Maroon Red Pixie
Just because you cut your hair into a pixie doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Have your pixie cut a little longer with a lot of layers. Add some sass to your look by dying your hair a deep maroon color and adding some side bangs. Style it with some cream and give yourself a lot of volume in both the front and the back.

Shoulder Length Natural Hair
Just because your hair is graying doesn’t mean you have to immediately run off to get it colored. Embrace your natural color and cut your hair to your shoulders. Keep your hair styled back and out of your hair and wear it straight for an easy, laid back look that seems effortless.

The Stylish Bob
Bobs look great on just about anyone and you can easily wear this bob. Cut your hair right to your beck and wear it in a dramatic dark color, like a dark brown. Add a lot of layers to get a messy feel and add in some small side swept bangs for an added touch. Apply some styling cream and wear your hair straight to complete the look.

Rounded Bob with Bangs
Having a bob really makes the mornings a little easier and this bob is perfect for the busy woman. Have your bob cut some it is rounded towards the back, you don’t want a lot of layers with this one. Add in some small, wispy bangs and wear your hair in a center part. To complete the look you can add in a few highlights but you don’t have to.

The Textured Bob
Go a little wild with this bob, no one will judge you. Cut your hair short into a bob style and add a lot of layers so you can get a lot of definition. Add bangs and some chunky highlights then when you go to style it uses some styling products to make the back of your hair a little spiky and messy. Sweep your bangs off to the side and add some volume on top to make his look really hit home.

The Shaved Pixie
Show your true rocker style with this saved pixie look. Shave the back of your hair short and keep the front a little longer. Add in some side-swept bangs for a little drama and if you really want to take it up a notch, dye your hair a platinum blonde. This look is easy to maintain and looks great.

Long Pixie
Your pixie doesn’t have to be incredibly short to look good. Get inspiration from this pixie and keep the top of your hair long. Add in some low lights to give your hair a lot of dimensions and make sure to get a lot of layers for the messy look.

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