Hot summer days are upon us, and styling our hair can become a challenge. Most women aim for something fun and flirty, as well as low maintenance and practical. For almost everyone, this comes down to wearing their hair high up in a bun or a stylish ponytail. If you’re trying to rock a fun new design that is manageable during the summertime season, this article will come in handy! Here’s what we recommend.

20+ Hairdos And Updos For Hot Summer Days 

1. Simple Hairdos Updos For Hot Summer Days

You can add some subtle locks to your haircut to add intriguing elements to it. Don’t forget to add your favorite hairspray as well, or a bit of hair oil to prolong the shine and make this look stand out even more.

2. Black Hair Updo Hairstyle

Once paired with an elegant dress, this haircut will look irresistible! If you’re a fan of fun and cute ideas and you want to show off your look everywhere you go, this is it! You will look like a stylish diva, as well as someone who knows what’s popular.

3. Updo For Summer With A Hair Clip

When was the last time you wore your hair this way? Anyone who loves updos will naturally gravitate toward this design. All you need is five minutes of your time to style it and you’ll be good to go for the entire day.

4. Blonde Stylish Hair With A Clip

An updo is a great hairstyle choice for hot summer days as it keeps hair off the neck and out of the face. This one is sweet, chic, as well as easy to do, all you need is a big hair clip!

5. Blonde Updo For Hot Summer Days

Try this high-up bun if you’re someone who likes effortless ideas. You’ll love the touch of fresh air on your neck when you style your hair this way.

6. Updo Hair With A Braid Detail For Summer

The classic high bun is both chic and practical, making it a popular choice for staying cool in the summer heat. You can also add this subtle braid detail if you love romantic ideas.

7. Low Bun For Hot Summer

For a more sophisticated appearance, try a sleek chignon, which works well for both casual and formal occasions. Trust your hairstylist and let them do the magic!

8. Messy Blonde Updo For Hot Summer Days

A messy top knot can be easily achieved and gives a relaxed, effortless look perfect for beach outings. Natural blondes are going to love this hair transformation!

9. Messy And Wispy Updo For The Summer

Twisted updos can add texture and interest to your hairstyle, providing a unique alternative to standard buns. You will love this hairstyle especially when paired with a sexy dress.

10. Updo Ponytail For Summer Season

Anyone can style their hair high up and in this stylish ponytail. This bun will look good when secured with a hair clip or pin. If you have any of the two, this is perfect for you.

11. Updo Hairstyle For Brides

Braided updos, such as the crown braid, add a touch of elegance while keeping hair securely in place. You will love this design for the summertime season and if you’re a bride-to-be.

12. Cute Messy Bun For Summer Days

The French twist is a timeless updo that exudes class and keeps you cool during warm summer evenings. If you have shorter hair this is a good example of how you can style it.

13. Chic Blonde Hair Updo Hair Design

Adding decorative hairpins or floral accessories to your updo can enhance its summery feel. Is that something you like? If so, spice up the design and make a statement this summer season.

14. Low Placed Blonde Bun For The Summertime Season

A braided bun is a versatile option that combines the practicality of elegance with the beauty of braids. Do you love chic looks?

15. High Up Messy Blonde Bun For The Summertime

A low bun at the nape of the neck offers a relaxed vibe while still being stylish and cool. However, use the right hair toner when it comes to this hair design so it doesn’t get too yellowy as time goes on.

16. Hot Weather Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you’re in your thirties you’re going to like this look. It is quick and easy to do, as well as perfect for long summer nights.

17. Hairdos Updos For Hot Summer Days

Double Dutch braids can be gathered into an updo, providing a sporty yet fashionable solution for summer activities. Show your feminine side and wear this hairdo for casual night outs.

18. Chic Bun For Summer Season And Hot Days

You can wear your hair even in a reckless way. This haircut is usually a must-try if you’re running low on time. Anyone who is in a rush is going to appreciate the beauty of this design, as well as its practicality.

19. Fishtail Braid Updo Design

Invest 5-10 minutes into styling your hair and you’ll be good to go! You’re going to fall for this stylish blonde textured design.

20. Fun High Updo Bun Haircut For Summer

For those with shorter hair, a half-up, half-down bun can keep the hair out of your face while still showcasing your length. If you have platinum blonde hair you’re going to gravitate toward this look the most.

21. Flirty Blonde Updo For Summer

Second to last, what do you think about this updo? If you have super long hair this will suit you the best. Move the hair from your face and show off your feminine features. Anyone who likes practical designs and updos will love this final design.

22. Blonde Braided Updo For Summer

Express yourself this summertime season with this look. It is often worn by younger women, and it looks elegant and romantic, perfect for your night out or your next summer date.

Ready To Look Chic This Summer Season? 

Which one of these gorgeous haircuts is going to find its way onto your must-do list? Will you rock something feminine and simple, or something elegant and dramatic? We’ve covered it all in this article, let us know what your personal favorite is.

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