Pixie hairstyle is a popular look, often worn by women who like practical and shorter ideas. Women who want to style their hair within a few minutes every day will appreciate the beauty of this look. It is universal and often worn by every age group! Are you a fan of short, sweet, and practical looks? Want to look like a true little fairy? Say no more, and truly consider pixie cuts!

The pixie cut became quite popular thanks to a well-known cartoon, Peter Pan a couple of decades back. If you’re intrigued by its “roots” and you want to know about its history + you also want to find a hairstyle that suits you and complements your facial features just know that you’re exactly where you need to be! Here, we bring you these top 40 unique, gorgeous and stylish pixie cuts that you can opt for. Find your favorite look down below and commit to something fun and new.

What Is A Pixie Cut?

A pixie cut is a short hairstyle that goes above your shoulders and ends up around your chin or ear length. It is generally short on the back but has a bit more volume on the sides or at the top. Its origin has been connected to a mythological pixie. The name pixie is said to be taken from fairies, which were often presented with cute simple hairdos in a ton of books. Oval, round, and heart face shapes can usually pull off a pixie cut the best.

How To Style A Pixie Cut?

When it comes to your hairstyling consider spending and investing 3-5 minutes every day or morning to get the perfect cut! Here is how you should do it:

Step 1: Work with clean and product-free hair. Shorter hair has a tendency of soaking in a ton of hair products with ease, which is why you should consider washing it every other day.
Step 2: Run a bit of hair gel or hair cream through your palms and your fingers. Warm up the product and spread it evenly to get equal consistency.
Step 3: Style the front and sides with this product and define your edges while adding volume. Keep your back portion simple and ”clean”, product-free.
Step 4: Go for a side-bang moment or even consider doing a buzzcut or a fade. Blow-dry your hair for it to firm and hold tightly throughout the day.
Optional: Add a ton of hairspray or glitter if you are off to an important or formal event.

Who Are Celebrities With A Pixie Cut?

You can always find inspiration in your favorite celebrities and when you see them rocking a specific hairstyle. For a lot of women, going short might seem like a risky or scary move to make. However, if the following beauties can do it, what stops you from trying it yourself?

  • Pink
  • Katy Perry
  • Emma Watson (one of the most popular celebrities with a pixie cut)
  • Halle Berry
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Natalie Portman
  • Rihanna

and the list just goes on and on! Why not consider the cut yourself and awake your inner diva?!

Short Pixie

One of the most popular and common go-to looks is a short pixie cut. It is often worn by women who have naturally thin hair, wanting a quick and easy everyday look. It may vary from above the ears to below the chin. Usually, a short pixie is around 3 inches in length.

1. Brown Short Pixie


This short brown pixie is low-key and low-maintenance. Women who like their natural hair color and texture will enjoy this design. It is perfect for everyday wear.

2. Light Silver Pixie Cut


Silver pixie such as this one is for women who want a stylish, modern, and trendy cut. This is a bold color choice, often worn by younger women who want a fashionable and party-perfect look.

3. Pixie Hair With Highlights


You can spice up your pixie with the right set of highlights. Give these a go if you’re into modern and trendy cuts. Make sure that you color your hair every 6-7 weeks to maintain these highlights.

4. Natural Brown Short Pixie


Simple, short, and natural brown hair color combo that everyone can pull off! This pixie is simple and straightforward, often worn by girls who want something quick and easy.

5. Soft Brown Pixie Haircut


Cute pixie cut that will look the best on square face shapes. If you want something chic and trendy and you are in your twenties consider this look.

6. Dark Brown Pixie Cut


This dark brown hair color can be a statement look. Add some hair gel to the back and make the look a lot more attractive. You will look flirty and playful, a must-have for any age group.

7. Pastel Blonde Short Pixie Haircut


This pastel blonde pixie is a trendy piece. Women who are into shorter looks will adore this cut. Add highlights every 6-8 weeks to maintain the outcome. Party girls will naturally adore this cut.

8. Short Pixie With Fringe


This short pixie with cute and short fringe bangs will attract looks and look lovely on younger women. If you can pull off this look and you have that inner natural beauty you can pull off the overall vibe with ease.

Layered Pixie

A layered pixie cut is done in a seamless blend of several different layers, both long and short. This hair cutting technique makes your hair appear a lot more full and texturized. Everything is blended out and often worn by women who want to make their hair fuller and more elegant.

1. Blonde Layered Pixie Hair


This layered pixie is elegant and perfect for women who can handle the maintenance. Layered pixie cuts need to be cut every 3-4 weeks for that flawless outcome.

2. Black Voluminous Pixie


Naturally dark brown or black layered pixie will look great on low-maintenance women. Consider your natural hair color but spice it up with the right hair-cutting technique.

3. Orange Layered Pixie Haircut


An orange layered pixie that will suit younger women the best. Dare to go for a pop of color? If you are young, partyholic, and naturally driven to color, give this cut a go!

4. Brown Layered Pixie Haircut


Brown layered pixie will give you volume and more layers to work with. If your hair is naturally thin this can be a good way to spice it up and create fullness.

5. Natural Brown Layered Pixie


Naturally brown hair is simple and low-maintenance on its own. If you want something that is quick and easy to wear on a daily, this will attract you!

6. Blonde Layered Pixie With Highlights


Add layers to your pixie not only with your layered cut but also with your highlights. Women who are in their forties might appreciate this look the best.

7. Long Layered Pixie


Go for this layered pixie, but also consider stylish bangs. If you’re into longer cuts and you are naturally interested in bold cuts, this one will work and look lovely on you.

Long Pixie

Long pixies are a tad bit longer than typical types, reaching 4-6 inches in length on the sides. Usually, they are shorter in the back and sides, while longer on top with long or super wispy bangs. Long pixie cuts resemble a bit of a bob cut, often worn by women who aren’t ready to commit to a shorter cut.

