Natural red hair is breathtaking. It is a color that can’t be replicated and makes short hair look stunning and unique. Although some of us aren’t born with a natural red color to our hair, we can still go and see a stylist and get something close to it done. Red hair also comes in a number of hues and colors, perfect to pair with a short haircut.

Here are 30 of our favorite short red hairstyles, perfect for the next time you’re looking for a color or cut changed.

1. Long Red Pixie

Feel the fire with this long pixie that is a mixture of bright and light red colors. Keep the sides short and your bangs longer for this style.

2. Red Ombre

If you don’t want to go full red, try a red ombre. You can keep your natural color throughout your hair with the ends a nice gorgeous red color.

3. Natural Auburn

A natural auburn lob looks beautiful and is the perfect color for transitioning from summer to spring.

4. Strawberry Curls

Let your strawberry blonde come out and embrace your curls in a stunning bob cut.

5. Rose Gold Highlights

The rose gold trend is popular and jump on board with it by adding a few highlights throughout hair.

6. Red Wine Bob

Go darker with your red and pair it with a straight and sleek bob.

7. Cherry Lob

Lobs are a beautiful hairstyle especially when you add a curl to them. Enhance your lob by changing your hair to a beautiful cherry color.

8. Flamed Bob

Go for a gorgeous orange and red color to show off your bob. Add a set of bangs to really change the look up.

9. Hidden Red

If you don’t want to go full red, add a little underneath your hair for a peek-a-boo look.

10. Red Pop

Change your entire style to a gorgeous light red color that will instantly make your hair pop.

11. Chestnut Red

This chestnut red is natural but still has hints of fun to it. Cut your hair into a beautiful lob to get the ultimate style.

12. Vibrant Red

Let your love for red show with this vibrant red ombre. Pair it with a rounded bob for a beautiful look.

13. Red and Brown

A natural red looks stunning when it is mixed with a chestnut brown.

14. Licorice Twist

Mix a beautiful cherry red with a deep brown or black for a stunning mixture of colors.

15. Red Balayage

Instead of going with your typical blonde balayage, change it up and go for some red hues instead.

16. Highlighted Pixie

Take your pixie up a notch by adding a few burgundy highlights throughout it.

17. Burgundy Curls

Welcome winter with this deep burgundy color that is perfect for the colder times.

18. Classic Updo

Even with short hair you can have a classic updo that looks stunning anywhere you go.

19. Flaming Bob

Choose three beautiful red colors to complete this look and have a gorgeous gradient of colors throughout your hair.

20. Summer Bob

Bring summer to you with this pretty red hair color and curly wild bob.

21. Copper Lob

Embrace a copper color and cut your hair into the perfect lob style.

22. Smoking Red

If you’re looking for a change, go for this stunning red color that tapers off at the ends.

23. Auburn Mane

Go for a beautiful auburn red color with chestnut highlights and a few gold throughout to really turn heads.

24. Dark Chocolate Bob

Go for a deep, dark color for your base and throw in some intense red highlights. Finish the look off with a round bob cut.

25. Vibrant Cooper

Instead of doing a curly lob like everyone else, change yours to a sleek, straight, and blunt style.

26. Cinnamon Curls

Pop a fun cinnamon color on your bob and let those curls shine.

27. Red Layers

Layers are a great way to add dimension and volume to your hair.

28. Fire Engine Lob

Let your love for red shine with this stunning red color with a beautiful curly bob.

29. Burgundy Volume

Get a lot of volume with your lob by adding layers and finish off with a beautiful color.

30. Peach Blend

Let the tiniest hints of light red peek through your gorgeous natural color for a soft look.

31. Purple and Red
A rounded bob with a deep red and purple color looks stunning and gives of a fun and edgy look.
32. Vibrant Red
Show off your beautiful pixie cut by adding a vibrant red hue to it.
33. Natural Red
If you want to keep your hair on the natural side, go with a softer, more natural red color.
34. Violet with Red
Spruce up your shaggy bob with a red color that is mixed with some violet. The color will be bright and fun and looks gorgeous on anyone.
35. Fire Engine
A fire engine red paired with a layered bob is beautiful. It brings a lot of attention to your style and pairs perfectly with a shorter look.
36. Auburn
An auburn color mixes red and orange for a stunning natural hue that pairs perfectly with a messy pixie cut.
37. Cherry Cola
Go for the ombre look with a light red fading into a deeper red. Ombre colors are in style and look great with a sleek bob.
38. Pops of Red
Adding pops of red highlights throughout your hair will bring some light to your look and a edgier style.
39. Chestnut Red
A chestnut red is a beautiful natural color and looks beautiful with a curled lob.
40. Burgundy
Burgundy is a deep red color, perfect for anyone who wants a darker color or perfect for a fall and winter look.

41. Apple
A bright apple red looks amazing with a sharp pixie cut and shaved sides. It gives off a stunning but edgy look, which is great for anyone looking for a drastic change.
42. Red Wine
Adding a deep red color to your hair and pairing it with a wavy lob screams style.
43. Natural Red
If you want a natural red color, look no further. This color is great for anyone who wants to keep a natural look but still be a little daring.
44. Red Tips
Go outside the box with your short hair and dye just the tips of your hair a bright and vibrant red for a cool and unique look.
45. Firefly
Change your look up by adding a fun and deep red to your hair and cutting it into a sleek lob.
46. Bubblegum Red
A short, sleek bob excels when paired with a pop of red.
47. Red Waves
Throw a little red throughout your hair for a fun and beautiful style.
48. Red Balayage
Balayage is a popular color technique and can be done with all your favorite colors, including red.
49. Minimal Red
If you just want a slight pop of color, try out this minimal red look with your bob.
50. Soft Red
Your hair doesn’t have to be deep and dark to add a fun pop of red throughout it.

51. Red Pixie
Show your grown-out pixie show love with an awesome red dye job.
52. Plum
A deep plum color pairs beautiful with a rounded short bob.
53. Dark Roots
Pair your gorgeous red color with a dark root for a great color change.
54. Curled Red
Pair a fun red highlight to your already curly hair for a fun spring in your hair.
55. Fire Red
Change your look up with a wispy lob and a fire red color.
56. Tikka Masala
An angled bob looks like perfection when you add a bright orange/ red color to it.
57. Red Melt
Melt a variety of red colors throughout your hair for a truly stunning look.
58. Hot Red
Pair a gorgeous red color with a rounded and angled bob look for a beautiful style.
59. Summer Red
Welcome the summer months by adding a vibrant red throughout your lob.
60. Natural Red
A natural red with a shaved pixie looks edgy but beautiful.
There you have it, thirty gorgeous red short hairstyles you can get a little inspiration from. Each of these styles are unique and look stunning with a short hairstyle.

As you can see, there are a variety of options when it comes to choosing a red hue for your hair color. What is your favorite color and hairstyle?

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