Are you a fan of bob haircuts? A lot of women love them since they are so low-maintenance while being so gorgeous, effortless, and easy to style. If you’re ready to make a change and you’re looking for ways and ideas on how to get that chop, keep on reading! Here are some gorgeous asymmetrical bobs.

How To Get An Asymmetrical Bob?

  • Most hairdressers prefer to work with straight & clean blow-dried hair.
    The hair is cut and divided into three different and even sections. Two on the sides and one in the back.
  • The back portion is usually the shortest, while the sides have a sharp angle to them and defined edges.
  • A hairdresser will use a hair razor for proper precision.
  • You can incorporate some layers for your bob haircut (ideal for those who have thin hair).
  • Your asymmetric cut is flawless & perfectly blended. It is up to you to decide if you want to add some highlights to fully decorate it and achieve that transformational look.

Who Should Go For An Asymmetrical Bob?

An asymmetrical bob is a popular hairstyle worldwide. Usually, it is worn by:

  • Women who enjoy shorter hairstyles
  • Ideal for low-maintenance girls
  • Looks perfect for the office wear 
  • Looks great on women who have naturally thin hair since it creates a fuller hairline

Top 40 Asymmetrical Bobs

Brunette Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle Ideas

1. Dark Brown Wavy Look Asymmetrical Bob

The perfect bob hairstyle for moms who enjoy quick & easy looks. 

2. Shaggy Bob Cut

This asymmetrical bob creates an illusion of fuller and thicker hair.

3. Brown Bob Hairdo With Bangs

Sweep your bangs on the side and embrace this gorgeous short bob!

4. Light Brown Cut Asymmetrical Bob

You can also stick to some subtle highlights and add them to your new asymmetircal bob. 

5. Dark Brown Curly Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bob such as this one can look amazing on teens or younger women!

6. Asymmetrical Brown Hairstyle

Let your natural hair shine through and express its sleek beauty in this cut.

7. Subtle Waves Asymmetrical Bob

You can always rock some waves and a subtle amount of volume with a bob cut.

8. Straight & Sleek Shiny Asymmetrical Bob

If your hair is naturally dark brown & straight you will easily pull off this look.

9. Sleek Straight Asymmetrical Bob

This cut is perfect for anyone who craves something low-maintenance.

10. Natural Brown Asymmetrical Cut

Enjoy this asymmetrical bob for your everyday or office wear!

Blonde Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle Ideas

1. Silver Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

Silver hair is an absolute hit with this cut!

2. Yellow Asymmetrical Bob Hair

If your hair has that subtle yellow hint to it you will enjoy this bob change.

3. Icy Silver Asymmetrical Cut

Mature women who have that ashy undertone will enjoy switching things up with this hairstyle.

4. Yellow Hair Asymmetrical Cut

This sharp bob is going to be a huge trend this Spring!

5. Short Blonde Asymmetrical Cut

If you prefer shorter cuts and you are a low-maintenance girl; this is the look.

6. Blonde Asymmetircal Bob With Pop Of Color

Color just one of your strands in green and let your hair live with this pop!

7. Wavy & Retro Asymmetrical Bob Blonde

Those who enjoy wavy cuts and a lot of volume (especially if their hair is thin) will like this style.

8. Sleek & Straight Blonde Asymmetrical Bob

This is a quick & easy 10-minute upkeep hairdo for you to try out.

9. Natural Blonde Asymmetrical Bob

Dark blonde hair and a sharp straight line will transform every girl.

10. Straight Blonde Bob Asymmetrical Cut

Get your hair colored every 2-3 months & cut to maintain this look.

Black Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle Ideas

1. Black Asymmetrical Bob Cut

If you have naturally darker hair one coat of black dye and an assymetrical bob will look great for this season and a quick change.

2. Half Black Half Brown Asymmetrical Bob

This half-black half-brown style is for those who love to seek attention.

3. Natural Dark Black Asymmetrical Bob

Naturally black hair is super low-maintenance, which is why this bob is for you!

4. Black Hair With Pop Of Brown Asymmetrical Bob

A subtle pop of color will make you look like a true Hollywood diva!

5. Sleeek & Straight Black Asymmetrical Bob

Coat your hair in oils and show off its shine, as well as the cut!

6. Black Bob Asymmetrical Cut With Pop Of Blue

A pop of blue will scream elegance while accompanying the bob so well!

7. Straight Natural Black Asymmetrical Design

Naturally straight hair and this style are super low-key yet perfect for daily wear.

8. Black Asymmetrical Bob With Red Color

Get a pop of red and rock a hairstyle that not plenty of people have.

9. Naturally Darker Asymmetrical Bob

This is the perfect everyday cut for girls or women who are still in school or college.

10. Asymmetrical Bob With Fringe Bangs

Go for some gorgeous fringe bangs and enjoy this unique youthful look!

Ombre & Balayage Bob Hairstyle Ideas

1. Wavy Balayage Asymmetrical Bob

Your hairstylist will enjoy giving you this cut, along with these feminine highlights.

2. Chunky Highlights Asymmetrical Bob

If you are an old-school girl these chunky strip highlights are for you.

3. Wavy Blonde Ombre Asymmetrical Bob

Enjoy your ombre hairstyle and side swept bangs as well.

4. Feminine Blonde Asymmetrical Bob Style

This sharp bob and loose curls is great for fancy night-time wear.

5. Bright Blonde Asymmetrical Bob

A pop of color over your blonde hair will look attention-seeking.

6. Subtle Highlights Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bob cut and blonde highlights will transform old strands with ease!

7. Straight Hair Asymmetrical Bob With Low Lights

Create an illusion of a fuller hairline with this look!

8. Blonde Hair With Highlights Bob

An amazing go-to look for moms and women needing something for the office-wear.

9. Dark Brown With Red Ombre Highlights Asymmetrical Cut

These ombre highlights are hot & fiery – ideal for attention-seeking women.

10. Silver Icy Asymmetrical Bob Hairdo

Show off your silvery color and wear this asymmetrical bob to night-time events.

Ready To Rock Your New Hairstyle?

Which asymmetrical bob hairstyle is your favorite and a must-have from our list? Let us know your top-pick, as well as your next go-to, we would love to know.

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