How often have you craved those subtle and simple natural highlights? The natural highlight color application is often done by women who enjoy minimalism and by women who don’t want to look too flashy or bold. For some ladies, less is more, meaning you should embrace the effortless and subtly colored locks. If you’re looking forward to something stylish and you want to try out a simple, effortless coloring technique, this article is for you! Keep on reading and discover your options down below!

Top 30 Natural Highlights Hairdos 

1. Natural Highlights Blonde

Big and bouncy hair is going to look trendy and attention-seeking when done in this shade. You can try to color it on your own or you can ask your hairstylist for a bit of help, depending on your budget.

2. Natural Highlights On Dark Hair

Commit to a fresh and fun new color and show that you can enjoy lighter hues no matter where you’re going. Clean cut and aesthetically pleasing is what this look is about!

3. Natural Highlights Brown Hair

Naturally and flawlessly incorporate some blonde highlights to your hair and go for this stylish idea. If you have brown roots and you’re not too sure what can suit you, this is it.

4. Wavy Hair Natural Highlights

An ashy undertone tends to look the prettiest on women who love to follow loads of different trends. If you prefer creative looks and you want that subtle pigment to your hairdo these highlights will intrigue you.

5. Dark Brown Hair With Natural Highlights

A wispy design and this dark brown shade will easily and effortlessly blend in with the rest of your hair. If you’re a busy mom who needs something minimalistic and trendy, book this haircut!

6. Blonde Bob Natural Highlights

Curl your hair to make your subtle highlights pop! If you enjoy wispy and wavy ends and you’re a fan of stylish ideas that are popular on social media these days, this beauty is the one for you!

7. Balayage Hair Natural Highlights Bob Design

Go for a short and chic bob and add some blonde highlights down your ends. If you’re ready to experiment and you want your hair to look perfect for the summertime season, look no further!

8. Voluminous Natural Highlights

A short chopped bob with effortless highlights is a statement look worn no matter the event or the occasion. Your hairstylist will easily achieve this design in the shortest time possible!

9. Natural Highlights Brown Hair

Light beige and subtly blended highlights can look modern and fun! Color your hair only once a year to maintain the look and to make it a memorable one.

10. Short Bob With Natural Highlights

Add layers to your look to make it more feminine and elegant. This hairdo isn’t too hard to do, yet it looks the best on busy women who are trying to make a statement everywhere they go.

11. Ombre Natural Highlights

These highlights are going to look the best for the autumn season. They have that slight ashy undertone which makes them perfect for this time of the year. Are you eager to try them out and do you want to look as natural as possible with your new hairdo?

12. Wispy Hair Natural Highlights

Cut your hair in layers and pair it with these stylish bangs. This cool undertone tends to look the best on picky women who want to effortlessly and quickly blend the rest of their hair in this shade. Make sure you only invest in your key items when getting the exact same outcome.

13. Ombre Highlights Natural Highlights

Heads up when ur comes to these highlights as they can look good only on women with darker roots. If you’re quite picky yet you want a noticeable difference – book this hairdo.

14. Feminine Hair With Natural Highlights

Beige and warm-toned highlights will look the cutest when done the right way. This hairstyle will easily adapt to women who like elegant and voluminous hairdos.

15. Light Blonde Natural Highlights

Try out your own unique take on a twisted bob and pair it with these highlights. They are the ombre highlights that will never go out of fashion, yet they’re worthy of your time!

16. Natural Highlights For Ladies

Don’t rush the process and trust the magic! This haircut can look feminine and formal when done the right way. If you love layers and you want that beige undertone to your look, what’s stopping you from trying this out? It will look the best on warm-toned chocolate undertones.

17. Natural Highlights Women

Do you see how these blonde highlights have naturally and easily blended into the rest of your hair?! If you’re a platinum blonde this look will suit you. Just invest in your chosen hair toner and conditioner to keep the shade intact.

18. Natural Brown Natural Highlights

Concentrate your highlights around your mid-shaft and make your hair look naturally flawless and feminine. If you have brown roots and you want something that isn’t too hard to blend in, then this will meet your criteria.

19. Dark Chocolate Brown Natural Highlights

A lot of women love new ideas and hair color transformations, and most of them are eager to try something new. If you’re a picky person craving beige natural-looking highlights then it’s time to book this haircut and show off its full potential!

20. Wispy Blowout Natural Highlights

Beige hair or hair with natural-looking highlights will come in handy if you’re trying to hide your grays. Don’t be afraid to stand out and try out new ideas, and trust the process, especially if you have grey hair!

21. Fun Natural Highlights

You can play a lot with your hair and try out different hair coloring techniques to achieve the look. Go for the right hair mask to add hydration and prevent your hair from breaking during the coloring process.

22. Warm Toned Natural Highlights

Color your hair every two months and add these stylish highlights on top. Commit to the process and don’t be too afraid to experiment. Ladies with thinner hair strands are going to like the outcome of this full design.

23. Natural Highlights Idea

Your highlights can look intriguing even when done subtly. Those who need something romantic and sensual will fall in love with this new trend and transformation.

24. Wavy Natural Highlights Look

You should invest some time and money in getting this haircut. It’s not that easy to do and it will take a lot of your free time. If you enjoy lighter shades and you are ready to commit to something modern and inspiring, it’s time for this!

25. Blonde Hair Natural Highlights Idea

Try out a new shade and don’t forget to round it up with the rest of your hair. If you fancy creative ideas and you love subtle shades of color, it’s time to recreate this look and this masterpiece!

26. Stylish Natural Highlights Look

Color your hair whenever you start to show your roots or your greys. When blended with a hair combing method you’ll have perfect beach waves and a subtle natural color outcome.

27. Natural Highlights For Blondes

Highlights are on a pricier side. The more they’re blended, the pricier they go for. This is why you should be careful before trying out this look and booking these stylish and sleek highlights.

28. Blonde Natural Highlights Idea

These delicate accents create a sun-kissed effect, enhancing your overall hair texture and adding depth to your look effortlessly. This haircut allows you to add depth easily even if you’re tight with time or limited in terms of your budget.

29. Wispy Natural Highlights

If you’re tight or limited with your budget and you want to try out a shade that is easy to recreate at home and on your own, you’ll like this elegant look! Just a heads up that you should have all the right products before you give it a go with this next design.

30. Long Blonde Natural Highlights

Natural highlights add subtle dimension to your hair, mimicking the way the sun naturally lightens strands over time. Want to emphasize your long curly locks when best you can? 

New Natural Highlights Time!

Who wants to look like a true natural beauty? Are you ready for something simple and elegant, and do you want to express your love for defined highlights? If so, we know that these natural ideas will intrigue you. Let us know which one is your favorite and how you plan on achieving it shortly. We can’t wait to see you rock it.

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