The wedding season is here, and brides from all over the world will be celebrating in style! What type of style are we referring to, and what is something that you’re going to adore? In this article, we’re going to cover a bunch of wedding hairdos that are going to suit different brides and hair lengths. Find the prettiest hairdo for your big day by browsing through the following gorgeous ideas!

30+ Wedding Styles

Straight & Wavy Wedding Hairdos

1. Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair

Half up half down is a specific look that works so well for brides. It is often worn by those who can’t make up their mind when it comes to their most important day.

2. Cute Braid Wedding Hair

Try out this cute and defined fluffy braid if you want a ton of volume. Women who enjoy longer wispy looks and those who naturally have a lot of hair will enjoy this hairstyle.

3. Elegant Waves Wedding Hair

You can never go wrong with Hollywood waves. This hair design is sleek and elegant, as well as feminine.

4. Soft Waves Wedding Hairstyle

Try out this soft wave pattern and enjoy its minimalistic approach and beauty. Women who prefer simpler looks and those who want something beautiful and not as overpowering will like this haircut.

5. Cute Blonde Wedding Hair Braid

If you like braids and big fluffy designs, this is for you. Anyone who has thick hair or women who plan on doing extensions will fall for this look.

6. Blonde Wedding Hair Waves

Go for blonde soft waves and brush them out to achieve this look. Set your locks in place with your favorite hairspray to prolong their beauty.

7. Brown Elegant Wedding Hairstyle

If your hair is shorter or medium length, this design is for you. Comb it out to achieve these brown waves and curls.

8. Soft Waves Wedding Haircut

You can add your favorite accessory to your hairdo. If you are an extravagant bride, as well as someone who loves to do big and noticeable looks, this is for you.

9. Blonde Hair Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair

A half-up half-down style will always be in style! If you enjoy defined feminine locks and you know how to enjoy a unique bridal design, we can vouch for this beauty.

10. Dark Brown Wedding Hair

If you want to add volume and definition, this is the right way to do it. Tease your hair up and get this defined frontal part and show off your bangs!

11. Blonde Hair Wedding Haircut With Beads

Women with blonde hair and blonde locks are going to enjoy this hairdo. Throw on some feminine and elegant beads on top of it to achieve this stylish and modern bridal hair design.

12. Fun Wedding Haircut

Such a fun and unique wedding hairdo, don’t you agree? If you’re someone who likes cool ponytail creations and you want something voluminous – this is “the one” for your big day.

13. Beach Waves Wedding Hairstyle

Try out beach waves as a bride and throw on a silver tiara on top of your hair. If you’re someone who wants a classy wedding just know that there’s nothing classier than this.

14. Half Updo Wedding Hair

A half up half down haircut is a must-try for women who are indecisive. With this creation, you’re getting the best of both worlds!

Updo Wedding Hairstyles

1. Wedding Hairstyle Bun

A traditional bun with some beads on top is going to make you the center of attention. If you fancy cute white pearls and you’re ready to switch up your look, this is a good match.

2. Low Bun Wedding Hair

A low, wispy, and relaxed bun is for those women who like traditional and whimsical looks. If you’re getting married in the fall, this should be your top pick.

3. Black Hair Voluminous Bun Wedding Hair

Women with naturally thick and full hair are going to love this style. If you’re into updos and you want a bun that I’d one of a kind make sure that you book this bun.

4. Bun And Braid Duo Wedding Hair

Try out a bun and braid duo like this one if you’re aiming for that romantic design. Anyone who wants a delicate and gorgeous outcome will fall for this bun.

5. Brown Hair Wedding Hair With A Clip

Try out this mini hair clip detail and place it right at the center of your bun. If you’re into wavy bun looks and you plan on wearing a ton of jewelry – this is for you.

6. Low-Placed Bun Wedding Hairstyle

A low-placed bun such as this one is for women who want to look elegant and traditional. Throw on this bead accessory and show its true beauty and potential for your most important day.

7. Wedding Hairstyle With Flowers

A lot of women love to add flowers to their hair. Do you plan on doing the same? If you’re a fan of romantic hairdos, we can vouch for this look!

8. Wedding Hair With Veil

Not everyone is into veil accessories. Are you? If you want to look like a true diva and you love that traditional dress and veil vibe, this is a fun look to go with.

9. Neat Bun Wedding Hairstyle

Neat, elegant, and brushed in, this bun is going to suit women who enjoy posh hairdos. Set it in place with your favorite hairspray and prolong its wear time.

10. High Updo Wedding Haircut

A super high updo with cute side-swept bangs is going to look trendy and modern. If you’re a bold bride who wants to make a statement – this is for you!

11. Blonde Hair Wedding Look

Blonde hair wedding look with a wispy bun that you’re going to love for romantic moments. Go for a mini clip in the back and rock it with confidence!

12. Styling Wedding Hair Ponytail

A blonde ponytail like this one is often worn by ladies who love elegant shiny looks. Make sure that you brush out the ponytail so it doesn’t tangle throughout the day.

13. Braided Wedding Hair

If you plan on getting married this spring season, we can vouch for this look! It is elegant and super whimsical as well as romantic.

14. Wedding Hair For Thin Hair

Brides who don’t have a lot of hair to work with and those who naturally have thinner strands are going to fall for this look. If your hair is thin and you want something that is long-wearing, this is it.

15. Cute Ponytail For Brides

Try out a fluffy ponytail and pair it with voluminous bangs. Anyone who wants to attract looks and make a statement for their big day should consider this bridal hairdo.

16. Twisted Bun Wedding Hair

The best part about this bridal hairdo? It will take you 20 minutes to pull it off + you can do it on your own!

17. Bridal Hairdo With A Veil

Lastly, if you are a traditional bride, consider throwing on a veil and enjoying this romantic look. Anyone who loves fairytale-like weddings will fancy this look.

Say Yes To The Hairdo!

So, which hairdo will you be saying “I do” to? Wedding season is upon us, and making the right pick is crucial. Brides of all ages, hair lengths, colors, and skin colors will enjoy our recommended options. Let us know which one is your favorite, we can’t wait to see it on you, along with that shiny white dress!

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