Pixie hairdos are often worn by mature women or women who enjoy shorter low-maintenance haircuts. Your next pixie hairdo can look so fun and feisty, as well as modern, just consider some of our top picks! Anyone who is in the mood for something elegant and sun-kissed will easily find a look that suits them. Here is what we recommend booking!

Top 20 Pixie Haircuts With Balayage

1. Ashy Pixie Haircut With Balayage


If you’re a mom who loves her natural hair texture and color, this look is for you. Show that you can rock your grays and that you enjoy pixie designs with subtle balayage transitions from your natural root color to your ends. If you fancy volume – this is going to suit you.

2. Light Blonde Pixie Haircut With Balayage


This cute pixie is for ladies who love their updos and want to rock something high and dramatic. If you enjoy defined and retro voluminous designs, we know that you’re going to fall in love with this look.

3. Natural Brown Pixie Haircut With Balayage Highlights 


A subtle balayage hairdo with simple highlights is a look worth doing for the summertime season. This look is very low-maintenance and the pixie hairdo is going to suit mature women and moms who love to wear stylish and feminine designs. Show off your defined updo top and rock this look anywhere you go!

4. Pixie Haircut With Balayage Highlights 


Combine your favorite pixie design and try showing it off at your next important event. If you fancy fluffy voluminous ideas and you trust your hairstylist completely – commit to this look.

5. Messy Pixie Haircut With Balayage


Women who are into balayage hairdos and those who want to try out something new will fall for this look. It is defined, elegant, and shiny, as well as very easy to pull off on your own. Ready to commit to it and maintain it in the long run?

6. Short Pixie Haircut With Balayage


You should cut your hair every five weeks when it comes to this pixie hairdo. It is very easy to style, as you’ll be needing only a bit of hair gel and wax to maintain it. A little bit goes a long way, but this hairdo will make you look so sleek and chic during the day!

7. Light Brown Pixie Haircut With Balayage


Women who enjoy shorter haircuts should commit to this design. Make sure that you are patient enough when it comes to this design. It might be tricky to style and pull off in the morning, but it is more than worth it in the long run!

8. Pixie Haircut With Bangs And Balayage


Define your locks with your favorite hairspray and let them look dramatic for every moment and event you attend. Girls who are in their thirties might enjoy this look a lot, if not the most.

9. Warm Tone Pixie Haircut With Balayage


If you’re obsessed with balayage highlights and you enjoy switching up your looks often, this is for you. Show that you know how to enjoy a subtle color change and that you love playing around with different haircuts and designs on a monthly basis!

10. Light Brown Pixie Haircut With Balayage


Women who are in their forties might enjoy this balayage hairstyle the most. Show it off and let the world see you as the true diva you are. You will make a statement everywhere you go, especially if you’re in the office with your work colleagues.

11. Platinum Blonde Pixie Haircut With Balayage


If you want you can try a bleached platinum look. Those who love their defined locks and can handle the color upkeep and touch-ups will fall for this look. You should invest in your favorite toner and prolong the lifespan of your hair color.

12. Modern Pixie Haircut With Balayage


Modern and trendy pixie hairdo with balayage hue which is going to attract a lot of attention. Color your balayage hair every two months to maintain the design. Anyone who likes lighter hues and subtle transformations will fall for this design.

13. Long Pixie Hair With Balayage


Longer pixie will suit high-maintenance women a tad bit more. Try this design if you fancy modern and new looks. Anyone in their thirties will want to try this style.

14. Short Pixie Haircut With Balayage


Cut your ends precisely and show off this stylish look. If your hairstylist knows how to cut layers and you also want to add a pop of color and a subtle balayage hue, we recommend this beauty. You’re going to like this style for everyday moments.

15. Pixie Hairdo With Balayage Highlights 


Embrace your boyish vibe and try doing this hairdo. Ladies who love cropped looks sve bangs are going to fall for this pixie with elf elements. It is very low maintenance and easy to pull off for daily wear and any opportunity.

16. Chocolate Brown Pixie Haircut With Balayage


This type of hairdo will work wonders for mature women. If you’re in your fifties to sixties we know that you’re going to fall for this design. Cut it with precision and go for layers to add even more definition around the top of your head.

17. Subtle Brown Pixie Haircut With Balayage Highlights 


If your hair is very thick and defined you should try this hairdo. It is often worn by women who love elegant and defined locks, as well as naturally fuller hairdos.

18. Fun Blonde Pixie Haircut With Balayage Locks


Show off your blonde pixie for everyday wear. You should color your hair every 4 weeks and cut it every 6 if you want to make this hairdo work.

19. Modern Pixie Hairstyle With Balayage


Super modern, fun, and different, this pixie with a purple undertone is going to look fun and flirty on ladies who are in their teens. Maybe give it a go for the summertime period if you wish to attract looks and attention.

20. Wispy And Thick Pixie Haircut With Balayage


Ladies who are in their fifties will fall for this hairdo! Define your edges and your high updo with your favorite gel and show it off knowing that it is a modern pixie.

Pixie Haircut Is For Everyone!

Are you ready for your next pixie? If so, which one is it going to be? All of these haircuts can look so good when done the right way and by a skilled hairstylist. Let us know your opinion on these cuts down below!

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