Taylor Swift is our favorite sweetheart. Well-known for her country style of music yet some insane vocals, this blonde bombshell is always rocking some fun and flirty romantic hairdos. Do you want to recreate one of these styles? Wondering how to get that Taylor look on your own? Keep on reading as we present you the coolest and fanciest strawberry blonde bobs, updos, and many many more down below.

Top 15 Blonde Taylor Looks To Try Out 

1. Blonde Hair With Frontal Highlights  


This type of hairstyle has been quite popular lately. Getting just some simple frontal highlights will drastically transform your look. Go for this length and show off these highlights for any formal or everyday events. This is an endless beauty that won’t go out of style or fashion anytime soon.

2. Cool Blonde Ponytail 


Taylor sometimes prefers wispy and cute ponytails. This hairdo is cute and quite formal, ideal for those who wish to look elegant and stunning without doing too much. In the end, this ponytail braid beauty will take you only 10 minutes to do, yes it is going to look so trendy.

3. Straight Blonde Hair With Bangs


Straight hair and these bangs are very representative of Taylor. She often likes to wear cool and stylish ideas, along with a bit of volume at the top. Going for this swept-back moment and adding some cool highlights every 2-3 months will make this look showy and popping anywhere you go.

4. Wavy Blonde Hair


When trying to rock a formal hairdo Taylor prefers adding curls. This wavy beauty with subtly curled ends will look amazing on women who wish to look fun and flirty. In most cases, this look works well for glamorous moments and your proms/night outs.

5. Blonde Cool Braid


Cool and fierce blonde braid that will look elegant when done the right way. If you’re somewhat skilled when it comes to your hair you will easily achieve this look. Secure the braid tightly and show it off for daily or formal moments. In most cases, this look works on younger women and teens who wish to look trendy.

6. Stylish Blonde Cut With A Side Braid


Side braids are easy to do. They are for those who can’t commit or for those who can’t do a full-on braid. If you’re looking for a subtle detail that you can do on your own, try out this look. Secure it with the right elastic to set it in place and prolong its wear time for the day. Women who want a cool look that they can wear for daily stylish moments will like this cut.

7. Wavy Blonde Cut Taylor Look 


This wavy look and this detail look is very cute and formal. The truth is that not everyone will know how to do this little braid. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, this might be harder for you to do. Ask your hairstylist for this Taylor touch-up, you’re going to love it!

8. Platinum Blonde Hairdo 


Sometimes Taylor likes to pile on a ton of bleach. If you’re someone who likes light light blonde looks and you fancy showing off the color, this will look gorgeous on you. Make sure to get the right toner that will maintain this shade of blonde.

9. Shaggy Blonde Bob


Shaggy and wavy, this blonde hairdo with long wispy bangs is for those who like a bit of volume and elegance to their locks. Do you enjoy shaggy bobs? When done the right way this look will suit most businesswomen, as well as formal night-outs.

10. Wavy Blonde Chopped Look 


A chopped bob or a lob is a signature look for Taylor. She loves to rock low-maintenance and practical ideas on a daily. If you want to look like her and you’re all about quick and easy ideas, try this one out!

11. Icy Blonde Hairdo 


Icy blonde bobs are super popular during the fall season. Do you like this cut? It is a must-do for women who are in their 30s. It is a common and practical chic look that most workaholic women will enjoy. Go for a deep side part and set your hair in place by commuting to this wispy hair look and chic bangs. You’ll need to cut your bangs every 2 weeks to maintain them.

12. Casual Everyday Blonde Bob 


Try this blonde cut and add subtle curls to the bottom. Use the right curling wand to get this outcome. If you’re in your 20s this will look amazing on you + it is a popular look to go for these days. Make sure that you set it in place with your favorite hairspray to prolong the curls for daily wear.

13. Formal Updo Blonde Cut 


This type of bun is feminine and elegant. It is such a romantic look that you’re going to like it for important events and formal moments. If you like wavy locks and want to add some volume, this is how you can do it. Make sure that you style your hair in a low bun instead of a high bun to get this wispy solution.

14. Half Up Half Down Blonde 


Half-up half-down hairdos are for those who can’t make up their minds as easily. Do you like experimenting with your looks? Add some soft curl to the bottom, and let your top look fancy and voluminous. Usually, brides are going to like this hairdo the most.

15. Platinum Straight Hair


Lastly, why not try out this platinum look? It is gorgeous and so sweet and soft, ideal for those who like to wear their hair as naturally as possible. Make sure that you use the right hair toner and conditioner that will prolong its color and shine in the long run.

Want To Rock A Taylor Swift Hairdo?

There you go with all of these cool and feminine hairdos! If you’re intrigued by some of these blonde looks, why not book your next hair appointment? Awake your inner Taylor Swift and try out some of these cool 15-blonde looks asap.

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