61. Light Lob

Keep your natural color around and add a few highlights of blonde to your lob, it will look simply amazing.


62. Messy Pixie

A grown out pixie with a messy flair is calling your name.


63. Top Knot

Go for a simple style and rock a top knot.


64. Bob with Micro Bangs

Go for an edge style and cut your bob super short with some micro bangs.


65. Curled Rounded Bob

Show off your rounded bob right by adding a ton of curls to it.


66. Silver Beauty

Say goodbye to gray and hello to silver. This color is trending and looks phenomenal on anyone.


67. Wavy Bob

This wavy bob has a rounded feel, tons of layers, and a bit of a curl.


68. Beautiful Color

Choose a color that you love, like this blonde with caramel highlights.


69. Just a Peek

Give yourself an edgy look by adding a pop of color towards the front of your hair.


70. Long Bob

This bob is on the longer side, with a sleek style and a natural color.


When it comes to hairstyles age has nothing to do with what you decide to wear. You can enjoy amazing color, styles, and cuts regardless of what day you were born. Take some inspiration from these beautiful hairstyles the next time you go to your stylist and try something new and exciting. You may end up loving it more than you thought you were going.

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