1. Side Swept Long Pixie


Side-swept long pixie with cool bangs that you’re going to fancy for formal or informal wear. Make sure to grow your hair and maintain this length since it can be tricky.

2. Long Brown Pixie Haircut


Long brown pixie with voluminous bangs, perfect for stylish everyday wear. Add some cream to your bangs and style it on the side for long-lasting wear.

3. Defined Brown Pixie


Cute defined brown pixie, often worn by women who are in their thirties. It is a gorgeous office cut and often worn by workaholic women who like elegant effortless cuts.

4. Long Blonde Pixie With Highlights


Pixie cut with highlights and this super long pixie will attract looks. Women who like bold and long looks will naturally gravitate toward this design. Spice it up with your favorite styling products and wear with confidence.

5. Pixie With Highlights


Chocolate brown pixie with highlights can look good on any girl. Usually, this long pixie with caramel highlights is a popular go-to choice for the Fall season. Dare to give it a go?

6. Icy Blonde Pixie Hair


Go with this blonde pixie and these cool highlights. If you prefer short updos and you can handle the maintenance and color touch-ups this will look lovely on you.

7. Auburn Red Pixie


Bright red and vibrant pixie that women who are in their forties are going to adore. This color is often worn by serious and dominant ladies. Does this sound like you?

8. Long Brown Pixie Cut


Cute and cool pixie that can suit any age group. There are no rules when it comes to this pixie, which is why everyone should give it a go.

Pixie With Bangs

A pixie hairstyle with bangs can be both short or long hair with unique fringe, blunt, or wispy bangs at the front portion. It is considered to be an edgy concept, often worn by women who have rounded faces or bigger foreheads, trying to play around with sculpting and contouring. If done super short this look can also resemble a lot to an elf haircut.

1. Pixie Hair With Bangs


Bangs can be high-maintenance. If you can handle them give them a go. This pixie cut with super long bangs will look lovely on girls who are in their 30s.

2. Brown Pixie With Fringe


Black pixie with bangs is a common go-to by college students or teens. This cut is easy to do, often worn by younger women who can DIY their own cuts and bangs.

3. Short Brown Pixie Cut


Style your bangs on one side and go for this cut if you’re into low-key looks. Women who like stylish ideas and those who have that natural beauty will easily pull off this cut.

4. Bright Orange Pixie With Bangs


Make sure that you color your hair every 4-5 weeks when it comes to this bright orange hairdo. It is a vibrant, retro, and loud color, often worn by girls who want to stand out.

5. Icy Blonde Pixie With Long Bangs


Light blonde icy pixie with fiercely defined bangs! Try out this pixie and long wispy bangs if you’re into drama and glamour for everyday wear.

6. Brown Cut Pixie With Bangs


Fringe bangs are not everyone’s cup of tea. Are they yours? Try this pixie and bang duo if you are into cute and cool cuts. Regular 4-5 week cuts are mandatory.

7. Messy Pixie With Bangs


Bright orange pixie is bright, dominant, and colorful. This cool cut will suit teens the best. Who says that orange pixie cuts are only for mature women? As you can tell, younger women can rock them as well.

8. Light Blonde Voluminous Pixie


Defined blonde pixie that will look sleek and fancy. This hairstyle is for women who can handle the maintenance. Blonde looks are messy to color or touch-up, give them a go only if you truly dare.

9. Blonde Pixie With Straight Bangs


Straight bangs can be hard to wear or style for daily wear. If you can handle the touch-up and maintenance consider this beauty.

Undercut Pixie

An undercut pixie is a hairstyle that is cut short on one side, oftentimes done in a buzzcut, fade, or with just one undercut line detail. It is edgy and sleek, often rocked by rock-loving women. It is easy to style and blow-dry if not one of the easiest looks off of our list.

1. Pixie With An Undercut


An undercut pixie is a cool cut to go for. Teens or college students will often go for this look. It is not too hard to maintain, perfect for the summer season!

2. Blonde Pixie Undercut Detail


A blonde pixie with an undercut, fade, or buzzcut detail is one trendy haircut. If you like cute and bold looks and you want that fiery outcome, this is it!

3. Brown Pixie Undercut Detail


Dark brown pixie with an undercut and bangs is a bold choice to make. Women who are in the mood for something creative can go for this modern pixie.

4. Red Pixie Cut Undercut Detail


This red pixie will look lovely for the Fall season. Give it a go if you’re on the lookout for a bright, vivid, and colorful pixie that not a lot of women are going to have.

5. Platinum Blonde Pixie With An Undercut


When it comes to this platinum blonde pixie just know that it is a high-maintenance cut. You should color it and cut it every 4 weeks for a flawless outcome.

6. Sexy Pixie Cut With Bangs


Sexy, modern, and chic trendy pixie that not a lot of women will dare to wear. Do you? If you want to look like a true diva this haircut will suit you the best.

7. Light Blonde With Undercut


Do not rush the process when it comes to this hairdo. Women who like bright colors, funky cuts, and shorter looks will like this vibe. It is a high-maintenance updo, so heads up.

8. Pixie Hair With An Undercut


Bright blonde pixie with an undercut will add that youthful vibe to your look. If you’re ready for something new, fun, and creative – this is it!
Want To Try This Pixie Haircut?
Which one of these pixie looks you can’t wait to wear and try out yourself? Are you ready to transform your look and give short and sweet pixie looks a try? If so, consider one out of these 40 beauties. Are you more so into simple or colorful cuts? If you are ready to commit to it let us know which design and cut was your favorite out of the bunch. We can’t wait to see what you truly fancy and end up wearing!

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