21. Copper Lob

Embrace a copper color and cut your hair into the perfect lob style.


22. Smoking Red

If you’re looking for a change, go for this stunning red color that tapers off at the ends.

23. Auburn Mane

Go for a beautiful auburn red color with chestnut highlights and a few gold throughout to really turn heads.

24. Dark Chocolate Bob

Go for a deep, dark color for your base and throw in some intense red highlights. Finish the look off with a round bob cut.


25. Vibrant Cooper

Instead of doing a curly lob like everyone else, change yours to a sleek, straight, and blunt style.


26. Cinnamon Curls

Pop a fun cinnamon color on your bob and let those curls shine.

27. Red Layers

Layers are a great way to add dimension and volume to your hair.

28. Fire Engine Lob

Let your love for red shine with this stunning red color with a beautiful curly bob.


29. Burgundy Volume

Get a lot of volume with your lob by adding layers and finish off with a beautiful color.


30. Peach Blend

Let the tiniest hints of light red peek through your gorgeous natural color for a soft look.

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