Short hair is like the perfect accessory that helps bring your entire look together. The look can be simple and chic or textured and funky, whatever short hairstyle you may go for it will surely get you noticed. We did some digging and found 60+ of the best short hairstyles for black women that were shared on Instagram this month, maybe some of them you can get a little inspiration from and try them out for yourself.

Here are our favorite short hairstyles shared via @TheCutLife on Instagram.

1. Textured Bob

With the added side part, this textured bob is gorgeous and full of volume.

2. Blonde Pixie

Keep it long on the top, add a little curl, and this pixie will be screaming style.

3. Short Mohawk

If you’re looking for style and drama, go with something similar to this gorgeous mohawk. It has the color, drama, and cut your hair is longing for.

4. Undercut

An undercut is a great way to show off your own personal style but keep some of your hair longer.

5. Short Pixie

You don’t have to have a lot of drama to your hair to get a cut pixie, add a cool design and you’re set.

6. Sleek Lob

If you want your hair a little longer then this sleek lob is right up your alley.

7. Curls Galore

Embrace your curls and add a nice shaved design to your hair to get an amazing look!

8. Boyish Pixie

Keep your pixie long, add some color and layers, and you’ll be looking great all day long.

9. Red Pixie

If you like your hair short but want to change it up, why not try a fun color like this gorgeous red.

10. Waves

It may take a while to achieve but once you obtain the waves you’ll never look back.

11. Long Mohawk

Keep your sides super short and your top long. Add a fun shave design to the mix to add a little more drama.

12. Short Curls

Even if your hair is short doesn’t mean you can’t add some fabulous curls like this one.

13. Color Envy

Short curls are amazing, now add even more bang for your buck with stunning color.

14. Long Angled Bob

If you want some drama go for a super dramatic angled bob.

15. Bangs

If you want something different but don’t know what, add some bangs to your short hairstyle. They’re cute and look great on everyone.

16. Fun Mohawk

Your mohawk can be fun, colorful, and stylish. Just get some inspiration from this short haircut right here.

17. Corkscrew Mohawk

Give your natural curls some love, add a pop of color, and throw in a braid for a fun mohawk look.

18. Angeled Bob

This natural angled bob is cute and stylish and looks amazing on anyone.

19. Shaved

Go back to your roots with this shaved look and add a fun design because you can. Your possibilities will be endless when your hair begins to grow out.

20. Mini Afro

Throw a fun color on your hair and let it do its thing.

21. Textured Pixie

This textured pixie plus amazing color will look fabulous on anyone.

22. Electric Blue

If you’re looking for a little drama then add a pop of blue, you won’t regret it.

23. Natural Pixie

Natural hair is the best, add a pop of color and a little curl and you’re set to go.

24. Curly Blonde Mohawk

Did anyone ask for a stunning curly blonde mohawk?

25. Hot Red

Get your volume, color, and style all if one amazing look!

26.  Dyed Shave

Just because your hair is shaved doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with color. Don’t forget a cool shaved design too.

27. Winter Locks

Embrace the winter with this amazing cut, color, and style.

28. Curly Lob

Lobs are always in style and you can have one too. Add a new fresh color to the mix to really turn heads.

29. Purple Pixie

Add some purple color to your beautiful pixie to take it up a notch.

30. Curly Volume

Add some volume on top with your natural curls and do a cool undercut to add a little more drama.

31. Simple Bob

You don’t need all the color and cuts to have an amazing style. Go with a simple bob like this one and look stunning.

32. Long Pixie

With a deep side part, fun pop of color, and some curls, a longer pixie is just the style you need.

33. Layers

Add some fun layers throughout your hair with some cool shaved patches.

33. Balayage Lob

Add a nice balayage color to your lob to take it up a notch.

34. Undercut with Braids

Braids are amazing but add this beautifully shaved short haircut and embrace your new look.

35. Glamorous Bob

With a little curl, some styling cream, and a nice part you can easily obtain a glam bob.

36. Platinum Curls

Platinum is a great way to make your curls stand out.

37. Shiny Lob

This lob is shiny, gorgeous, and looks great in the middle part.

38. Long Bangs

Long side swept bangs look amazing and add a pop of blue makes them stand out even more.

39. Layered Pixie

Add a few layers to your short haircut and if you want a new color, try out this gorgeous mauve.

40. Unique Bob

Be the talk of all your friends with this gorgeous bob cut.

41. Round Bob

Go with a simple style like this layered, round bob.

42. Flared Bob

Add some flair to your bob by curling your ends upward for a fun new style.

43. Rose Gold Bob

Rose gold is a hot color and looks stunning, try it out for yourself.

44. Fashion Color Banged

Give your pixie some love with this fun fashion color bangs that add a little drama to your style.

45. Girl Next Door

This long looks amazing and gorgeous and adding a side part gives you a little more volume/

46. Tight Braid Locks

This style is modern and mostly worn by younger women or teens.

47. Butterfly Locs Black Hair

Butterly locs are a popular hairdo, often worn by women who have curly coils.

48. Blonde Hair Pixie

Color your hair every 5-6 weeks to maintain this beauty.

49. Curly Afro Updo

Show off your curly tight locks and enjoy this loud afro outcome!

50. Caramel Highlights Short Hair

Women who are in their thirties and looking for a business-cut will like this design.

51. Short Black Pixie Cut

Low-maintenance and simple, this pixie will take 3 minutes to style on a daily!

52. Dark Brown Super Afro

Tease your hair and use your favorite hair gel/curl cream to get this voluminous outcome.

53. Dark Blonde Butterfly Locs

If you are in your twenties this blonde look will suit you quite well.

54. Sleek Shiny Brown Hair

If your hair is sleek and naturally shiny this will look amazing on you!

55. Brown Base With Blonde Highlights 

Color your hair every 8 weeks to maintain this gorgeous cut.

56. Short Blonde African Hair

Play it up and spice up your look with this modern bright blonde dye!

57. Modern Top Knot Look

Go for this party-perfect look and show off your playful side with this look!

58. Copper Red Short Look

Copper red is a common look and color for the fall season!

59. Fluffy Curly Hair With Highlights

Giant, fluffy & attention-seeking, this look is flawless and perfect for the spring.

60. Short Black Pixie Hairdo

Mature women will like this hairstyle the most.

61. Curly Afro Updo 

You are going to like this cut if you are in your teens and if you like playful ideas.

62. Hot Red Short Hairstyle

This look will suit modern fiery women who like gorgeous new looks.

63. Curly Modern Short Hairdo

If your hair is naturally curly spice it up with your favorite curling cream to achieve this look.

64. Balayage Caramel Highlights

Try this look out and let it emphasize your feminine lady-like side.

65. Short Black Layered Hair

Women or moms who need something practical will like this stylish outcome.
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