Ever thought about wearing a pompadour haircut? Are you a fan of cool and edgy looks? A pompadour is no more just a haircut for guys. In fact, nowadays it can be a stylish choice worn by girls as well, especially for those who wish to stand out and look bold. Want to find your next ultimate hairstyle? Keep on reading and browse through 20 cool pompadour options.

Who Can Rock A Pompadour?

Any girl can give it a go with a pompadour haircut. It is bold and beautiful, easy to style, and recommendable no matter your age or headed the event. In the end, a pompadour will look cool and edgy, perfect for those who want to give it a go with something new and something semi-casual and quirky.

Top 20 Pompadour For Women

1. Brown Pompadour With Highlights 


If you prefer quirky colors and you’re a fan of subtle pops of color this will suit you. It is the perfect spring look for women who want to try out a shorter hairdo. You’ll also enjoy its effortless styling.

2. Short Blonde Pompadour 


Cute blonde pompadour that you’re going to enjoy for formal wear. If you’re a fan of shorter looks and you think that you can handle the maintenance give it a go with this bleached blonde moment. In the end, it will look the best on workaholic moms or ladies who wish to look well-put and serious.

3. Formal Black Pompadour 


Curly black and formal, this pompadour just goes to show you that you can embrace even shorter cuts for formal moments. It is easy to do, sleek and elegant + it can look red-carpet perfect when styled the right way! Add a bit of hairspray and you’re going to enjoy its final look.

4. Pompadour Hairstyle Blonde Look 


If Miley Cyrus can rock it what stops you from giving it a to? Women who find Miley cute and attractive will also want to copy her hairdo. Make sure that you color your hair every 5 weeks since this type of blonde pompadour moment can be a bit hard to achieve and maintain.

5. Messy Brown Pompadour Cut 


Messy brown and cut on the side with a fade detail makes the look attractive without being too retro or “young” looking. You should trust your hairstylist before you give it a go with this cool pompadour. In the end, it is going to look great on girls or women who are in their twenties.

6. High Blonde Pompadour For Women 


High blonde and worn up and stylish, this cool cut and this blonde pompadour will look amazing on women who are in their thirties. If you’re a party animal and you fancy longer blonde moments this is for you. Make sure that you add a ton of hairspray and cream to set the hair in place and achieve the right amount of volume.

7. Colorful & Retro Pompadour Hairstyle


Bright colorful and outgoing, this quirky pompadour is for women who are always craving attention and want to be in the spotlight. If you’re a fan of color and you don’t mind experimenting with something new, why not this? Make sure that you touch up the color every 6 weeks since these bright shades can easily wash out.

8. Platinum Icy Pompadour Cut 


Platinum icy cuts are not for everyone. Do you dare and wish to give them a go? Blonde pompadour or pixie cuts will look great on any age group! Make sure that you can handle the coloring since icy platinum cuts can be hard to do + are time-consuming. In the end, if you are a high-maintenance girl this will work well for you.

9. Short Brown Curly Pompadour 


Curly pompadour and messy curls are for women who like to look retro and for those who wish to experiment with their natural texture. If you fancy your natural curls and shorter hairdos.

10. Blonde Pompadour Cut 


Short pompadour such as this one with a messy top will look trendy and cool. If you’re a fan of retro looks and you’re in your thirties this will look great on you. 

11. Curly Pompadour Hairstyle


Go for a curly pompadour and messy or shaved sides. Women who like their natural curls and their natural texture will like styling their hair this way. Use a high-quality curl pomade for the best results.

12. Light Blonde Long Pompadour 


Long pompadour and this icy white color is a high-maintenance haircut. If you can handle the maintenance and if you like show-stopping ideas this will intrigue you. 

13. Formal Pompadour Haircut 


Formal and cute, this pompadour is cute and it can look good for the summer season. You can also wear it and show it off for big and semi-formal events. 

14. Messy Pompadour Hair For Girls 


Your hair needs to be cut every 4 weeks when it comes to this specific design. Make sure to use the right toner to maintain the color and to prolong its lifespan.

15. Black Pompadour With A Fade


Natural dark brown or black hair is for women who like their natural texture. Go for cut or shaved sides to spice it up and have your own take on it. 

16. Simple Blonde Pompadour Cut 


Simple blonde and chic, this hairstyle is for women who wish to look serious and formal. Mature women will fancy this look the most. If you like platinum blonde hairdos give it a go!

17. Cool Black Pompadour Hair 


Use your favorite matte pomade when styling your hair. This pompadour and messy updo will look attractive and cool on women who are in their twenties. If you are a fan of longer looks and you don’t have time to cut it too often – try this out!

18. Blonde Hairstyle Pompadour With A Fade


Cool and edgy, this pompadour is for women who can handle the coloring process. Often, a shorter pompadour with an ombre transition is a must-do for stylish ladies. 

19. Edgy Colorful Pompadour Haircut 


Add some retro hues of pink and blue to spice up the look. Women who like retro edgy hairdos and those who are party lovers will also adore this design. 

20. Icy Silver Pompadour Hair


Icy silver hair needs to be colored the right way. Invest in your shampoo & conditioner and you’ll maintain and prolong the color. Women who like icy cuts will like the combo. 

Want To Try Something New?

If you’re ready for something new and retro let us know which haircut you must try from this list! It will suit different age groups and events, just make sure that you customize the look based on your liking. We can’t wait to see what you end up wearing.

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