It might seem old but silver hair is trending and this once daunting color looks stunning on just about anyone. Some might thing silver hair is weird, since a lot of use color our hair to get rid of the grey, but this light color has a way that turns your hair from boring to fabulous. The best thing about silver hair is all the fun you can have with it and the different styles you can rock along with it.

If you’re ready to give silver hair a try for yourself, here are some of our favorite looks that you should consider getting yourself.

1. Silver Lob
Say bye to boring hair and rock a stunning silver lob.

2. Metallic Tones

Have fun with your silver and run some funky colors through it.

3. Classic Bob

A classic bob pairs beautifully with silver hair.

4. Round Bob

This rounded bob looks even more edgy with a fun silver hue.

5. Silver Waves

Embrace the silver color and rock it with your waves.

6. Silver Bayalage

Have fun with your balayage coloring.

7. Ash

Go on the darker side of silver and try out an fun ashy color.

8. Shades of Grey

Go from light to dark with your silver choices.

9. Icy

You can choose a super light silver color for an icy effect.

10. Dark low lights

Make your silver pop by adding some darker low lights to your look.

11. Silver Pop

Add a pop of silver to your hair if you’re not ready to fully commit.

12. Hidden

Surprise everyone with a hidden silver color in your hair.

13. Subtle Silver

Add a subtle silver to your hair for a pop of color.

14. Ombre

An ombre silver is stunning and looks perfect on anyone.

15. Sectional

Adding a section of silver to your can really change your look.

16. Duo Color

Silver is a great color to use when working with more then one color.

17. Dark

Pop silver onto some black hair for a stunning mix of colors.

18. Silver Pixie

Pixies and silver hair go beautifully together.

19. Silver Melt

This blend of silver and natural looks amazing.

20. Silver Undertones

Lighten your hair up a bit with a few silver undertones.

21. Dip Dye

You don’t have to go full silver to enjoy this look.

22. Silver and Blue

Blue and silver always pair perfectly together.

23. Smokey Silver

This smokey silver adds a little depth to your hair.

24. Natural Silver

Run silver through your natural color for a gorgeous look.

25. Silver Vibes

This silver hair is stunning and perfect for changing your look up.

26. Silver Lavender

This lavender and silver mixture is perfect for someone who loves multiple colors.

27. Sleek Silver

A sleek silver look is perfect for a new style.

28. Shadow Roots

Keep your roots darker and the rest of your hair a little lighter.

29. Feathered Pixie

This feathered pixie looks stunning with a silver color.

30. Half Look

Have fun with your silver and mix your hair up.

31. Glacier

This icy silver color is stunning and perfect to try out.

32. Chunky Silver

A chunky silver color is great for a shorter style.

33. Blunt Style

A blunt style and silver color are beautiful for a new look.

34. Purple Mixture

Mixing this purple with silver is a great and unique choice.

35. Icy Silver

Go super light with your silver for a vibrant hue.

Silver might seem a little old and scary to try on your hair but as you can see, the color actually looks beautiful and allows you to have a lot of unique styles.

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