Interested in doing a silk press hairstyle? Silk press hairdo is often worn by women who want to show off their flat and shiny strands but are not too sure how to achieve this straight hairdo with their regular hair styling tools. If that is the case and you want to try out something new (which does not include heavy chemical processing or styling), this will interest you! Keep on reading as we list a lot of cool and stylish hair ideas that will interest different women and different age groups.

What Is A Silk Press Hairstyle?

Not too sure what is silk press hairstyle is? A silk press is a hair styling technique that is done at a hair salon by a qualified hair tech who knows how to do shiny straight looks. The process is done in a way where a hairstylist uses a blow-dryer and flat iron to straighten your hair without a chemical relaxer, but with some other tools and natural oils. Stiff hair is officially a thing of the past and is left looking straight and healthy.

Who Should Go For A Silk Press Hairstyle?

Women who have frizzy or coarse hair will like this look. It is often done by women who have naturally wavy strands or women who have curly hair, wanting a quick change that will transform your look and natural strands in a couple of minutes. It can be done for any event or everyday wear.

How Long Does A Silk Press Hairstyle Last?

Silk press hairstyle can last anywhere from 1-3 weeks. The outcome will depend a lot on your natural hair texture and its state, health, and length. Also, the less you wash it the longer it stays healthy and silky! Make sure that you avoid water, heat, or steam to prolong the wear-time of your new look.
1. Wavy Silk Press Hairstyle

This look goes to show you that the silk press can be curled and worn slightly wavy if done the right way.

2. Silk Press Hairstyles For Short Hair

Your hair will look so healthy and shiny when worn in this short silk press bob! A must-have for workaholic women.

3. Silk Press Long Hair

Make sure that you have 3 hours to spare when it comes to this long and bold look.

4. Balayage Highlights Silk Press Hair

If you enjoy highlights just know that you can spice up your look and give it a bit more dimension and shine with the silk press method.

5. Short Blonde Hair Silk Look

Women who have short curly hair and black women will appreciate this hair treatment.

6. Balayage Highlights On Brown Hair

Contour your face shape with the right pair of highlights. This look will suit every age group!

7. Orange Silk Press Hair

Silk press hair and orange hair combo can look lovely, especially on teens.

8. Natural Healthy Silk Press Hair

If your hair is wavy and voluminous you can tame down the curl yet give yourself shine with the silk press method.

9. Bleached Blonde Silk Hairstyle

Black women silk press hair is possible, just book the right hairstylist when it comes to your look!

10. Straight Sleek Press Hair

Super straight and elegant, this silk press look will take 2-3 hours to complete.

11. Natural Brown Straight Hairdo

Natural hair will also appreciate this hairstyling method. Show off your natural strands in a new silky smooth way!

12. Short Silk Press Hairstyle

Shorter hair is not as high-maintenance. Go for this short silk press if you want a subtle yet healthy change.

13. Auburn Red Silk Press Hairdo

Hot red or auburn hair will look lovely and so trendy! Go for a straight look and regular color touch-ups to maintain this design.

14. Bob Cut Silk Press

This silk press bob will look appropriate for the office.

15. Long Blonde Silk Press Hair Idea

If you want to silk press a weave, just know that you can also do that with this hairdo!

16. Dark Brown Silk Press Hairstyle

Dark brown hair such as this one will look naturally smooth and healthy. Give it a go if you’re a fan of silky hairdos!

17. Bleached Blonde Silk Press Hair

Bleached hair such as this one is high-maintenance. Make sure that you get regular color touch-ups and silk press appointments to maintain the look.

18. Shiny Healthy Brown Silk Press Hair

A lot of women will envy you on this silk press hairdo!

19. Dark Brown Bob Silk Press

This short bob silk press look will take you 2-3 minutes to style in the morning.

20. Bright Orange Silk Press Hairstyle Idea

Go for a pop of red or orange and this look will transform you!

21. Hair With Highlights Silk Press

If you like to show off your smooth hair and your beige highlights get a silk press to round up the look.

22. Half-Colored Hair Silk Press

Teen women are going to love this hot red silk press hairstyle!

23. Brown Silk Press Hairdo Look

Show off your natural hair texture and wear this look to formal or informal events.

24. Chopped Bob Silk Press

Shorter bob looks will look sophisticated. Show this off for any event you like.

25. Light Blonde Silk Press Hairstyle

This light blonde hairdo will look great on workaholic women.

26. Long Brown Silk Press Hairdo

Long and healthy, dark brown silk press hair such as this one will take some time to do, so heads up.

27. Brown Hair Soft Waves Look

A silk press hairstyle doesn’t have to be straight completely. Add some volume to it with your favorite curling products.

28. Formal Hair Silk Press Hairstyle

Women who have an important event ahead will enjoy this half-up half-down silk press hair look.

29. Formal Ponytail Silk Press Hairdo

Show off this formal ponytail and slay all the way!

30. Black Hair Silk Press Hair For Women

Women who are in the mood for flawless silky-smooth hair will enjoy this vibe.
Silk Press Hair Time!
Which one of these looks was your favorite? Are you ready to wear and rock these cool short and long hairdo options? Let us know which silk press hairstyle is your favorite, we can’t wait to see you rocking something from our list.

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