Shaggy hairstyles are so retro yet so in right now and at the moment. Are you a fan of voluminous looks and do you want a bit more hair at the front portion of your forehead? If that is the case you’re going to like the shaggy looks that we’ve prepared in this article down below just for you!

1. What Is A Shag Haircut?

A shaggy hairdo is an old-school hairstyle. The layers are often feathered at the top and sides. The layers make the hair full around the crown portion. The end result has thin ends and still a fringe around the edges. If you are someone who likes low-maintenance looks you’re going to like this outcome. A modern version of shaggy hairdo is wolf cut.

2. Who Can Go For This Look?

Women who have naturally wavy or hair that is hard to tame are going to enjoy this look. If your hair is naturally thin or short you’re going to like this outcome. The end result is perfect for those who have medium-length shoulder hair, yet they want a change that will make a difference to their head shape.

3. How Much Is A Shag Haircut + Can You Do It Yourself?

Those who end up getting this haircut will not be paying a lot of money for it. This is because the cut is easy to achieve. Some women even like to experiment with it and give it a go on their own. If you have some level of experience and knowledge when it comes to cutting hair you’re going to like achieve the outcome easily and yourself. Also, make sure that you’re well-equipped with patience although affordable the style might take you some time to get down just right.

Colorful Shaggy Hairstyles

1. Bright Green Shaggy Hair

Women who like bright and quirky colors are going to enjoy this cute wispy hairdo.

2. Short Black & Blue Shaggy Hair

One of the trendiest looks that you’re going to enjoy this season!

3. Coral Shaggy Hairdo

If you want to be remembered and recognized, go with this shaggy look.

4. Black & Green Shag Haircut

Not everyone dares to wear a hairdo such as this one. Do you?

5. Lime Shaggy Hair

If you enjoy bright hair colors and you’re drawn to shaggy looks why not go with this cut?

6. Wavy Coral Shaggy Hair

Women who are in the mood for something bold and bright will like this design.

7. Hot Pink Shaggy Hair

If pink is one of your favorite colors give it a go with this look.

8. Brown & Blonde Shaggy Hair

Half-colored looks are so in at the moment, especially with this shaggy wispy volume!

9. Orange Shaggy Hair

Orange hair color is a must-try in the fall!

10. Voluminous Shaggy Hair

Spice up your look and add dimension & volume with these cool wispy bangs.

Blonde Looks & Light Brown Shaggy Hair

1. Short Blonde Shaggy Hair

If you prefer shaggy cuts and you’re a natural blonde experiment with this look.

2. Pixie Short Shaggy Hair

Women who have elegant waves will like this shaggy outcome.

3. Long Highlights Shaggy Hair

Make sure that you color your hair every 2-3 months and get regular cuts to enjoy this hairdo.

4. Wavy Wispy Blonde Shaggy Hair

If you like a bit of that wavy or shaggy moment with elegant bangs you’re going to like this outcome.

5. Blonde Bob Shag Haircut

If you don’t mind the upkeep or maintenance of this beauty give it a go.

6. Blonde & Brown Shaggy Hair

Women who are in their twenties or thirties are going to like this hairdo the most.

7. Long Hair With Highlights Shaggy Hair

Spice up the look by adding volume with your favorite hairspray.

8. Messy Bob Shaggy Hair

If you are a natural blonde and you enjoy shaggy looks and voluminous cuts this is your new must!

9. Brown Wavy Shaggy Hair

A blonde hairdo and a severe amount of shine and elegance will make every girl stand out at any event!

10. Feminine Brown & Blonde Shaggy Hair

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair you’re going to like this outcome the most.

11. Short Brown Hairdo Shaggy Hair

Highlights and this subtle amount of dimension will switch up your entire hairdo.

12. Shaggy Hair Straight Hair

If you fully trust your hairstylist ask them for this new hair switch-up!

13. Brown Wavy Shaggy Hair

If you’re someone who enjoys elegance and you’re a fan of highlights this shaggy hairdo is for you!

Dark Brown Shaggy Hair

1. Super Curly Shaggy Hair

Make sure that you use the right kind of hair toner and conditioner to maintain this color.

2. Short Brown Messy Shaggy Hair

If you need light brown color and dark brown mixed together experiment all you want with this shaggy look!

3. Natural Brown Shag Haircut

Women who need an office-friendly solution and a hairstyle that they can wear to big and important events, this is ideal!

4. Dark Brown Shaggy Hair

If you want to mix that old-school retro vibe and a cool bang moment, give it a go with this shaggy hairdo.

5. Messy Brown Shaggy Hair

If you’re in your twenties you’re going to like this outcome the most.

6. Natural Brown Hair Shaggy Look

Women who like feminine looks and those who want something new to their style are going to enjoy this outcome.

7. Long Layered Shaggy Hair

If you like wispy bangs and shaggy haircuts this is your new must-do!

8. Straight Long Hairdo Shaggy Look

If you are a teen this shaggy look will suit you. Heads up since it is high-maintenance.

Let us know if you’re ready to wear these looks! Which hairdo was your must-have from our list? Everyone will easily find their new go-to look, we can vouch for you!

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