Although it doesn’t seem like it, men care about their hair just as much as women. Loyal customers will book months in advance to see their favorite barber and dudes look at Instagram just as much as the ladies do to get a little inspiration when it comes to their hair.

Men we are here to help you out and we have compiled 32 of our favorite men’s hairstyles that are popular in 2019. Take a look and choose your favorite.

1. Long on Top

Shaved sides and an unruly but long top are popular right now among the men styles.

2. Comb Over

Comb overs aren’t going anywhere. This is a classic style that keeps evolving, like this one here that has a little lift and a shaved side.

3. Blecher Faux Hawk

The faux hawk has been popular for a while but today have a bleched top is becoming more popular.

4. Faux Hawk with Shaved Details

Having shaved sides is on-trend but becoming more popular is the shaved details that barbers are placing on their clients head.

5. Viking Braids

Long hair on top with shaved sides are in but this customer took it to the next level by keeping his hair even longer in the back.

6. The Fade

Fades are what men are looking for today and the designs people come up with are amazing.

7. Short and Styled

Keeping the top shorter is a great option if you can’t always style your hair.

8. Longer Sides

You don’t have to completely shave the sides of your head for a great look. Try a shorter shave with a great comb-over on top.

9. Layers

Yes, even men can get layers in their hair that give them a good length and perfect dimension.

10. Shaved

If you don’t want to hassle with your hair and like it short, go for a shaved look. It’s perfect for the summertime.

11. Mini Faux Hawk

Keep all your hair a decent length and give the front a mini faux hawk, it looks awesome and is easy to do.

12. Full Hair

Add some layers to your hair and keep it long everywhere but the back of your neck.

13. Small Pony Tail

If your hair is longer then pull it back and slip it into a ponytail. If you want a more tapered look keep the sides short.

14. Long and Unruly

If you like long hair, go for it.

15. Wave

Keep the sides short and add a little wave to your hair to keep it back and out of your face.

16. Man Bun

If your hair is on the longer side you can always stick it in the classic man bun.

17. Short and Simple

Going with a classic short and simple style is a great option.

18.  Braids

Men can also rock a cook braided look.

19. Mohawk

Mohawks are a unique style and look super cool.

20. Brushed Down

Instead of going for a common look, you can have your hair brushed down and styled.

21. Longer Side Part

Keep your hair longer on the top and slightly on the sides for a cool styled look. Add to the style by adding a slight side part.

22. Half Up Half Down

If your hair is on the longer side, you can do the half up, half-down look that helps keep your hair off your face.

23. Bleach Blonde

If you want to change your style up opt for a new color like bleach blonde.

24. Super Styled

Try out a very styled look that includes an undercut and some hair gel.

25. Perfect Angels

Those perfect sharp angels really make your hairstyle perfect.

26. Curls

Embrace your curls and make a gorgeous hairstyle out of them.

27. Blue Vibes

Men can change their color up too and ock a cool fashion color like this blue.

28. Close Fade

If you’re not a fan of long hair, choose a cool short fade with an added mini design.

29. Man Bun with a Fade

If you like both styles why not combine them. Enjoy your long hair but get a cool undercut fade as well.

30. Spikes

Spikes have always been a popular and classic style.

31. Colored Tips

If you’re looking for a color change, opt for some colored tips to show off your unique style.

32. Pompadour

The pompadour is another popular men’s style that looks awesome but does take some products to keep the volume.

Those were 32 popular men’s hairstyles that are trending in 2019. As you can see there is a lot to choose from with a ton of unique options you can add to them.

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