Rezo cut or a rezo hairstyle is a newer look and a modern take on curly hairstyles. A rezo hairstyle is a specific type of cut that compliments natural curls and gives them that visible bounce! If you are interested in switching up your look and you want to experiment with some options, keep on reading! Here, we are going to list some of the most stylish options for different hair colors, age groups, and hair lengths!

What Is A Rezo Cut?

A rezo cut is also known as a RëZO cut, which is a triangle-shaped look that emphasizes your volume, texture, shine and curl pattern. It was invented as a part of the Rezo haircare line, which are specialized products made for curly or wavy hair. Rezo hairdo is worn by different age groups, often a must-do for women who want to transform their look and go for something a lot more voluminous, bouncy & vibrant! As an alternative to trend, you can also check wolf cut.

How Pricey Is A Rezo Hairstyle?

The price point will depend and vary a lot in this case. It will also depend on the experience of your hairstylist and their use of tools or products. In most cases, you will pay anywhere from $100-$300 for a haircut, styling & shaping of your new fresh cut.

Blonde Hair And Hair With Highlights

1. Blonde Curly Rezo Cut

Perfect blonde curly and messy updo! Ideal for younger women who can handle the maintenance.

2. Light Blonde Rezo Hair

This hairdo will look amazing on different age groups. Give it a go if you enjoy highlights.

3. Rezo Cut Curly Hair

A bit of that yellow hue to your hair will bring it back to life and give it vibrancy.

4. Voluminous Updo Rezo Cut

This caramel blonde hairdo will look amazing on girls who enjoy voluminous waves.

5. Short Rezo Hairstyle Look

If you’re a low-key and low-maintenance mom consider this hairstyle.

6. Shiny Blonde Rezo Cut

You’re going to like this look for the summer season!

7. Dark Blonde Rezo Hair

Add a ton of hair cream or curling gel to maintain this updo.

8. Hair With Highlights Rezo Cut

If you’re into angular cuts and you prefer shorter looks this will suit you.

9. Rezo Cut With Bangs

Decorate your rezo cut with a pair of stylish little bangs!

10. Rezo Cut Curly Hair Blonde Look

A hairdo such as this one will take you 5 minutes to style every morning.

11. Natural Curly Rezo Hair

Enjoy this color combo and show off the look for day and night-time moments.

12. Rezo Cut With Bangs

Show off this stylish cut if you’re in the mood for a subtle hairstyle change and a bit of color.

13. Blonde Hair Rezo Hairstyle Curl

Women who are in their forties will enjoy this look the most.

Brown Hair

1. Dark Brown Rezo Hair

Show off your naturally curly texture and wear this look with full confidence at any given moment.

2. Short Brown Rezo Hairstyle

Shorter hair such as this one is for women who are in the mood for something quick and easy for everyday moments.

3. Brown Hair With Bangs Rezo Look

Get regular cuts to maintain this beauty. It will suit you the best once decorated with a pair of wispy bangs.

4. Curly Updo Rezo Hairstyle

Women who are in their thirties will like this voluminous and extravagant look the best.

5. Dark Brown Rezo Hairstyle Curl

Black or dark brown hair will attract looks at any given moment. It is chic and super shiny!

6. Natural Short Brown Rezo Cut

This low-maintenance look is for women who want to get ready in 5 minutes every day.

7. Brown Look Half-up Half-down Rezo Look

Hairdo such as this one shows that you can wear this rezo cut even to formal or semi-formal events.

8. Black Hair Rezo Cut

Add a ton of hair gel or curling cream to achieve this amount of volume and curls.

9. Tight Curls Rezo Hair

Define your curls and show off their elegance everywhere you go with the right hair cream.

10. Natural Brown Rezo Hairstyle Idea

Hairdo such as this one is for women who want a new color switch-up, ideal for the fall season!

11. Wavy Curly Rezo Hair

You will like this longer look if you’re in your teens or twenties.

12. Brown Hair Rezo Cut With Bangs

Add some shorter bangs to decorate your hairdo and facial features.

13. Rezo Hair Brown Hairstyle

Mini, cute and practical, this rezo hairdo will take you 5 minutes to style in no time!

14. Sleek Brown Hair With Bangs

A darker look such as this one is for women who are in their twenties, looking for a practical switch-up.

15. Naturally Curly Rezo Hair Brown

Cut your hair every 4 weeks to maintain this cut and show off its volume.

Funky & Brave Hair Colors

1. Bright Red Rezo Cut

This bright red hairdo is a playful cut for women who dare to stand out.

2. Balayage Hair Rezo Look

Super light highlights on top of your dark brown base will look gorgeous and attention-seeking.

3. Auburn Red Rezo Hair

This auburn red is going to be so popular for the fall season.

4. Blonde Caramel Rezo Hair

Show off this cute cut for the spring and know that it is so modern!

5. Hot Red Rezo Hair

Bright red hairdo is for women who like attention and drama!

6. Purple & Silver Duo Rezo Hair

Do you like to go all out and fancy? This rainbow color combo and highlights will attract looks everywhere you go.

7. Dark Pink Rezo Hairstyle

Shorter looks and this bold color will complement each other.

8. Ombre Rezo Hair

Moms who can handle the upkeep will enjoy this outcome.

9. Hair With Highlights Rezo Hair

Go for super short hair yet a pop of color to even out your rezo cut.

10. Bright Pink Hair Highlights

How fancy and brave does this hair look? Want to give it a fiery go?!

11. Black Hair With Blue Highlights

A pop of blue will look so fun and playful on most women!

12. Unique Rezo Cut

Add a pop of pink to make your hair romantic and cool.

13. Dark Red Rezo Hairstyle

Lastly, this dark red hairdo will look mesmerizing on those who like the glitz and glamour!

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