Shaggy haircuts for women are some of the cutest hairdos that one can go for. If you are a fan of voluminous ideas and you want to give it to go with something new, this article is for you. Here, we’re going to list some of the best options that a woman can try out. If you want to browse through your new appealing styles and you want to attract looks everywhere you go, shaggy is the way to do it. Keep on reading and find a look that you like down below since shaggy is the new trend of 2023!

20+ Shaggy Haircuts For Women

1. Red Shaggy Haircut For Women

This warm-toned shaggy hairdo is for women who want a gorgeous look that is appropriate for the fall season. If you’re a fan of elegance and you want something that is red, but not too read, this is going to suit you. Combine it with these bangs and show off everywhere you go.

2. Shaggy Hair Thin Hairdo

This shaggy hairstyle just goes to show you that you can rock volume even if your hair is quite thin and straight. Make sure that you give it layers and definition with the right hair-cutting technique, and show it off for daily moments.

3. Voluminous Blonde Shaggy Hairstyle

This bright blonde shaggy hairstyle is for women who can handle the maintenance. Make sure that you can color your hair every 4 weeks since this is a high-maintenance look. The final result is perfect for office wear.

4. Short Bob Shaggy Hair

A short shaggy bob such as this one is for women who are low-key and low-maintenance. If you enjoy wispy hairdos and you prefer shorter looks that can take 1-3 minutes to style in the morning, this will suit you.

5. Brown Shaggy Hairstyle

If your natural hair color is similar to this hairstyle, this is the perfect look for you. Make sure that you curl the ends and spice up your bangs with a teasing comb to get this exact outcome. It is a must-to hairstyle and hair color combination for the fall season.

6. Curly Brown Shaggy Hair

The ultimate shaggy hairstyle, if you ask us! This beauty is very punk rock, and is often worn by women who enjoy their wavy ends up messy morning hairdos. The best part about this look? It can look so good when styled just with a bit of hair gel or foam!

7. Dark Brown Shaggy Hair With Bangs

If you believe that less is more, this design is for you. Make sure that you combine this look with these retro short bangs and show off this look wherever you go. Most teen women are going to fall in love with this gorgeous look since it is so popular on social media these days.

8. Light Blonde Shaggy Hair

A light blonde shaggy hairdo such as this one with a funky top and bright bangs is going to attract a ton of attention. If you like these retro ideas and you want a pop of color to your shaggy design, this is perfect for you!

9. Wispy Short Shaggy Hair

Women who are in their thirties will enjoy this shaggy hairstyle the most. If you’re a fan of voluminous ideas and you want to try out something that is elegant and perfect for the office, this is perfect for you! Style it with a bit of hairspray just so you can keep your shaggy strands in place.

10. Mullet Shaggy Hair

Combine a mullet with your shaggy bangs and show off this cute and wispy hairdo. If you have shorter bangs this is also for you to consider. You should cut it every 3 weeks to maintain this cool shaggy outcome.

11. Dark Brown Shaggy Hair

A dark shaggy brown hairdo such as this one is going to look great on women who are in their twenties. Go for these layers and you’re going to enjoy it for both formal and informal events.

12. Hot Orange Shaggy Hair

A hot orange hairdo such as this one is going to look amazing in the summertime! If you’re a fan of trendy ideas and you enjoy vibrant looks, this is for you! Show it off for any event and just know that this shaggy and bright mullet is the right pick for younger women.

13. Light Brown Shaggy Hair

A light brown hair shade such as this one might also look dark blonde in the sunlight. If you enjoy wispy hairdos and you prefer super voluminous tops and bangs, this cut is the right one for you!

14. Natural Brown Shaggy Hair

Show your natural color and try out this wavy outcome. Women who are in their teens or twenties may enjoy this look the most. Make sure that you properly tweeze your hair to get this exact same style.

15. Wispy Blonde Shaggy Hair

Women who have wispy hairdos and blonde locks are going to love this hairdo. Add definition around the front portion by getting these shaggy bangs to make the look pop even more!

16. Dark Brown Cut Shaggy Hair

The best part about this hairdo is that you can cut it easily and on your own. Women who love experimenting and those who want a DIY solution should give this look a chance. It is a popular hairdo these days all over Instagram and TikTok.

17. Auburn Shaggy Hair

A bright hair color such as this one is going to attract a ton of attention. Women who love wispy and feisty outcomes, as well as loud shades, will enjoy this transformation. Give it a go and show it off knowing that not a lot of women are going to have the same look as you.

18. Platinum Blonde Shaggy Hair

Platinum blonde shaggy hair with layers around the top portion and the middle of your face is a true statement! If you enjoy wispy bangs and you believe that blonde hair is the right pick for you this season, why not book it asap?!

19. Natural Curly Shaggy Hair

Natural curls will forever look modern! Women who love their soft voluminous curls, as well as those with healthy locks, should give this haircut a go. You’ll style it easily with just a bit of hair oil or cream on top.

20. Shaggy Hair With Bangs

This shaggy hairdo with cool bangs is defined and chic, as well as modern. Style it with your favorite hairspray on top to get the exact same outcome, but to also prolong its wear time.

21. Long Brown Shaggy Hair

Go for shaggy bangs as they’re going to compliment your shaggy hairdo. This hairstyle is quick and easy to achieve, as long if you have wavy hair. The final result is perfect for your formal or everyday moments.

22. Shaggy Hair With Wispy Bangs

Lastly, if you’re a fan of brown hair dye and you enjoy layers, this is for you! Give it a go with this look for your daily moments if you wish to look like a true diva! Women who are high maintenance will enjoy this cut and style.

Book A Shaggy Hairdo!

Are you ready for something new? Do you want a shaggy beauty and a gorgeous creation? If so, which design is your favorite out of the bunch? Women of all ages can rock these creations, so let us know which one is going to be your top pick for this year and this season!

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