Mens hairstyles for the following 2023 period might change depending on what’s trendy or not. Are you looking for a hairdo that is going to look elegant and modern? Not too sure how to switch up your look or what to aim for? Either way it may be we know that we’re going to leave you with a ton of options and that we’re going to suit everyone’s style and personal preference. Keep on reading to discover a hairdo that is right for you, while being in fashion!

20+ Trendy Men’s Haircuts For 2023

1. Orange Curly Fringe

Fringe will forever be in fashion. If you’re someone who enjoys cool and dominant looks and if you’re all about modern colors, why not give this cut a go? It will suit those guys who can handle the coloring process and the maintenance of this shade.

2. Curtain Bangs For Men

Who says that curtain bangs are for women only?! A lot of guys prefer and love this look. If you’re someone who likes to copy fashion and beauty trends and if you’re a fan of intriguing looks, this is the top of the class!

3. Icy Blonde Faux Hawk For Guys

Icy blonde faux hawk such as this one is for guys who enjoy looking trendy and modern. If you love defined edges and if you fully trust your hairstylist, give this a go. Make sure that you can maintain this color before you start showing it off.

4. Caesar Hairdo

Caesar hairdos will never go out of fashion. If you’re a fan of sleek and “clean” looks, this will suit you the best. Give this haircut a go if you enjoy defined and sleek edges, as well as looks that can look good for your office job.

5. Brown Curly Hair For Guys

If your natural hair is curly or wavy, why not spice it up this way? This gorgeous updo is for guys who love their texture, as well as guys who wish to show off their curls! The end result and this design will suit most young men who love quick and easy hairdos.

6. Blonde Voluminous Top

Go for a voluminous top and push all of your hair in one side. If you have naturally wavy or thick hair, this look is for you! Show it off by getting a stylish and voluminous top that most women are going to love on you.

7. Brown Hair Long Look

A middle part such as this one is very common among European men. In fact, a lot of guys love this or similar looks. If you’re a fan of messy updos and if you love your natural texture, why not show it off this way? The end result is classy and sophisticated, wouldn’t you agree?

8. Brown Faux Hawk With A Fade

Go for a cool faux hawk with a fade detail on the side and set your hair in place with your favorite gel or cream. Guys who have naturally straight hair will enjoy this look and style the most.

9. Brown Hair Fringe Bangs

Brown hair with a fringe such as this one is a popular look among younger guys. If you prefer trendy cuts and you know how to do a blowout on your own, this is for you! Show off the beauty knowing that it is a catwalk favorite this year.

10. Cool Dreads For Guys

A lot of guys love to wear dreads. Are you one of those guys yourself? If you like defined looks and you’re a fan of hip-hop-inspired hairdos, why not book this for 2023?!

11. Platinum Blonde Fade Hair

A lot of guys love to bleach their hair. If you are someone who can handle the maintenance and if you love flashy colors and dominant looks, this is for you! Show it off but just make sure that you invest in proper silver-tone shampoos to maintain the shine and the color itself.

12. Messy Bun Hair For Guys

This messy bun is for guys who love to go to the gym and they need a practical hairstyle. Chic updo buns and this way of doing your hair will work best for your sporty moments and any type of casual gathering.

13. High Top Curly Kinky Hair For Guys

A high updo curly and kinky top such as this one is for guys who enjoy retro moments. If your hair is thick and coarse we know that this is going to suit you. Make sure that you set your bun in place before you start rocking it outdoors.

14. Slick Back Hair

A slick back will never go out of fashion. Guys who enjoy modern and trendy looks, as well as those with straight hair will like this beauty. You will look like such a trendy guy (almost Italian-like), and you’re going to fancy the design for formal moments.

15. Faux Hawk For Guys

A faux hawk is always going to look good and modern! Guys who love defined tops and those who like showing off their defined edges will like this cut. Age-wise this hairdo can suit almost anyone.

16. Defined Sides Hair For Guys

Cool defined top and short sides are a cool and modern look. Guys who are in their twenties may prefer this the most. If you like dominant cuts and if you can cut your hair every 3 weeks, why not give it a go?

17. Fade Cut Messy Top

A high-up top with a fade detail is an iconic cut to go for. If you enjoy prominent cuts and like cute fringe details at the front, this is your new look

18. Curly Mohawk Hair

Mohawks are popular and they will never go out of fashion. If you have longer and curlier hair, this may work well for you. Go for shaved sides and let the volume stay messy and defined. It is a high-maintenance look, but truly worth it.

19. Blonde Slick Back Hair

This slick-back moment is for guys who like to look fierce. You will enjoy cutting your hair every 3-5 weeks when it comes to this design. Go for a short and stubble beard to pair the look together.

20. Black Hair With Fringe

Black hair and voluminous bangs such as these will look trendy! If you are in your twenties we highly recommend that you give this cut a chance. It is very popular among your generation.

21. Defined Hair For Guys

Ask your barber for this exact hairstyle, but make sure that you bring a picture for inspiration. Men who like trendy cuts and something stylish for 2023 will like this look.

22. Black Hair With A Fade

Defined and shaved sides have to be cut every other week when it comes to this look. You can grow out the top and leave it looking messy and voluminous. Set the hair in place with your favorite gel or clay so it stays intact for the day.

23. Black Hair Voluminous Look

If you are lucky enough to have long & thick hair (as well as a beard), pair them up together and show off this gorgeous duo. Add your favorite oil to get shine and show the look off with confidence.

24. Brown Hair With A Fade Cut

Lastly, if you have lighter hair and voluminous hair, why not give this design a go? It is very practical and low-maintenance, often worn by college boys who want a stylish cut.

Call Your Barber – 2023 Is Here!

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what your hair type is since you can rock a lot of different looks from this list. Are you aiming for something urban and trendy, or are you into old-school classics? Let us know which beauty is your favorite from the list, we can’t wait to see some of these options on you.

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