Welcome to your ultimate guide for effortless summer hairstyles! Are you a fan of updos and sleek buns? With the sun shining and temperatures rising, it’s time to embrace easy summer updos that keep you looking chic and feeling cool. Also, you should keep your hair protected from the sun. From relaxed buns to playful braids, we’ve curated a collection of quick stunning hairstyles, perfect for any summer occasion. Here is what we recommend.

20+ Easy Summer Updos 

1. Easy Summer Updos For Wedding 


If you’re a bride-to-be and plan on getting your hair done this summertime season, why not try this elegant formal bun? It is a popular look by elegant women, as well as those who like delicate flower details.

2. Easy Summer Hairstyles For Black Hair 


A light and wispy haircut in this light brown shade is going to look perfect on younger ladies. You can wear this summer updo in a relaxed way since it’s such an effortless design. If you like soft-defined strands, check it out!

3. Easy Summer Updos Light Brown Hair 


A summer updo such as this one will look great for the summer season, and especially for wedding guests. If you’re off to a wedding and you need elegance along with practicality, this hairdo is a mix of both!

4. Curly Easy Summer Updos 


Show off your natural curls and this stylish little curly updo will frame your face in moments! Define your curls and your locks with your favorite curling gel. Women who love simplicity and showing their natural beauty will fall for this look.

5. Trendy Easy Summer Updos 


A retro pin-up hairdo with a chopstick design in the back is a fun statement you can make! It will take you less than 10 minutes to tie this look and embrace the retro glam of it all. If you love effortless ideas and you wish to try something popular on Pinterest these days, look no further!

6. Light Brown Easy Summer Updos 


Go for your natural blonde haircut and enjoy this updo. It’s described as a romantic and whimsical look, with some soft waves alongside. If you love flirty ideas and you want to make your hair delicate, you’ll enjoy this:

7. Blonde Easy Summer Updos 


An easy updo can be achieved in minutes! If you have light brown hair or dark blonde and you love wispy looks, this just screams you! Do you love the wispy effect it has?

8. Braid Easy Summer Updos 


One simple braid paired with your high updo will add a modern flare to your haircut. Black women will love everything about this sleek bun. Show your natural curls and wear the look with confidence.

9. Dark Brown Hair Easy Summer Updos 


If you have medium-length hair and medium-thick hair you will appreciate this design the most. Brunette ladies or women with highlights can easily pull off this style. It is a soft and romantic haircut that will make you feel like a literal princess.

10. Easy Summer Updos For Wedding Guest


Another perfect hairdo for future braids or wedding guests! If you’re a natural blonde and you want to try out a retro ponytail design, this is a popular solution at the moment. Set your hair with a ton of hairspray so it stays put and in place during high summer heat.

11. Easy Summer Updos For Medium Hair 


Quick, easy, as well as practical! That’s what this haircut is all about. If you like your natural texture and you don’t want to do too much to it, why not go simple and minimalistic? You’ll love this if you’re ready for an everyday hair appreciation moment!

12. Brown Easy Summer Updo Idea


A dark brown wispy bun is the perfect summer haircut. Spice it up with these side tendrils that will further emphasize your facial features. If you have an oval-shaped face this look will suit you the best.

13. Light Brown Easy Summer Updo


Tie your hair in this stylish ponytail and embrace the fluffiness! Brown locks and this severe amount of shine will make you look and feel like a true lady and a diva, no matter where you go this summer!

14. Light Blonde Easy Summer Updo


Blonde hair in a bob cut length with a giant braid detail is often worn by younger women who wish to look young and playful. If you like shorter looks and you’re a fan of twisted braids, recreate this for the summer!

15. High Bun Easy Summer Updo


The high and snatched blonde bun is for soft and feminine ladies who like the appeal of a romantic design. If your hair is on a thinner side you’ll get the best results, as well as similar results as in this picture.

16. Brown Easy Summer Updo Idea


Gather your hair into a high ponytail, twist it, and coil it into a bun secured with pins. Pull out a few strands for a relaxed look. Once paired with this elegant makeup look; you will love the final design!

17. Curly Blonde Easy Summer Updos 


Sweep your hair in a high-up bun and braid it loosely. Pull out sections to create a messy, carefree vibe. Natural blondes will love this look.

18. Curly Easy Summer Updo Idea


Create a high ponytail, then twist the length of your hair and wrap it around the base. Secure with pins for a stylish yet simple look, and show off this bun for the summertime season!

19. Elegant Easy Summer Updo


Take the top section of your hair, twist it, and secure it at the back of your head. Let the rest flow freely for a breezy feel. You will love this shade of brown as well as the elegance of it!

20. Fluffy Ponytail Easy Summer Updo


Tie a colorful scarf around your low ponytail for a pop of summer flair and an easy way to keep your hair off your neck. If you don’t own a scarf this ponytail will do!

21. Easy Summer Updo Idea


Apply texturizing spray to damp hair, twist it into sections, and secure it with clips. Let it air dry or use a diffuser, then add a headband for a playful touch. You can also secure it with a giant clip in the back.

22. Natural Brown Easy Summer Updo


Brush your hair back into a high updo, smooth out any bumps, and secure with a hair tie. Finish with some hairspray for a polished look that’s perfect for any summer occasion.

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