In the world of fashion and style, some trends come and go, but there are specific timeless classics that stand the test of time. One such iconic trend that has continuously captured the hearts of women is the alluring “slicked back” hairstyle. From Hollywood’s Golden Age to modern runways, this sleek and sophisticated look has proven to be a symbol of elegance and refinement. In this article, we delve into and talk about 20+ slicked-back hairstyles, exploring cute, stylish, and sexy ideas that women can enjoy. Here is what you should get for your next big and formal event.

Top 25 Slicked Back Hairstyles

1. Long And Straight Slicked Back Hair

A slick-back hairstyle is always going to be in style and in fashion. Women who want something feminine and truly elegant are going to like this look. Does this sound like something that you fancy?

2. Short Elf Haircut Slicked Back Hair

You can recreate your next look in the same way. Women who fancy slick-back designs are going to like this cut. If you’re someone who enjoys straight locks, why not fully commit to this beauty?

3. Bun Slicked Back Hairstyle

Book the best hairstylist you know when it comes to this hairdo. If you trust your hairstylist and you know how to maintain similar designs on your own, it is time to fully embrace and enjoy this beauty.

4. Modern Blonde Slicked Back Hair

Women who want an everyday appropriate look and those who are into fashionable ideas will love standing out with this design. Show it off knowing that it is a hot topic this summer period!

5. Warm Toned Blonde Slicked Back Hair

You should cut your hair every two months and use the right amount of hair gel to tame down the locks. Sweep it all the way across and back to show off your new and elegant hairdo.

6. Black Shiny Slicked Back Hair

Ladies who are in their twenties are going to fall in love with this style. It is very trendy at the moment and you can see it all over social media.

7. Natural Brown Slicked Back Hair

Try and do this hairstyle on your own and recreate it with only some basic tools and items. Women who enjoy trying out new ideas and those who want to enjoy a transformation within a couple of minutes are going to like commitment to this look.

8. Slicked Back Hairstyle For Women

Dark brown hair and this natural color is going to look so healthy on its own. Sweep it all back and rock your natural volume and fullness.

9. Wet Look Slicked Back Hair

This is a gorgeous wet look that is seen as the ultimate model hairdo. If you’re someone who likes slick back ideas and you want to look like a true diva, this is for you.

10. Half Up Half Down Slicked Back Hairstyle

Try out this swept-back look and tie it in a ponytail. This hair design and cute creation are going to look so good for parties and your formal moments.

11. Slicked Back Hair For Ladies

Show off your natural blonde hair color and enjoy its swept-back design. This is the perfect prom hair design that most women can pull off, no matter their age.

12. Icy Blonde Slicked Back Hair

If your baby hairs are not too crazy or wild – commit to this design. A gorgeous blonde hair design when worn in a bun is a must-try for your formal and important moments.

13. Short Bob Slick Back Hair

If your hair is on the shorter side and you enjoy this bob length, we can’t wait to see you with this design. Ladies who are in their thirties will love this cut the most.

14. Slicked Back Hair In A Bun

Go for a cute and practical swept-back bun and rock your natural brown hair color everywhere you go. If you want something practical and perfect for everyday casual wear or your gym moments, this is for you.

15. Cute Curly Slicked Back Hairstyle

Ladies who have naturally curly hair are going to enjoy this beauty. Show off your natural texture and wear it with confidence knowing that it is such a unique look.

16. Slicked Back Hairdo In A Ponytail

Women who enjoy elegant hairdos and those who need something formal are going to love this beauty. Throw some gemstones on top to create this masterpiece!

17. Bun Slicked Back Hair Cut

Go for this natural brown hairdo and show off your baby curls and hair everywhere you go. Ladies who enjoy formal ideas that are easy to do and recreate on their own should try this look.

18. Slicked Back Hair Ponytail

Try out this gorgeous black ponytail and tame down the baby hairs in place with your favorite hairspray. It is an ultimate hairdo that can withstand different weather conditions.

19. Light Brown Slicked Back Hairstyle

Go for a swept-back look and try out this messy knot at the top. Women who are in their twenties are going to love this perfect party look.

20. Long Black Hair Slicked Back Look

Show off your natural black hair and style it in the back. Set it in place with your favorite and trustworthy hairspray or hair gel.

21. Straight Ponytail Slicked Back Hair For Women

This long and gorgeous ponytail is a must-try for parties. If you enjoy modern ideas and you are a fan of dramatic ideas, this is a must-try in your case.

22. Blonde Slicked Back Hair Ponytail

Color your hair every four weeks when it comes to this design. It is a popular design for women who are in their early twenties. It is often worn to parties and formal occasions.

23. Natural Brown Slicked Back Hair

Slay your baby hairs and edges and comb your hair in the back. If your hair is naturally straight, thick, and healthy – we can vouch for this look in your case.

24. Party Slicked Back Hair

Second to last, this beauty is so chic at the moment. Are you ready to give it a go?

25. Simple Slicked Back Hairstyle

Try this quick and easy hairstyle and show off your cute little ponytail for everyday wear. Ladies who want something practical, quick, and easy are going to enjoy this retro idea.

Ready to enjoy your fashionable moments and try out runway-inspired hairdos?

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