A pixie bob haircut can look amazing on women who wish to embrace a shorter texture. If you are a fan of simpler, yet gorgeous haircuts, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to list some amazing pixie bob hairstyles that women of all ages can try out. For most moms and workaholic women, this article is going to be very helpful. If you want a short hairdo, what are you waiting for? Keep on reading!

Top 15 Pixie Bob Haircuts

1. Light Blonde Pixie Bob Hair


Defined and somewhat shorter in the back, this haircut is elegant and trendy. Pair it with a platinum blonde shade and just know that you’re going to look like such a diva. Women who are in their forties might like its specific look the most.

2. A-Line Pixie Bob Haircut


A defined pixie bob that you’re going to love for your formal and important meetings or gatherings. It is chic, straight, and cut in a stylish way, a must-try by younger women. If you want to try out something that not that many people have or dare to wear, this is for you!

3. Hot Pink Pixie Bob Hair


A bright pink pixie bob like this one is very wild, modern, and trendy. If you are a fan of retro haircuts and you also love that punk rock look to your design, this will look so good on you. Color it every month to maintain this shade of pink.

4. Messy & Wavy Pixie Bob Hair


Not a lot of women can pull off this look. Can you? If you prefer trendy pixie bob cuts and you want to color your hair in a wild way and in a specific shade – this is for you. Keep your hair interesting and funky, as everyone wants a look that is unusual.

5. Short Light Pink Pixie Bob Haircut


How cute and sweet is this light pink pixie bob? It is a fierce haircut that you’re going to love for the springtime period. It is very sleek and hard to do, which is why booking an amazing hairstylist is an important step to make. Do you trust yours?

6. Long Bangs Pixie Bob Hair


A long hairdo such as this one is going to get a ton of recognition and comments. Do you enjoy longer and wispier bangs, and do you want to try out something modern? If you’re a fan of trying new things and you’re ready to grow your hair out – this might make its way on your list!

7. Light Brown Pixie Bob Hair


A light brown or dark blonde pixie bob like this one is going to look fun and seamless, as well as very natural. Women who are all about low-maintenance and practical designs will gravitate toward this cut.

8. Voluminous Natural Pixie Bob Hair


You can leave your hair natural dark brown and only switch it up and spice it up with a new defined haircut. Anyone who enjoys shorter looks and doesn’t want to commit to the coloring process will fancy all about this look. Anyone can try it out, no matter their age.

9. Grey Pixie Bob Hair


Moms who are already showing grays can also rock this pixie bob design. What’s stopping you from giving it a go? If you like icy white and practical cuts and if you’re a fan of keeping it clean and natural – this is for you!

10. Long Blonde Pixie Bob Haircut


This is the perfect model-inspired hairdo that can look picture-perfect! Women who are in their twenties might enjoy this style the most. Pair it with these fierce bangs to get even more compliments and exposure!

11. Curly & Defined Pixie Bob Hair


Do you love your curly locks? Are you a fan of showing them off everywhere you go? If so, this pixie bob is going to suit you! Make sure that you keep your curls and your locks as moisturized as possible, since curly hair may demand moisture and hydration quite often.

12. Simple Pixie Bob Haircut 


This light blonde pixie bob is very feminine and flirty. It also has a bit of that French vibe to it, making it appealing to women who enjoy elegance on a daily. Make sure that you add layers to it if you wish to spice it up even more.

13. Natural Grey Pixie Bob Hair


A pixie bob like this one just goes to show you how mature women can look good and can rock it, no matter their age or grays! Set your bangs in place and let the hair shine through wherever and whenever you want it to!

14. Pixie Bob Hair With Bangs


A light-bleached pixie bob is a must-try for younger women and women who are in their twenties. Pair the look with some feisty and fancy bags and rock it to any formal or casual gathering.

15. Pixie Bob Hair With Highlights 


Lastly, you can try out this pixie bob and give it a go if you are a fan of cute voluminous ideas. Add these cute highlights to it as well to round up the look and show it off for everyday gatherings!

Why Not Cut Your Hair?

And that’s our list girls! Are you excited about some of these creations? What’s it going to be off of our list? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you with something new.

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