16. Ash gray
Gray has been making waves lately and is a cool new color trend. Try it out for yourself.


17. Pops of purple

If you want to throw a fashion color on your hair, why not try a little bit of purple throughout it.


18. Burgundy Lob

A lob looks amazing when it is pair with a deep burgundy color. Try a cool change the next time you visit your hairstylist.


19. Honeycomb

Embrace a new and unique color, like this gorgeous honey color.


20. Beach Waves

One of the most popular looks is this stunning lob with a balayage and finished off with beach waves.


21. Long Pixie
Have some fun with your style and try out this longer pixie for a cool new look.


22. wispy Pixie
A wispy pixie gives you a lot of movement and freedom when it comes to your pixie.


23. Dark
If you’re craving a darker look try out a deep, dark chocolate color.


24. Ombre
If your hair has grown out, embrace the cool ombre look instead.


25. Side Bangs

Side bangs are a great option if you don’t want a full set but still like the idea of bangs.


26. Messy Lob

A messy lob looks stunning and is easy to do yourself.


27. Duochrome

This duochrome look not only looks cool but will be an awesome change of style for your hair.


28. Orange

Orange is a great color to rock when trying a new style and color out for yourself.


29. Sleek

A sleek lob will look stunning and is easy to maintain.


30. Autumn Vibe

An autumn color looks perfect on anyone and Is a great natural color to wear.


These times can be rough for us but there is always bright side to look forward to. If you want to change your hair, now is a great time to do some research and really determine and think on what you want to do.

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