51. Natural Rounded Bob

This natural bob shows off a beautiful salt and pepper color with a great rounded style and sleek look.

52. Bumping Curls

Get a lob cut but let your curls be free.


53. Rounded Bangs

Bangs look amazing on an style. Give yourself a pair with a little rounded flair.


54. Auburn Depth

If you’re not a fan of grey go for a gorgeous auburn color that will give your hair some depth.


55. Layers

Add layers to your hair will give it a lot of texture and style. Add a few highlights if you’re feeling spunky.


56. Low Maintenance Color

If you love color but don’t like the time it takes to do it, choose a low maintenance option so you get the best of both worlds.


57. Platinum Blonde

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can have a brilliant color.


58. Boyish Pixie

A boyish pixie looks adorable and is easy to maintain. Add a little color on top to lightly head the gray if you want.


59. Voluminous Pixie

Keep your hair a little longer with this pixie and add a few layers. Work in some product to get a great lift.


60. Spike Queen

With a little longer of hair on top you can give yourself some spikes and volume for a beautiful style.

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