Shorter hairstyles of the week can vary and look different for each woman. Are you a fan of shorter looks in general? Trying to find the courage to finally cut and chop your hair? If so, we highly recommend that you keep on reading and discover your new look down below. Here, we’re going to cover a ton of different looks, such as colored, bleached, funky looks, or highlighted hairdos. Not too sure what might look good on you? See your options down below and browse through loads of different options that will frame your face and give you the courage that you deserve and are looking for.

Blonde Hair

1. Platinum Blonde Hair

Enjoy this light bleached blonde for your formal or everyday events.

2. Chic Bob Blonde Cut

The cutest little chic bob cut that you’re going to enjoy if you’re in your twenties.

3. Yellow Bob Blonde Cut

Who says that pop of yellow hue is out of fashion?!

4. Short Blonde Buzzcut

If you dare to go shorter we highly recommend this modern cut.

5. Wavy Short Blonde Look

Add some soft waves and dimension with this bob look.

6. Bleached Platinum Hair

Women who need an office-friendly cut will enjoy this beauty.

7. Short Voluminous Bob Cut

If you’re in your forties this hairstyle will suit you and shape your face.

8. Platinum Bleached Straight Hair

Women who like bob cuts and bleached pearly white looks will see the beauty in this sleek straight hairdo.

9. Wavy Blonde Short Look

Add some elegance to your look with this modern new cut.

10. Blonde Pixie Hair

If you like pixie cuts and elf cuts this will intrigue you.

11. Silver Short Hair

Do you dare to go this light and bold silver hair?!

12. Light Icy Blonde Cut

Women who are in their twenties will see the beauty of this modern cool cut.

Brown Hair

1. Light Brown Hair

Women who like a bit of subtle color will enjoy this outcome.

2. Brown Hairstyle Short Look

This chocolate brown short hair will look stunning on different age groups.

3. Straight Brown Hairdo

If your hair is naturally straight just know that it is going to look super shiny when done in this dark brown.

4. Brown Wavy Look

Go for some soft loose curls to make your hair flowy and flirty.

5. Light Brown Look Hair

If you enjoy subtle light brown hair color and simpler looks this will suit you.

6. Short Brown Pixie Cut

Elf hair is so popular at the moment, don’t you want to give it a go?

7. Short Brown Wavy Hairstyle

This short hairstyle will look amazing for any formal and important event.

8. Curly Brown Hair

Women who have naturally curly hair will look divine with this concept.

9. Natural Brown Pixie Cut

This short natural brown pixie cut screams for attention!

10. Short Natural Curly Hair

Add your favorite hair cream or hair gel to define your curls.

11. Brown Hair With Bangs

Some simple bangs will transform your face shape and your hairdo.

Hair With Highlights

1. Balayage Hair Look

Caramel hair is so popular during the fall season.

2. A-cut Hair With Highlights

If you like highlights and bob cuts why not combine the best of both worlds and end up with this hairstyle?

3. Light Brown Hair With Lowlights

Simple color and this loose wave look will suit any age group.

4. Straight Hair Caramel Highlights

A bit of auburn or orange hue will make your hair pop anywhere you go!

5. Short Brown Pixie Look

This short hairstyle will suit mature women or busy moms.

6. Icy Highlights Hair

If you’re in your forties consider going with this short hairdo.

7. Defined Bob With Highlights

A defined and sleek A-line bob will look flirty and modern on every woman.

8. Wavy Look With Highlights

This short hairdo will be a huge hit for the summer season.

9. Balayage Hair Highlight Look

If you like a mixture of blonde and brown this hairstyle and combo will look feminine on you.

10. Brown Pixie Cut With Highlights

Short updo pixie such as this one is a low-maintenance look that you will enjoy for everyday wear.

11. Balayage Highlights Short Hair

If you like highlights and a blonde hue consider this flawless bob cut.

12. Pixie Hair With Highlights And Bangs

If your hairstylist can manage to cut your hair in this way why not commit to it?!

13. Hot Red Hair With Highlights

Add a bit of warmth to your hair with this bright orange hair color and hair dye.

Unusual Hair Color

1. Silver Hair Short Look

Give it a go with this silver-cut and shiny hair dye if you’re a fan of noticeable looks.

2. Bright Blue Hairstyle

Light blue hair is for women who want to stand out and look fierce.

3. A-line Red Hairdo

Give it a go with this bright red/orange hairdo if you’re into modern chic looks.

4. Violet Bob Short Hairstyle

Lilac hair is for women who like pastel hues.

5. Peacock Hairstyle Look

Not a lot of women dare to wear such bright and bold colors, do you?

6. Violet Short Hairstyle

Give it a go with this purple and pink hair dye if you’re into noticeable and romantic looks.

7. Magenta Red Hairdo

This defined A-line bob is for women who want to stand out with their fiery cut.

8. Hair With Highlights Green Look

Give it a go with these green highlights if you fancy colorful noticeable ideas.

9. Messy Pink Short Hair

Light pink hair is for women who want something fancy and lady-like.

10. Light Orange Short Hairstyle

This color is a common go-to during the fall season.

11. Black & Blue Hair Highlights

Combine black and blue if you want to stand out with your stylish color selection.

12. Grey Silver Hairdo

How about this light gray icy silver short hairstyle? Show it off if you’re into fierce looks and silver hues.

13. Bright Colorful Hairstyle

This peacock hairdo and highlight combo will look party-perfect!

14. Hot Red Orange Short Hairdo

Bright red and orange hair is for women who enjoy chic modern looks and fiery ideas.
Ready For Your New Short Hair Look?
Short hairstyles can be so low-maintenance and they will easily frame your face shape while making you look like a true diva who knows how to enjoy a chic look. Which one of these looks you can’t wait to wear? Let us know what is a must-do!

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