Want to transform your look subtly and without going for a dramatic haircut? Effortlessly chic and eternally stylish, side-swept bangs have remained a timeless hairstyle for women across the globe! Audrey Hepburn is the icon we think of when we think of this haircut, along with its elegance and femininity. In this post, we explore the allure and versatility of side-swept bangs. Here are some creative ideas that will intrigue you.

20+ Side Swept Bangs

1. Brown Hair Side Swept Bangs


A chocolate brown hairdo with these retro bangs is the perfect hair design if you love retro ideas. You’ll look like a true pinup lady, and you’ll embrace your messy texture through these bangs.

2. Short Bob With Side Swept Bangs


Keep your natural hair color but add these wispy and wavy side bangs to your look. If you don’t like drastic changes and you want to try out something that will emphasize your natural texture, this is the perfect look to spice it up.

3. Chocolate Brown Hair With Side Swept Bangs


Busy workaholic women and moms who don’t have a lot of spare time will love styling their hair in a bob. The top is quite voluminous and defined, which makes it attractive and sensual. With a lot of hair pomade, you’ll easily achieve this look.

4. Long Brown Side Swept Bangs


Semi-long brown bob with these side-swept bangs will look quite flirty! If you have a yellow undertone and dark brown eyes, this will intrigue you overall. It will define your natural features and frame your face.

5. Black Bob Side Swept Bangs


A black and short chic bob with these funky bangs is a fun classy idea for elegant ladies. If you like shorter hairdos yet you’re eager to spice it up in your very own way, you’ll fall for this!

6. Side Swept Bangs Straight Hair 


Try out this brown hairdo and color it every 4 months. This design is on the low-maintenance side and is very easy to blow dry and blow out, even when you’re in a rush. Define your texture with your favorite hairbrush and rock the design for any casual event.

7. Blonde Side Swept Bangs Short Bob 


Go for a blonde bob and combine it with these side-swept bangs. If you’re a natural blonde or if you have a pale complexion just know this haircut will suit you and will make you stand out, no matter where you go.

8. Side Swept Bangs With Highlights 


Add some fresh new highlights to your look and make yourself confident and sexy! Women who trust their hairstylist will enjoy this design. Heads up as it can become a high-maintenance haircut when you consider all the hair products.

9. High Bun Side Swept Bangs


Try out a high updo bun and pair it with some dramatic makeup! Anyone who enjoys modern ideas will like this bun. It looks sexy and is super sleek. Once you put your bangs on the side you’ll look like a true diva + you’ll easily wear it to any event.

10. Brown Hair With Side Swept Bangs


Teachers or women who work in education will like this hairdo. It is a stylish little bob that will emphasize your natural head and face shape. Once styled with minimal products your haircut will look elegant and perfect for daily wear.

11. Modern Side Swept Bangs


Why not go all the way out and enjoy this high and sleek side-swept bang moment?! This haircut looks very trendy, especially when paired with this bold makeup. If you want to embrace your fierce Naomi Campbell moment, this is a good candidate!

12. Straight Blonde Hair With Side Swept Bangs


Go for this icy blonde haircut and keep your hair within the bob-cut design. Highlights on top of this hairdo will only look even more pretty when paired with side-swept bangs. If you’re a lady in her thirties this look may intrigue you the most.

13. Platinum Blonde Side Swept Bangs


Platinum blonde hair is on a high-maintenance side, as you’d expect. However, if you feel like you can maintain it and you’re intrigued by trying out something quite modern, you’ll like this transformation. Make sure you cut the bangs every five weeks so they don’t get into your eyes.

14. Side Swept Bangs Curly Hair 


Grow your hair to this fun and sexy length and experiment with your patting but also your bangs. This haircut has slight wolf vibes to it, making it the best solution for anyone who is into bold and retro looks at the same time. Keep your hair color natural but enjoy the volume in its full glory!

15. Brown Hair Side Swept Bangs Idea


Side swept bangs and this wavy hairdo will interest women who like feisty designs. If you are into soft waves yet you love a bit of glitter, stick to this beauty. Once paired with the right makeup look this will attract a lot of attention and looks.

16. Updo Blonde Side Swept Bangs


If you need a formal haircut and you wish to emphasize your blonde locks, this updo will do the trick! Combine it with chic bangs to add more flare to the look! Blue-eyed women will like everything about this style.

17. Bob Hair With Side Swept Bangs


Cut your bob hairdo to this length and color it this shade for the summer season. It is a popular style and a color that most warm-toned ladies will gravitate to. The side-swept bangs will add more sex appeal and fierceness, so why not try it?!

18. Short Side Swept Bangs


Short baby fringe bangs that are swept on the side will intrigue a lot of women. This low-placed bun will suit your next formal event, and it is going to look amazing on women with diamond face shapes. If you have strong features and you love your dominant

19. Voluminous Side Swept Bangs


Did you know that side-swept bangs have been a popular hairstyle choice for centuries, dating back to ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece? How about this feisty blonde? 

20. Ponytail With Side Swept Bangs


Side-swept bangs can complement various face shapes, offering a flattering frame for features while adding a touch of mystery and allure. This gorgeous haircut is inspired by Ariana Grande, and it’s a popular look on social media these days. 

21. Curly Frizzy Side Swept Bangs


These bangs are versatile and can be styled in different ways, whether swept to the side for a casual look or pinned back for a more formal appearance. If you want a modern everyday hairstyle and you’re a busy mom on the go, book this transformation. 

22. Dark Blonde Side Swept Bangs


Did you know that side-swept bangs gained widespread popularity in the 1960s and have remained a favorite among celebrities and fashion-forward individuals ever since?

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