Are you a fan of gorgeous and voluminous buns? Are you looking for a snatched bun hairdo that can suit your big events and any type of formal gatherings? If you love to do neat and clean looks and if you fully trust your hairstylist (or if you’re feeling brave and like experimenting(, this article is for you! Here, we’re going to list some cool options and ideas that you’re going to adore. Keep on reading and see for yourself.

Top 20 Snatched Bun Hairstyles 

1. Cute Blonde Snatched Bun

Blonde beauties, are you ready for your new hairdo?! Women who prefer elegant buns, as well as those who love to wear a lot of fancy jewelry – this look is for you! Perfect for your night-out city moments.

2. Voluminous Brown Snatched Bun

If you’re someone who has a lot of hair and you love your thick and long texture, this look is for you. Make sure that you add a ton of shine to this bun so it can look as elegant and trendy. This hairdo will look mesmerizing on most young women.

3. Snatched Bun With An Accessory

You can always add an accessory or two to your bun. If you’re getting married we have a feeling that this may suit you the best. It is a gorgeous icy white silver floral detail that will tie your whole look together and transform you into the prettiest bride.

4. Snatched Bun With Highlights

Snatched bun such as this one is for women who love subtle highlights in their hair. You’re going to love this look for your important moments and gatherings, as well as any type of important meetings.

5. Chic Snatched Bun

If you’re someone who enjoys quick and easy, as well as chic hairstyles, this is for you! Make sure that you give it a go if you’re looking for a haircut that is elegant and perfect for both day and night-time moments.

6. High Up Snatched Bun

High up, snatched and so cute, this bun look is for women who enjoy elegance and a few intriguing designs. Go for this chopstick detail if you’re a fan of cute looks that others don’t have. The end result is perfect for women who are in their twenties.

7. Low Snatched Bun

Low snatched bun and this effortless look is for women who enjoy quick and practical looks, as well as low-maintenance buns. Make sure that you secure the bun in place and give it a go if you’re a fan of elegance, even on a daily!

8. Snatched Bun With A Silver Clip

A silver clip detail will easily transform any look and any bun. If you’re a fan of cute elegant buns and if you’re a bride-to-be, this overall look is for you. Give it a go and rock it knowing that this day is all about you, and your elegance!

9. Elegant Snatched Bun

Add a silver clip detail at the bottom of your bun. Women who plan on doing an important event such as a dance or a wedding (bride or guest) will enjoy this haircut. Make sure that you secure this bun properly in place so that it looks as elegant and stays on for hours.

10. Cool Brown Snatched Bun

Truly snatched and gorgeous, this bun is for women who love to show off their amount of volume. If you have thick and luscious hair and if you’re a fan of updos, this is going to suit you. Make sure that you have enough time and patience to do this hair since it is a tricky piece.

11. Voluminous Up Snatched Bun

This snatched-up bun is going to suit most mature women. If you’re a fan of beehive hairdos and you love that old-school rock glamour, this is for you! Make sure that you go for a dramatic centerpiece as well (such as wispy bangs) to achieve this exact same outcome.

12. High Top Knot Snatched Bun

High up top bun with cool knot detail and this bang moment is going to look feminine and fierce. Women who are in their twenties may enjoy this the most. It is also a popular look for prom, often worn by most women who enjoy cute updo buns and making a statement.

13. Formal Elegant Snatched Bun

A snatched bun such as this one is going to suit most young women. It is also a quick and easy look, as well as something practical that you can go for. If you want a hairdo that you can do on your own within minutes, this is the right look for you.

14. Cute Snatched Bun

High up and snatched all the way back, this bun is a fierce and popular look! It is a statement that is going to suit most women who have naturally thick and fuller hair. If you prefer long, shiny, and voluminous looks, why not show it with this beauty?!

15. Ballerina Snatched Bun

A cute snatched-back ballerina hairdo such as this one is for women who love feminine and elegant looks. Make sure that you brush your hair properly out in the back to get this sexy classy look.

16. Snatched Bun Blonde Hair

Go for this giant and gorgeous low bun detail and show off this bun for your formal or everyday moments. If you love to do crazy cuts and you’re all about volume, this is for you! Show off the glitz and glamour knowing that you’re one of a few who has this hairdo.

17. Snatched Bun With Pearl Accessories

Add a pearl detail to make your hairdo elegant. Women who love flirty details or if you’re a bride-to-be we think that this look is the right one for you.

18. Elegant Snatched Bun Hairdo

A bun such as this one is great for your formal moments and dances, as well as proms. If you want something elegant and stylish + if your natural hair is long and thick, this is for you. Get a mini accessory detail and place it at the top of your hair (you can easily find these online).

19.Snatched Bun Hairstyle

If you have enough time to spare, why not recreate this look on your own? It is a gorgeous bun that will take you 50 minutes to do. You can go for a bun detail to define the look and have your own unique style and finishing touch to it.

20. Snatched Bun For Ladies

Lastly, if you’re looking for the perfect spring or fall hairdo (both style and color-wise), this is for you. Brush your hair out and comb it in the back to get this seamless beauty.

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