There is something about platinum hair that just looks stunning. Going this light can be a little intense but once you make the switch, you’ll love the end result of your hair. Platinum hair color is perfect to get that summer look or if you’re trying to brighten up your winter, a perfect platinum hair dye will do the trick. Remember though, going platinum can take some time especially if your hair is on the darker side, so be patient with the process.

These are a few of our favorite platinum blonde hairstyles with highlights, that are worth trying out.

1. Spring Platinum

Don’t color all your hair platinum for a nice look.

2. Bangs

Platinum with bangs is a killer style.

3. Vivid platinum

Combine your platinum with a vivid color.

4. Platinum Curls

Curl your platinum hair for a beautiful look.

5. Blondie Lob

Lobs look stunning with platinum hair.

6. Layered

Layer your platinum look.

7. Easy Platinum

This platinum look is stunning but easy to style.

8. Pixie

Go short and wavy with your style.

9. Balayage

If you’re not ready for all over platinum, try a balayage.

10. Icy

This platinum ice is worth how long it takes.

11. Bob

Try out an icy bob.

12. Long Pixie

Have fun with your long pixie.

13. Sleek

A sleek hairstyles look amazing with platinum hair.

14. Highlights

Add a little more to your look.

15. Wispy

Wispy layers with you style look stunning.

16. Blunt

A blunt cut looks amazing with platinum hair.

17. Blonde Season

Jump on the platinum train.

18. White

Go almost white with your color.

19. Diamond

Let you platinum shine bright.

20. Messy Bob

A messy bob and platinum look are stunning.

21. Sleek

Nothing beats a sleek look.

22. Shine

Platinum coloring will let your hair shine.

23. Fresh

Try something new with your color.

24. Cool

Cool tones are beautiful.

25. Blunt Bob

Rock is old school with this blunt bob.

26. Messy Pixie

This pixie is stunning with a platinum color.

27. Lob Curls

Curl your lob with a beautiful platinum color.

28. Short

A short look with platinum color is the ultimate style.

29. Beauty

This beautiful platinum look is something you need.

30. Gradient Cut

Try out a gradient cut with a new color.

31. Summer

Make your hair summer ready.

32. Edgy

Go a little edgy with you look.

33. Bangs

Bangs always look good with a platinum look.

34. Whimsical

Nothing beats a beautiful platinum look.

35. Shadow Roots

Leave your roots a little darker.

36. Inverted Bob

Let your front be a little longer then the back.

37. Glowing

Your platinum hair will glow.

38. Pearl

Nothing beats an amazing pearl color.

39. Short Bob

Go short with your bob and bold with your color.

40. Wispy Bangs

A set of wispy bangs looks amazing with platinum hair.

41. Pop of Color

Add a pop of color to your platinum look.

42. Rounded Bob

Make your rounded bob better.

43. Textured

Your textured style will look amazing with a platinum color.

44. Duo

Can’t decide, do both.

45. Tint

Add a purple tint to your look.

Platinum hair is stunning. Even though it can take a few hours to achieve, the process is well worth the finish product.

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