Senegalese Twists are a stunning but simple style to wear. The hairstyles contains two strands of hair being wrapped around each other in sections. Sometimes the style can look like rope which is also a common nickname for the style, rope twists. These twists are beautiful to wear and a great way to protect your natural hair.

Here are a few of our favorite Senegalese twists that you can try out yourself.

1. Blonde

Add a bit of blonde to your Senegalese twists for a pop of color.

2. Large twist

These large Senegalese twists are stunning.

3. Simple

These simple Senegalese twists are beautiful to wear.

4. Accessories

Senegalese twists are perfect to add a little bling to.

5. Lob Style

You can wear your twist shoulder length for a gorgeous lob.

6. Bob

Senegalese twist look amazing when they’re short.

7. Charms

Add some charms at the end of your twist for a nice look.

8. Short Bob

This short bob is beautiful with Senegalese twists.

9. Half Up

Even with chunkier twist you can still wear your hair up.

10. Double Braid

Braid your twist into a stunning look.

11. Short and Sweet

Going short with your Senegalese twist is always a good option.

12. Pop of Color

Add a little pop of color to your hair.

13. Two Tones

Two toned Senegalese twist are beautiful.

14. Highlights

Even with Senegalese twist you can add highlights.–nlGcM/

15. Chocolate

Chocolate colored twist are beautiful and adding a lob length is perfect.

16. Red

Red Senegalese twist are a great way to add color to your hair.

17. Sleek

These twist are sleek and beautiful.

18. Side Part

You can wear your Senegalese twist parted to one side.

19. Slim

Choose a slimmer Senegalese twist if you prefer.

20. Bands

Add a pop of color to your twist with multi-colored bands.

21. Purple

These purple and red twist are stunning.

22. Pony Tail

Senegalese twist look amazing in a high pony tail.

23. Vibrant Red

Vibrant red Senegalese twist are calling your name.

24. Micro Braids

These micro Senegalese twist are absolutely gorgeous.

25. Light and Dark

You can rock light on top and dark on bottom with your twist.

26. Ombre

This ombre look is beautiful and works perfectly with Senegalese twist.

27. Center Part

Wear your rope twist in a gorgeous center part.

28. Long Twist

Senegalese twist are perfect for adding a little length.

29. Messy Twist

Have fun with your twist and add a little messy style to it.

30. Styled

You can easily style you Senegalese twists.

Senegalese twists are a great style to try out and have some fun with. Which look was your favorite?

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