Burgundy is a great darker color to use when you are looking for a color change. The color melts through your hair like wine and is perfect for the colder weather. Paired with long or short hair, you can’t go wrong with a burgundy color.

Take a look at 25 of our favorite short burgundy hairstyles.

1. Merlot Dreams
Color your hair is dark burgundy color that screams merlot.


2. Burgundy Highlights
Instead of dyeing all your hair burgundy, opt for a few highlights throughout your hair instead.


3. Purple Burgundy
If you want to be a little different add a bit of purple to your burgundy look.


4. Burgundy Pixie
You can have a lot of fun with a messy burgundy pixie cut.


5. Burgundy Lob
Pair your lob style with a gorgeous burgundy color.


6. Burgundy Ombre
Choose an ombre effect with your burgundy color for an amazing hair style.


7. Burgundy Rose
Lighten your burgundy color up a bit by adding a touch of pink to it.


8. Burgundy Curls
Go for a rounded bob and add a ton of curls throughout it to really show your rocking color off.


9. Burgundy Layers
Add a little depth to your burgundy hair by rocking a few layers throughout it.


10. Burgundy with Shadow Roots
Keep your roots natural and let the burgundy do the rest for you.


11. Natural Burgundy
If you want a more natural color, opt for a red burgundy.


12. Burgundy Top Knot
Show your color off by following the top knot trend.


13. Soft Burgundy
If you don’t want a dark and dramatic burgundy color, try this softer version.


14. Burgundy Texture
By adding layers throughout your hair you get a ton of texture and depth, perfect to pair with a burgundy color.


15. Burgundy and Red
Pair two amazing colors together for an awesome outcome.


16. Natural Shades
By choose a natural burgundy color, no one will know it’s not your natural color.


17. Fall Burgundy
Burgundy is the perfect color to choose when you want to change your look up for fall.


18. Mulled Wine
Lobs and burgundy go perfectly together like wine and cheese.


19. Burgundy Curls
Really show your stunning color off by adding a curl to your hair.


20. Auburn Burgundy
Really turn your hair from summer to fall with this amazing mixture of auburn and burgundy.


21. Burgundy Bob
This multi-layered bob is great for showing off your burgundy hair and unique style.


22. Sleek Burgundy
Keep your hair straight and shiny for a sleek look.


23. Autumn Love
Welcome the change of weather with this gorgeous burgundy color and cute cut.


24. Burgundy Melt
With your natural hair still showing, add a little burgundy for a nice melt.


25. New Burgundy
Go for a whole new look by coloring your hair this rich burgundy color and chopping the rest off.


Burgundy is a great color to choose if you want something a little more unique and outside the box. It is still a little natural but with a little more sass added to it.

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