Are you a girl who has wavy hair, yet you’re not too sure how to style it? If so, don’t worry, as we got your back! Here, we’re going to list some of the ways and options that most young women can try out. If you’re looking for styles and hairdos that can compliment your facial features and your headed event, keep on reading! Here is all that you should know and that is going to intrigue you in 2023, no matter your age or your headed event!

Top 22 Best Haircuts For Wavy Hair

Shaggy Hair

Shaggy hair is often worn and is popular among wavy girls. It is defined and voluminous, as well as perfect for those who want a quick and practical haircut. When curled up or set with your favorite setting spray, it can look ideal for glamorous moments.

1. Dark Brown Wavy Hair

Dark brown wavy hairdo and this shaggy pattern with cute little bangs will look playful. Women who are in their twenties may enjoy this the most for any type of event or gathering.

2. Natural Brown Shaggy Wavy Hair

Stick to a shaggy haircut and gradually add layers. With the right hair-cutting technique, everyone is going to enjoy this style and pattern. Opt for a dark brown hair color to make the shaggy pattern even more feminine!

3. Blonde Wavy Haircut

This bright blonde shaggy haircut is often worn by workaholic women who enjoy business-inspired designs. Make your curls come to life and show them off with the cutting technique.

4. Subtle Shaggy Wavy Hair

A subtle shaggy pattern such as this one will make your locks feminine sef easy to recreate. Anyone with naturally wavy texture and broth hair will gravitate toward this exact look.

5. Unique Wavy Haircut

Unique wavy patterns such as this one and its retro bangs will make you look like such a diva. If you want a fluffy design and you enjoy creative hairdo looks that you can do on your own, why not this?

6. Platinum Blonde Shaggy Wavy Hair

This shade of blonde is going to look amazing when paired with a shaggy haircut. Women who are in their twenties might enjoy this look the most.

7. Brown Cut Wavy Hair

A brown chocolate hairdo with wispy bangs will look elegant and formal. Make sure that you cut your shaggy hairdo every other month to maintain this beauty.

8. Shaggy Voluminous Wavy Hair

Super shaggy, defined, and curly, who could resist this haircut?! If you’re a fan of elegant and defined locks, this is for your day-to-day stylish and urban moments!

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs can look so good on women with wavy hair, it all just comes down to styling it the right way. You should find a hairstyle that suits your hair texture and length, and only then add bangs on top. Curtain bangs will make every hairstyle a lot more feminine, elegant, and soft.

1. Hot Orange Wavy Hair

This fiery red/orange hairdo will look amazing on younger ladies who like to follow trends. Give it a try with this cut if you wish to get a bit of additional attention.

2. Cool Bob Wavy Hair With Bangs

This beige undertone is often worn for the summertime period. Women who are in their thirties might enjoy this style the most. Just make sure that you cut your bangs every 2 weeks to enjoy the haircut.

3. Stylish Blonde Wavy Hair

Stylish blonde wavy hair with longer bangs will look elegant and runway-perfect! If you’re someone who likes feisty longer locks and you can maintain the length, this is for you!

4. Dark Brown Wavy Hair With Bangs

Dark brown and super glossy hair that you’ll love if you’re a low-maintenance girl. Show off your healthy strands and start rocking this serious design for any event you want!

5. Icy White Wavy Hair

Icy white hair such as this cut will look amazing on women with a pinky undertone. It is also a must-try shade for the fall season!

6. Feminine Bangs Wavy Hair Look

Wavy hairdo with curtain bangs that you’ll enjoy for semi-formal events. If you have naturally lighter hair and you enjoy elegant looks, this may scream your name!

7. Hot Blonde Wavy Haircut

A hot blonde moment that will truly emphasize your slick curtain bangs. Those who are into voluminous designs and women who fancy elegance over practicality will enjoy this look.

Curly Lob

Curly lob will always stay a common go-to for women who enjoy practical ideas. You don’t have to worry too much about its styling, as this style is very easy to achieve and maintain in the long run. Here is how you can make your shaggy locks stand out with some sleek options!

1. Warm Colored Curly Lob

Warm-toned lob like this one is very popular for the fall. If you have naturally darker roots, this is for you!

2. Chopped Curly Lob

You can try out a chopped and messy lob if you prefer reckless and feisty designs. This will truly make your wavy locks stand out!

3. Hot Brown Wavy Lob

A hot brown hairdo like this one is often worn by younger women who love warm tones. If your undertone is yellowish, we recommend going in with this design!

4. Cute Trendy Curly Lob

Cute and trendy, this lob will emphasize your middle length with ease. Make sure to consider this design for the fall season and show off your sleek strands.

5. Hot Pink Curly Lob

Hot bright pink, this hair is a catch! If you want you can even DIY this hair color at the comfort of your home.

6. Blonde Curly Lob Haircut

Second to last, this blonde hairdo is a masterpiece that you should try out if you enjoy sleek wavy cuts. Make sure that you book the best hairstylist you know of, as this can be a tricky design to pull off.

7. Beige Wavy Curly Lob

Your wavy locks will come through if you emphasize them in this color combo. Add a bit of dimension and warmth towards your ends to spice up the look for any moment and opportunity!

Call For A Change

Which design speaks to you the loudest, and which hairdo do you fancy the most? All of these designs can come in handy, it is just about customizing it to your headed event and your age group. What are you going to try out sometime soon and at which hair salon? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you wearing something new!

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