Looking for some enchanting shattered pixie hairstyle ideas to elevate your look? Look no further! The world of pixie cuts offers a delightful array of possibilities to suit every taste and personality, as well as different age groups. Embrace classic elegance with a sleek and polished pixie hairdo and embrace your natural fluff and volume. Here is what we have to offer!

Top 28 Shattered Pixie Hairdos

1. Light Blonde Shattered Pixie Hairdo


Try this light blonde hairdo and combine it with layers to show off its feminine design.

2. Icy Blonde Shattered Pixie Hair


Younger women often wear this shattered pixie. If you enjoy elf designs and shorter hair creations – this will suit you so well. Go for a lilac shade as well to round up the look.

3. Shattered Pixie Hair With Bangs


Shattered pixie with longer bangs and wispy bangs is a must-try for the fall season. This hairstyle is going to look amazing on women who are in their thirties and want something that is office friendly.

4. Long Shattered Pixie Hair


Ladies who are in their forties are going to like this design the most. Try out this shattered pixie and show it off for everyday wear, especially for your office moments.

5. Shattered Pixie Haircut With Bangs


Icy bleached light blonde such as this one is a must-try by women who are in their twenties. If you love feminine and outgoing ideas, this beauty is for you.

6. Brown Shattered Pixie Hair


Women who fancy fluffy and feminine pixie hairdos are going to fall in love with this look. Add these wispy and detailed bangs on top to add that bounce and depth.

7. Brown Curly Shattered Pixie Hair


Your cute and curly pixie look can attract looks everywhere you go. If you love your natural texture and you want to show off your subtle little curls – this is for you.

8. Natural Brown Shattered Pixie Hair


Go with this shattered pixie and stick to this black shade. Women who love their natural texture and those who want an everyday appropriate look will fall in love with this beautiful shattered look. If you love your bangs and you want to show them off, this is overall ideal for you.

9. Brown Shattered Pixie Hair With Bangs


A shattered pixie with fluffy bangs and a defined top will look elegant and outgoing. If you enjoy shorter hairdos and you love your messy bangs – we can’t wait to see you wearing this look.

10. Messy Shattered Pixie Hair


Go short, sweet, and messy, and recreate this wet shattered look. It is a must-do for women who love their soft curls and their natural texture. Style it with your favorite curl gel or curl cream and wear it with confidence.

11. Warm-Toned Shattered Pixie Hair


Natural blonde shattered pixie is often worn by ladies who love their soft curls and lighter colors. Go for a mullet bang finish to recreate this exact outcome.

12. Black Shattered Pixie Hair


A black pixie with longer bangs is a statement! If you love long and dominant hair ideas and you trust your hairstylist completely, why not commit to this look? It will look amazing when combined with your natural wispy bangs.

13. Warm Toned Shattered Pixie Haircut 


Try out a warm-toned shattered pixie and enjoy this design for the fall season. This shade of red is going to be so popular and will look amazing on mature women or moms who want to stand out.

14. Shattered Pixie Hair With Long Bangs


Shorty, messy and sweet, this shattered pixie is going to look amazing on this who are into their natural texture. If you have naturally thin hair – this is perfect for you.

15. Red Shattered Pixie Hair


Define your messy red high top and show off your shattered pixie in style! Get a fade detail on the side if you love that retro-punk chic vibe. The overall design and style are going to suit younger age groups.

16. Icy Blonde Shattered Pixie Hair


The icy blonde shattered pixie cut is a must-do for those who want to stand out. If you love lighter shades and unique color combos, this will not go unnoticed. Ready to style it in style?

17. Light Brown Shattered Pixie Haircut


Color your hair every three months when it comes to this warm-toned chocolate brown hairdo. Women with warm and yellow undertones are going to fall in love with this look as it is going to complement them the most.

18. Shattered Pixie Hair Blonde


Mature women and moms who love their shorter locks should give it a go with this shattered pixie. If you love fun and feminine designs that are easy to achieve and touch up on a daily, we know that this is going to suit you.

19. Natural Brown Shattered Pixie Hairstyle


Moms who know how to look elegant and stylish with shorter locks will fancy this look. This is for you if you are into elegant and easy-to-wear hair ideas. Women who have naturally full and thick hair are going to love this design.

20. Shattered Pixie Hair With Long Bangs


Go for swept bangs and rock this design to one side. If you fancy longer pixie haircuts and you love the undercut or buzz detail, this is a must-book hair-cutting technique.

21. Cute Shattered Pixie Hairstyle


A warm-toned blonde pixie that is on the shorter side is going to look great on playful women. Try styling it with your favorite hair gel or hair cream and tame down the baby hairs in place.

22. Brown Shattered Pixie Haircut Idea


If you’re in your forties to fifties we know that this hairdo is a must-book appointment for you. Show off your defined brown layers and cut them every five weeks to maintain the shape and the design

23. Shattered Pixie Hairstyle For Women


Incorporate some playful highlights and add this dash of blonde to your look. If you enjoy elegance and you love luxurious hairdos, this little pixie is for you.

24. Light Blonde Shattered Pixie Haircut


Don’t forget a high-quality toner when it comes to this specific shade. Women who love experiments and those who are into shorter and more seamless creations will fall for this design.

25. Shattered Pixie Hairdo For Ladies


Try out a short blonde pixie and rock it if you’re someone who loves sweet and minimalistic ideas. The final design is going to look amazing on teen ladies.

26. Shattered Pixie Hair Pinterest Look


Go for these cropped and chopped asymmetrical bangs on top of your pixie. This is such a model-inspired design that will make you look like a true trendsetter.

27. Modern Shattered Pixie Hair


Go for a fluffy top and make your blonde hair dominant and sleek. If you prefer low-maintenance pixie looks, this is ideal. Set the hair in place with your favorite hairspray and prolong its wear.

28. Cute Shattered Pixie Hairstyle


Lastly, if you enjoy natural brown hair colors and you want to look well put and stylish, get this haircut. The overall design is very modern and punk rock!

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