Mixie haircuts have made an impact in the last year or so. With so many different kinds of pixie haircuts popping out and into the market, it would only make sense for a mixie to get its moment! Are you interested in browsing through some cool looks? A fan of volume and shorter hairstyles? If that is the case keep on reading and discover a ton of cool mixie looks down below that you can recreate with ease!

What Is A Mixie Haircut?

A mixie haircut is a newer form of a pixie cut. It is wispy, fierce, and cute while being low-maintenance. A mixie is longer at the back portion and has a shorter front, like a pixie. It is a lot like a mullet that you can wear if you’re into feminine looks. It is spiked at the front and easy to style, especially if you add a bit of hair gel to frame it.

How Pricey Is This Haircut?

You won’t pay a lot of money for a mixie. It is just like a pixie cut with simple variations and additions to it. In fact, it usually goes for $60 and you’ll get a haircut, shaping, and styling for this amount of money. Mixie haircuts can vary in price depending on if you plan on getting some highlights, and it can also depend on the expertise level of your hairstylist. In the end, you’ll enjoy the outcome at an affordable and realistic price point.

How To Style A Mixie Cut?

You should style a mixie haircut per your preference and your wish. The styling process itself takes only 5 minutes to do in the morning. All you need is your favorite hair styling cream and a small fine-tooth comb. Make sure to brush the hair and work with clean blow-drier hair. Style it on the side or go for a middle parting, based on your wish and preference. Add a bit of hairspray for long wear effects. Once set in place your mixie hairstyle won’t move for hours to come!

1. Black Mixie Cut


Cute mixie with soft bangs that you’re going to love for stylish moments, especially when you plan on wearing a ton of makeup.

2. Blonde Mixie Hairstyle


This blonde mixie with soft bangs is for women who like shorter low-maintenance looks.

3. Red & Purple Combo Mixie Cut


A unique color combo that you’re going to enjoy and prefer around the fall season.

4. Curly Mixie Hairstyle


This mixie with defined and cute curls will look amazing on women who wish to show off their natural texture.

5. Short Curly Mixie


Messy, curly, and defined, this black hairdo with defined mixie patterns and curls will suit any age group!

6. Mixie Hair With Highlights


Go for this mixie with highlights and cool fringe bangs if you’re someone who likes bold and playful colors.

7. Platinum Mixie Cut


Soft and short, this blonde mixie is for workaholic women who like to wear work-appropriate cuts.

8. Teal Mixie Haircut


If you like funky colors this bright blue aqua moment will suit you!

9. Chocolate Brown Mixie Hairstyle


Go for this cute mixie with fringe bangs and show it off at any formal or informal gathering.

10. Blonde Mixie With Fringe


Not a lot of women dare to go this short and defined. If you’re in the mood for something trendy this will suit you.

11. Black & Orange Mixie Hairstyle


This black and orange mixie with highlights is for teens who like emo or Tik-Tok-inspired looks.

12. Short Natural Brown Mixie Haircut


Women who have naturally curly hair and wish to show off their texture will enjoy this cute simple mixie!

13. Light Pink Mixie Hairstyle


Give it a go with this soft coral pink look and know that you’re going to enjoy it, especially for the spring season.

14. Dark Black Soft Mixie Hairstyle


Show off your natural texture and enjoy this simple and work-appropriate hairdo!

15. Mixie Hairdo With Long Bangs


Long bangs and this hairstyle will easily frame the face and make you look a lot more feminine.

16. Dramatic Curly Mixie Haircut


Super curly and super playful, this look will suit girls who like their shorter hair yet with naturally curly texture.

17. Brown Mixie With Long Bangs


Go for this bang fringe moment and know that it is going to look lady-like and attractive.

18. Dark Blonde Mixie Haircut


A dark blonde mixie such as this one will look awesome on women who are in their twenties.

19. Defined Mixie Hairstyle


Style your hair with your favorite curling products to achieve this amount of volume.

20. Messy Blonde Mixie


Messy blonde mixie like this one is for mature women who want a quick and easy hairstyle for everyday wear.

21. Mixie Haircut With Bangs


Show off your cool bangs and frame the face with this mixie dark brown hairstyle.

22. Light Brown Mixie With Bangs


If you’re into stylish looks and you prefer bangs or fringe bangs this will look intriguing!

23. Mixie Hairstyle Voluminous


Platinum blonde hair such as this one is perfect for women who follow new trends.

24. Shiny Healthy Mixie Haircut


If your hair is super healthy and shiny just know that this look will compliment you!

25. Long Mixie Hairdo


Long and bold, this straight mixie is for women who wish to keep their length and rock semi-long looks.

26. Voluminous Mixie Cut


Pair up your mixie with bold makeup. That is the best way to stay chic and trendy.

27. Blonde Mixie With Bangs


Moms or workaholic women are going to enjoy this look for business and office hours.

28. Short Brown Mixie Hairstyle


Cute brown mixie that you’ll love if you hate regular cuts and frequent touch-ups.

29. Mixie Hairdo With Highlights 


If you trust your hairstylist give it a go with these cool blonde bleached highlights.

30. Messy Brown Mixie Haircut


Simple and soft brown, this look is for women who like precision and modern mixie cuts.
Want To Give It A Go With Your Mixie Cut?
So, are you ready to try out some of these cool mixie looks? Are you ready for a change? Take your pixie to a new level and give it a go with some of these top 30 cool mixie options. You’re going to love them for day or night-time moments.

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