A winter gold hairdo is surely a statement that one can make. Golden hair dye and gold highlights have been very popular in recent years, as well as all over social media. If you want to follow a certain trend and you’re intrigued by chic winter gold blonde moments, as well as popular hairdos for the winter period of 2022, keep on reading! Here, we bring you some of the coolest and cutest options.

Top 30 Winter Gold Hair Color Looks

1. Dark Brown Roots Gold Highlights 


Dark brown natural roots and a subtle golden hue toward the ends are a vibe! If your hair is naturally wavy and has a darker base, you’re easily going to achieve this stylish outcome.

2. Bob Gold Hair 


Winter gold bob hairdo such as this one is a common look among mature women, as well as those who enjoy practical and office-friendly ideas. If you enjoy short and sweet bobs and you’re a fan of lighter shades, this will suit you.

3. Voluminous Gold Hair


Go for a modern balayage moment and decorate your hairdo with highlights. This warm-toned beauty is going to look gorgeous for most age groups, especially for women who like doing subtle changes and switch-ups to their looks.

4. Brown Roots Gold Hairstyle


Golden highlights toward your ends will tie the whole look together. If your natural hair is quite dark and healthy you can switch it up by doing this subtle coloring process.

5. Short Gold Hair


A light blonde with subtle pops of gold is for women who want to spice up their blonde hair dye. If you’re looking for a formal look that you can wear almost anywhere, this beauty is the one.

6. Long Gold Hair With Frontal Highlights 


Go for frontal highlights and frame your face this way. Women who enjoy longer hairdos and formal ideas, as well as hairdos that are quite bold and dramatic, will enjoy this style. Age-wise, it is often worn mostly by younger women.

7. Gold Hair Bob Cut 


A short chopped bob is a common look and hairdo that mature business-oriented women love to wear. If your hair is straight and light and you’re intrigued by spicing it up with your favorite shade of blonde, why not go for golden hues?

8. Straight Gold Hairdo 


Long golden beauty such as this one is going to look the best on women who enjoy asymmetrical cuts. If you want a ton of layers and you want to try out something creative, this may be for you.

9. Wavy & Voluminous Gold Hair


A cute and wavy hairdo such as this one is a must-do look for mature women. It is a common concept that is often rocked by those who wish to look elegant and outstanding. With this hairdo and color, you will tell that less is more. Does this apply to your style?

10. Sleek Elegant Gold Hair


Go for your favorite shade of blonde and add it to this elegant and Hollywood-inspired wave concept. If you enjoy loose waves and you’re a fan of stylish and popular designs, this will suit you.

11. Strawberry Gold Hair


A lot of women love to go for this or similar hairdos. It is a classy blonde beauty that attracts a ton of attention. Make sure that you get an appropriate haircut since this way your face will look framed and cute.

12. Gold Hair Straight Look 


If you want a low-maintenance hairdo, this is the right pick for you. Give it a go if you’re a fan of shorter and quick and easy hairdos and hair dyes.

13. Feminine Short Gold Hair


A stylish blonde bob cut such as this one will look very modern. It is a popular hairdo that we see on the runway. If you want to look and feel like a model, this will suit you.

14. Dark Gold Haircut 


Moms who want something low-maintenance and practical will enjoy this look. Give it a go if you’re a fan of quick and easy everyday hairdos.

15. Dark Brown Roots Gold Hair


This hairdo is going to be so popular this winter season. If you’re into trendy ideas and you want to try out something very bold and fun, this is for you.

16. Gold Hair Bob Cut 


This hairdo has to be cut properly and often for you to achieve this design. Make sure that you color it every other month and color it every three months to maintain this beauty.

17. Long Cool Gold Hair


A true warm-toned and golden hairdo such as this one is going to work so well on most age groups. Make sure that your hair is long and healthy before you commit to this design.

18. Long Blonde Gold Hair


Women who are in their twenties will enjoy this look the most. Make sure that you let your hair grow out and show it off everywhere you go.

19. Simple Straight Gold Hair


Shaggy and a bit messy, this hairdo is going to look amazing on those who have thin hair. If you enjoy chopped and defined hairdos that are perfect for your thin strands and the fact that you lack volume, this is the right look for you.

20. Bob Gold Hairstyle


If you enjoy bob cuts and warm-toned blondes this is for you. Make sure that you have healthy hair before you give this coloring process a go. If you’re in your thirties this may suit you the best.

21. Darker Gold Hair


Once you color your hair in this warm-toned and golden way make sure that you curl the ends just a little bit to get this stylish and voluminous outcome.

22. Gold Hair With Dark Roots


Let your roots stay dark and commit to your natural brown hairdo, but experiment a tad bit lighter at the bottom. This hairstyle has to be colored every 2 months, which is what makes it perfect for those who are low-maintenance and prefer practical ideas.

23. Gold Hair Highlights 


Curly ends and this soft wavy volume is for women who want to look elegant and stylish. Make sure that you have enough time to commit to this color since it is a bit tricky to pull off.

24. Gold Hair Long Straight Look 


Long and bold, this hairdo is for women who are in their twenties and are ready for a change. If you enjoy wispy hairdos and stylish elegant ideas, this will suit you. Make sure that you color it every 30-40 days to get the exact same design.

25. Vibrant Gold Hair Look


A light orange warm-toned golden hairdo such as this one is going to look so attractive and modern. If you’re in your twenties or thirties, this is something for you to consider.

26. Wavy Gold Hairstyle


Curl your ends just a bit to get this hairdo. It is a common and popular look for most women who like wispy ideas and subtle waves. Color it every other month to maintain the style.

27. Formal Gold Hairdo 


If you want a formal hairdo and you’re off to an important event or a dance or some sort, this is for you. Make sure that you give it a go if you want to attract a ton of looks and attention.

28. Straight Shiny Gold Hair


Women who love their natural hair will want to give it a go with this haircut and its subtle highlights. It is a gorgeous blonde-golden look that is perfect for any age group and any event.

29. Stylish Gold Hair


If you’re all about elegance, drama, and glamour, this will suit you. If you’re a fan of longer hairdos and you fully trust your hairstylist, why not commit to this beauty and show it off and its full potential?

30. Fluffy Gold Hair


Lastly, you can go all out and try out this sleek straight beauty. Give it a couple of details such as with your highlights and these cool bangs to get the best outcome.

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