There is something about purple hair that just looks stunning. The color has an array of different hues and can easily work on any hair type and skin tone. Purple is a fun color to play around with, especially when it comes to hair color. Regardless if you’re looking for a temporary color or something more permanent, these color ideas will leave you looking and feeling bold.

Here are 50 of our favorite purple hairstyles that you can try out.

1. Deep Purple

This deep purple is a stunning darker color.

2. Lavender Queen

If you’re looking to lighten your color up, go for a lavender.

3. Purple Curls

Purple is a great color to choose when changing up your curls.

4. Vibrant

Choose a few vibrant purples to play around with.

5. Touch of Plum

If you want to keep it a little more natural, try a plum highlight.

6. Shadow Root

Keep your roots darker and add a fun purple to the rest.

7. Purple Mixture

An array of different purples throughout your hair will look stunning.

8. Subtle Purple

Just a touch of purple is all you need.

9. Peek-a-Boo

If your don’t want purple all over, add it to your under layers for a small pop.

10. Smokey Purple

Add a touch of darkness to your purple for a fun mixture.

11. Purple Ombre

This ombre color is stunning.

12. Violet

Violet is a stunning and beautiful color to rock.

13. Dusty Lavender

A dusty lavender is the perfect trendy color to try out.

14. Soft Purple

This soft purple is stunning and a good transition to a vibrant color.

15. Sleek Lavender

This sleek color is stunning on a bob cut.

16. Blue and Purple

This color combo is perfect for a pixie style.

17. Pink Purple

This purple pink color is great for anyone looking to go bright and vibrant.

18. Dark Purple

A dark purple is a great purple to rock with a lob.

19. Dimensional Purple

Add purple to your hair to add a lot of dimension to your style.

20. Wine Ends

A dip dye of wine purple is beautiful.

21. Vibrant Purple

A vibrant purple is a great color to change your look up.

22. Electric Purple

A fun election purple is great for a fun lob style.

23. Purple Roots

Purple is a great color to through over your natural color.

24. Velvet

If you’re worried about purple being too bright, don’t.

25. Reverse Ombre

This reverse ombre lets you have any purple color you want.

26. Fade

A blue to purple fade is a unique and fun purple to try.

27. Violet Highlights

Add a little pop of violet to your look.

28. Duo Color

If you can’t decide between two purples, try both.

29. Pearly Purple

Add some pearl to your color.

30. Texture

Play around with a few purples to give your hair a lot of texture.

31. Amethyst

This stunning purple color is beautiful.

32. Purple Grey

Add a little grey throughout your purple for a fun array of colors.

33. Sprinkle of Purple

A touch of purple through your hair for a fun look.

34. Velvet Purple

A velvet purple is stunning for anyone to try out.

35. Soft Purple

A fun and soft purple is great for a messy bob.

36. Pastel Purple

A pastel purple is in style and trendy.

37. Purple Smoke

This purple smokey color is gorgeous with a long pixie.

38. Rosey Purple

A rose purple is perfect for anyone who wants to try something new.

39. Two Tones

A vibrant purple over a deep red looks beautiful together.

40. Transitions

Melting two purples together will be stunning.

41. Sunset

Purple roots that blend into a sunset color is a game changer.

42. Gem

Mixing purple with an auburn looks like a gem on your hair.

43. Unicorn

This unicorn hair is purple hair goals.

44. Twins

Pink and purple can mix so well together.

45. Berry

A softer purple gives a stunning berry color.

46. Melting

A black melting into a purple pops.

47. Grape

A grape color is a little more natural and perfect for anyone.

48. Plum

This plum is deep and stunning.

49. Berry Mixture

Playing with berry purples will leave gorgeous results.

50. Blushing Purple

This blush purple will look perfect on your transformed hair.

As you can see, your options are unlimited when it comes to rocking a purple style. You can go crazy and vibrant or keep it a little more natural and fun.

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