your undercut natural.

36. Platinum Pink

Platinum pink is super light and stunning.

37. Duo Colored

Mix your pink with another fun and vibrant hue.

38. Gradient

Created a gradient of pink throughout your hair.

39. Pastel Hues

This array of pink pastels is stunning with a lob.

40. Pink Melt

Melt a stunning bubblegum pink into your hair.

Pink is a stunning color that will look beautiful on any hair type. You can go big and bold or keep it on the softer and lighter side.

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