Crochet hairstyles is a trend you need to jump on. With this style, your hairdresser uses a special crochet to place extensions into cornrows that will leave you with an amazing style. This technique is a simple way for you to wear your hair in a stylish but easy way and also protect your natural hair. Regardless of your hair texture or length, this style will work for anyone.

If you’re interested in crochet hairstyles, here are some of our favorites.

1. Box Braids

These box braids are stunning.

2. Curls

These curls are gorgeous.

3. Mohawk

You can rock a mohawk.

4. Sleek

This sleek hairstyle is stunning and perfect for all.

5. Purple

A purple hair color is perfect for the summer.

6. Lob

Wear your hair a little shorter.

7. Locs

These locs are gorgeous.

8. Red Curls

This style is something you need to try.

9. Volume

Get tones of volume with your crochet style.

10. Curled Ends

Your hair doesn’t have to be all braided.

11. Caramel

This caramel hair is perfect for a new look.

12. Simple Lob

A lob is a great style to rock.

14. Ponytail

You can wear a stunning up-do.

15. Chocolate Braids

Chocolate braids give off a beautiful look.

16. Unique

This crochet look is totally unique and gorgeous.

17. Ombre

Rock a stunning ombre look.

18. Long Curls

These curls are gorgeous.

19. Curled Hawk

Do you need any more proof to wear a crochet look?

20. Bob

A bob is the best shorter style you should try.

21. Corn Rows

These corn rows look gorgeous.

22. Jumbo Knots

Jumbo knots are a beautiful style you can try out.

23. Curled Locs

Curled locs are the style you need to try out.

24. Accessories

Add a little accessory to your crochet look.

25. Deep Twist

Let your twist shine.

26. Pop of Color

Color is a great way to highlight your look.

27. Braided Fauxhawk

If you’re looking for a shorter style, a braided fauxhawk is it.

28. Gypsy Bob

This gypsy bob is a boho dream.

29. Long Pixie

A longer pixie is a style that is perfect for everyone.

30. Low Bun

You can wear a bun style with a crochet technique.

31. Bantu Knots

If you’re in the market for a stunning updo, go for some Bantu knots.

32. Ginger

A ginger color is perfect to try out.

33. Crown Braid

Be the queen that you are with this crown braid.

34. Blow Out

Get a gorgeous blowout with your blonde hair.

35. Blue Braids

Brighten your hair up with beautiful blue braids.

36. Twisted

This twisted updo is a great way to wear your crochet style.

37. Highlights

Add highlights to your crochet look for a little pop of color.

38. Balayage Curls

Balayage curls looking gorgeous with a crochet style.

39. High Bun

This high bun is easily to maintain and looks great.

40. Sassy Pixie

Serve all the looks with this gorgeous pixie style.

41. Reverse Braid

Be a little different with your look.

42. Round Bob

A round bob is a classic style everyone should try.

43. 3 Tone

Don’t just settle with one color for your hair.

44. Messy Updo

Crochet helps you hair glorious hair for any style.

45. Half Up

Wear a trendy style like this half up look.

46. Texture

Embrace all the texture.

47. Tree Braids

With tree braids you can get a stunning bob style.

48. Iced Coffee

Have fun with your hair color.

49. Boho Style

Let you own unique style show.

50. Blonde Hawk

This style is stunning and works well with any color.

Crochet hair really lets you show your own unique style and allows you to do it without the worry of damaging your hair.

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