Dirty blonde hair can be impossible to resist! How many times have you fallen in love with such a hairstyle? This hair color is well-loved and popular among women who prefer different looks, as well as those who don’t want to stick to a platinum icy-white look. No reason to rock a simple blonde anymore, dirty blonde is way more in fashion, see for yourself down below!

1. Why Is It Called A Dirty Blonde Hairdo?

Not too sure what defines a dirty blonde hairdo? This hairstyle is like your typical blonde, but with a twist of some darker color anywhere around the root area. Usually, a dirty blonde is someone who has had highlights done before, but now is trying to grow out their natural dark blonde or brown hairdo. Your dirty blonde style can also be something that has a hue of gold, yellow, red, orange, or brown. The end result is definitely something that screams for looks and additional attention!

2. Who Should Try Out This Hairstyle?

Women of all ages can go for this hair color and look. However, heads up since the upkeep and maintenance can get pretty tricky. This is because blonde hairstyles and dirty blondes looks will demand that you use the right kind of purple shampoo, as well as a hydrating conditioner. Usually, women who are in their twenties and thirties prefer this type of look the most.

3. How To Achieve A Dirty Blonde Look?

You won’t achieve this color on your own, but you can do it “accidentally” and as it grows out. Your hairstylist will do several different chunky highlights and they will bleach your hair to give you the right undertone that you’re craving. They will also mix some brown hues, or they will leave your roots a lot more visible. For some, balayage or ombré hair looks can leave the vibe of a dirty blonde hairdo. The end result is pricey, so heads up before you book your session.

Short Dirty Blonde Looks

1. Bob Dirty Blonde


Short and perfect for workaholic women! This bob cut will suit most mature women as well.

2. Gorgeous Dirty Blonde


Show off your roots and icy highlights to enjoy this look the most. It will suit anyone who prefers a low-maintenance look.

3. Balayage Dirty Blonde


Show off your gorgeous brown hair and incorporate these highlights. You will look like a gorgeous dirty blonde in no time.

4. Short Dirty Blonde Hairdo


Women who need that office cut are going to enjoy this look the most.

5. Wavy & Feminine Dirty Blonde


If you want some subtle highlights and a soft amount of volume you’re going to like this design.

6. Shaggy Dirty Blonde


This is a must-have haircut and color for workaholic women. Make sure that you get regular cuts to maintain this beauty.

7. Half-up Half Down Dirty Blonde


Younger women can also go for this loose cut. Show off your waves and enjoy this half-up half-down hairdo for your prom.

8. Well-blended Dirty Blonde


If your hair is naturally long and healthy you’re going to like this outcome. Add a lot of hairspray to set it in place for daily wear.

9. Voluminous & Wavy Dirty Blonde


These balayage highlights are a true example of how this look can work so well with your everyday hairdo.

10. Hot Icy Dirty Blonde


If you enjoy shaggy cuts and a lot of volume you’re going to like this design. Women who wish to show off their elegance will like this cut.

11. Short Bob Dirty Blonde


Add a lot of volume to your hair with a curling iron and spice up your ends. Add a lot of hairspray to set it in place for the day.

12. Pixie Dirty Blonde


Women who like shorter pixie cuts are going to live for this hairdo! It is a must for younger girls and low-maintenance women.

Long Dirty Blonde Hair

1. Wavy & Loose Dirty Blonde


If you’re someone who has a lot of hair and you prefer your length and volume over other hairstyles, make sure that you invest in this icy dirty blonde.

2. Formal Waves Dirty Blonde


Long and loose waves are the perfect style for formal events and big gatherings. If it is your big day you’re going to like this stylish wavy look.

3. Curly Dirty Blonde


Curl your ends and make this dirty blonde a lot more elegant. It is perfect for night-outs with the girls.

4. Elegant Blonde Dirty Hairdo


Show off your long hairdo and wear it for your big day. This dirty blonde will suit brides the most.

5. Soft Waves Dirty Blonde


Dirty blonde such as this one is a high-maintenance cut. Make sure that you have patience when it comes to its upkeep.

6. Yellow Blonde Dirty Hairdo


If you’re in your twenties you’re going to like this blonde hairdo the most.

7. Long & Feminine Dirty Blonde


Let your roots come to play and show them off for this gorgeous dirty blonde.

8. Wavy & Formal Dirty Blonde


Women who need a hairstyle that is elegant and wavy are going to like this outcome.

9. Blunt Cut Dirty Blonde


Dirty blonde can look feminine on this hair length as well!

10. Icy Blonde Dirty Blonde Look


This long hairdo is for girls who like to show off their elegance and a soft plump look.

11. Long Formal Dirty Blonde


Show off your long curls and this gorgeous amount of volume. Set it in place with your favorite hairspray as well.

12. Loose Waves Dirty Blonde


This dirty blonde is cute and elegant, ideal for everyday wear.

13. Chic & Modern Dirty Blonde


A lot of volume and elegance will look stunning! Show off your dirty blonde and wear this look to any big or small gatherings.

14. Twisted Dirty Blonde Look


Longer hair and these curls will look shiny and mesmerizing. If you’re someone who has long and healthy hair consider this look.

15. Natural-looking Dirty Blonde


Show off your blonde in this simple way. Throw on a bit of hairspray to show off its volume at the top.

16. Highlighted Dirty Blonde


Wear your dirty blonde on the side and decorate it with these gentle blonde highlights.

17. Side Swept Dirty Blonde


Go for this exquisite blonde color and feminine blowout! If your hairstylist is skilled enough they’re going to nail this look!

18. Curly Natural Dirty Blonde


Natural waves & subtle curls will make this dirty blonde even more feminine & playful. It is a must-wear for teens & younger women with longer hair.

Rock Your New Blonde With Confidence

Which hair design was your favorite from our list? Let us know if you’re ready and if you dare to wear any of these hairdos. We can’t wait to see you rocking these cute dirty blonde outcomes!

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