Faux hawks are the perfect hairstyle for anyone who wants to look edgy and cool. They’re easy to maintain, they work with any hair length, and both men and women can wear them.

So what is a faux hawk? It’s a short haircut that features longer hair in the front. You can choose between a high or low faux hawk, depending on how much length you want on top of your head. Faux hawk haircuts are often seen on rock stars or other people who want to express their rebellious side through their style choices; however, they’re also worn by average folks who want to spice up their look a bit without going too far out there in terms of fashion risks!

The great thing about faux hawks is that they’re easy to maintain! All you need is a good pair of scissors and some gel/mousse/conditioner (depending on whether your hair tends to stick up). And don’t forget about maintenance—if you want your faux hawk to last all day long without falling out of place then make sure to wash it every morning before work!

If you want to jump on the faux hawk bandwagon but need a little help getting started, here are 40 of our favorite faux hawk looks to give you a little inspiration.

Top 40 Faux Hawk Looks To Consider

1. Shaved Sides Faux Hawk Look

You can keep your sides low and your faux hawk high.


2. Up-Do Faux Hawk

This updo that incorporates a faux hawk is stunning + perfect with all the little hair clips.


3. Braided Curly Faux Hawk 

Braid your sides and enjoy your faux hawk shine, along with this curl pattern.


4. Classy Hairstyle Formal Look

You can even style your faux hawk for any upcoming event.


5. Curled Up In The Back Faux Hawk 

Add some curls to your look for more volume. Perfect for women who enjoy voluminous looks. 


6. Tapered Sides Blonde Faux Hawk 

You can choose whatever length works for you when it comes to a faux hawk. This is perfect for most age groups.


7. Textured Up Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Adding waves to your faux hawk gives it more texture, perfect for night-outs.


8. Shaggy Faux Hawk Brown Look 

A shaggy faux hawk gives you a little more hair to play around with.


9. Mini Buns Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Adding little buns to create your faux hawk is a beautiful idea to consider going for. Want to try it out?


10. Pink Trendy Faux Hawk

Throw some pink into the mix for a vibrant look, perfect for teens.


11. Natural Curls Styled In A Faux Hawk

Let your natural curls shine with your faux hawk. This just goes to show you that anyone can wear it.


12. Wild Brown Faux Hawk

Add a little product to your faux hawk and let it do its thing with your favorite curling product.


13. Messy Coral Hues

Coral is a stunning color to work into your faux hawk, perfect for the summer or spring.


14. Full Braids Volume Faux Hawk

Fully braid your hair and weave it into a stunning faux hawk for formal moments.


15. Sleek Lime Green Faux Hawk

Keep your faux hawk sleek and styled. Retro and bold for that punk vibe, who can give it a go?


16. Ombre Light Brown Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Add an array of colors through your faux hawk.


17. Faded Black Faux Hawk

This faded faux hawk will look stunning on anyone.


18. Unique Light Brown Hairstyle

You can really turn your faux hawk into your own unique look.


19. Bold Neon Faux Hawk

Choosing a bold color to go with your faux hawk is the right choice.


20. Natural Brown Faux Hawk

Keep your hair natural and let that faux hawk shine.


21. Platinum Blonde Faux Hawk

Go platinum for a vibrant look.


22. Edgy Blue Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Have some fun with your faux style to make it your own. If you’re a fan of color this blue will suit you.


23. Volume Up Faux Cut

Your faux hawk can be as big as you want it to be. How long and bold do you dare to go?


24. Pops of Color On A Faux Cut

Little pops of color throughout your faux hawk will help it stand out.


25. Longer Hairstyle Faux 

You can keep your faux hawk on the longer side if you want more hair to mess around with.


26. Bold And Curled Faux Cut

If you’re looking for a really glam look, look no further.


27. Full Braid Faux Hairstyle

Create your own faux hawk with a braided look.


28. Fun Braid Faux Cut 

Faux hawks give you a lot of room to have fun with the look.


29. Blonde Up Do Cut

This updo is perfect to create with a faux hawk.


30. Messy Colorful Hairstyle

A messy faux hawk is stunning and easy to maintain.


31. Icy Grey Faux Hawk

Go with some cooler tones to show your faux hawk off.


32. Spirals Orange Haircut

You can turn any style into a faux hawk, even this bright orange beauty!


33. Style Natural Brown Faux Hawk 

This faux style is gorgeous for anyone. Natural brown and low-maintenance.


34. Glitter Look Hairstyle

Dress your faux hawk up with a little glitter.


35. Around Braids Cut

Braid most of your hair for a unique faux hawk look.


36. Balayage Faux Hawk Cut

Colored look is so stunning with a faux hawk.


37. Side Part Hairstyle Faux Hawk

Style your faux hawk with a deep side part.


38. Undercut Hairstyle Platinum Design

Pair your faux hawk with an undercut for an edgy look.


39. Minimal Faux Hawk Look 

Even minimal faux hawks look amazing.


40. Stunning Swept Back Faux Hawk 

People will be left stunned by this amazing faux hawk look.


Want To Try A Faux Hawk ASAP?

Faux hawks are great for everyone to try. Some require minimal effort while others are breathtaking and perfect for events.

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