Have you ever heard of the U-shaped hairstyle? If so, are you willing to rock this beauty yourself? A u-shaped haircut has been quite popular in the last couple of years, and we can thank social media mostly for making it a big hit and a trendy design. Women across the world have been sharing their u-shaped designs, and a lot of tutorials have popped off on TikTok and Instagram regarding this specific design. The main feature of a U-shaped haircut is that its ends resemble a U-pattern, meaning that the ends are curled inwards and have that asymmetrical style. The cut itself is described as feminine and business-looking, often worn by women who enjoy light touch-ups. If you’re intrigued by it and you want to scroll through your options just keep on reading and find a design that suits you below!

Top 17 U-shaped Haircuts

1. Long Dark Brown U-shaped Hair


If you enjoy longer hair and if your natural hair is on the darker side, this will suit you. It is such a gorgeous shade of brown that you’re going to love it due to its healthy outcome and tons of shine. Give it a go with this U-shaped cut to further emphasize its fullness.

2. Chocolate Brown U-shaped Hair


Chocolate brown hair with light and slight highlights is going to look feminine and flirty. If you have naturally thinner hair and if you’re a fan of elegant looks just know that this will suit you and that it is going to look amazing for professional and business wear.

3. Orange U-shaped Hair


This gorgeous and fiery shade is a must-do for women who love to look trendy and stylish. If you love to follow trends and you’re often on TikTok we highly recommend giving it a go with this beauty.

4. Dark Red U-shaped Hair


If your hair is naturally wavy and voluminous, we recommend that you give it a go with this curl pattern and style! Subtly curl your ends and show off this design in its asymmetrical way. Women with shorter hair and those who want more fullness towards the bottom will enjoy this haircut.

5. Chocolate Brown U-shaped Haircut 


A chocolate brown hair color and this gorgeous curl pattern paired with the U-shaped hair-cutting technique is often worn by younger women and women who love to follow trends. If you have an important event such as a prom or something formal, book this right away!

6. Yellow Blonde U-shaped Hair


Warm-toned blondes and these hairdos will attract a ton of attention. Try out a U-shaped haircut and add volume to the ends and around the outer parts of your hair. The final result is a luscious and voluminous design.

7. Icy White U-shaped Hair


Icy white shorter bob such as this one is for women who prefer low-maintenance looks. You should curl your ends and this way know that it will fully compliment your U-shaped pattern. If you love elegance and icy white-silver-blonde looks, this is for you!

8. Long Hair U-shaped Cut


Combine your ombré or balayage highlights when trying to achieve this exact same design. If you want fullness and fluffiness an ombré hairdo and a U-shaped haircut will suit you + they will transform any style.

9. Ombre U-shaped Hair


Are you someone who loves and lives for funky and quirky colors? Maybe you’re a fan of dramatic transformations and unique designs. If you like wild colors and want to stand out just know that this style and color combo will get you a lot of attention.

10. Icy White U-shaped Haircut 


Moms who have little time to style their hair in the morning should consider this haircut. It gives you volume, bounce, and definition, and is often worn by those who like effortless ideas and 5-minute hairdos! Just make sure that you cut your hair every 4 weeks to maintain this style.

11. Light Brown U-shaped Hair


This is a true example of a U-shaped haircut! For those who enjoy formal hairdos yet with their own twist, as well as hairdos that can be worn on a daily, this is for you! Make sure that your ends are always looking nourished and healthy, as well as hydrated so that you can rock your locks with confidence.

12. Subtle Highlights U-shaped Hair


A U-shaped design such as this one is for women in their thirties to forties. Not only that this is a U-shaped hairdo, but it is also a gorgeous haircut that can be appropriate for office and business hours. Stick with this lighter brown shade to get the exact same outcome.

13. Fun Blonde U-shaped Haircut


Icy white or platinum blondes tend to have a lot more fun! Do you agree? This hairdo is done in a U-shaped way and it also has cute and curled ends. When styled the right way this beauty will look a lot more full and voluminous.

14. Wavy Ombre U-shaped Hair


A wavy hairdo with a U-shaped style and an Ombré pattern will look the best on younger women, as well as women who can handle the maintenance. Make sure that you can color your hair every 2 months when it comes to prolonging its lifespan.

15. Warm-toned Red U-shaped Hair


Warm-toned red or auburn hairdos are a popular design and color choice for this fall. If you want to look elegant, flirty, and attractive, we recommend booking this design at your hairstylist!

16. Beige U-shaped Haircut


A light blonde and beige hairdo with highlights is a feminine cut to go for. Women who enjoy wispy ends and defined U-shaped cuts will naturally gravitate toward this outcome. Make sure that you always set it in place with your favorite hairspray so that it stays on uninterrupted!

17. Chopped Curly U-shaped Hair


Lastly, this cut just goes to show you that even women with naturally curly and shorter hair can give it a go with a U-shaped design. This style complements most age groups, as well as diamond face shapes the best. Does this sound like you?

It Is Time For Something New

So, girls, which haircut do you like the most? Are you someone who enjoys longer or shorter hairdos? All of these beauties will suit different age groups, and all of these haircuts will look feminine and attractive. Which one is your top pick? Let us know, we can’t wait to see it on you!

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