Do you have a diamond face shape? If so just know that you’re a real “gem”! A diamond face shape is not that common or popular, and most of the population have either oval or square face types. If you’re blessed enough to have a diamond face shape just know that you already do have a unique and intriguing face shape that can be elevated even more with a certain haircut. Keep on reading and discover your options down below! Here is what you should go for if you have a diamond face shape to “round your look”.

How To Know If You Have A Diamond Face Shape?

You will know that you have a diamond face shape if you’re a person with a narrow forehead and a cute small chin. Your forehead isn’t probably as wide, while your cheekbones are wide and placed high up.

What Are The Best Looks For Diamond Face Shapes?

You can rock a ton of different looks if you are a diamond-faced beauty. Some of the most popular and stylish looks are:

  • Shaggy looks
  • Layered hair
  • Tousled hair
  • Wavy retro hair
  • Lob
  • Fringe bangs
  • Messy ponytails

Shaggy Hair

1. Dark Brown Shaggy Look

Cute and short, this brown wavy and shaggy look is for women who like practical and simple ideas. Show off your cute side and enjoy these for casual daily moments.

2. Blonde Messy Shaggy Look

Give it a go with these long and bold moments! A shaggy hairstyle and these messy bangs will attract looks and will look the best on women who can handle the maintenance. Longer hair and this wavy look will suit younger teens who like to express themselves the best.

3. Blonde Shaggy Hairstyle With Bangs

A retro blonde wavy shaggy moment such as this one will look lovely on girls who want to look retro and cute. Show off your low-maintenance cut while knowing that it properly suits your face shape.

4. Brown Shaggy Hair With Bangs

This brown shaggy moment will look cute and formal. If you’re a fan of subtle volume and you’re also looking for a haircut that you can wear for everyday wear and office moments this is for you!

5. Shaggy Platinum Hairdo

Platinum blonde can be hard to maintain. If you’re a fan of stunning looks and you want to rock something elegant and feminine, this is perfect without being too flashy!

Tousled Hair

1. Wavy Blonde Tousled Hair

Wavy blonde tousled hair will look amazing when rocked and styled in curls. Show off this beach-inspired look and know that it is a full hit, no matter your age!

2. Tousled Hair Brown Look

If actresses can rock this look, what stops you from giving it a go? This cute wavy brown moment will look phenomenal on mature women and moms who wish to look well-put and super elegant. In the end, this is a low-maintenance tousled beach cut that you’re going to adore!

3. Long Tousled Hairstyle

Long and wavy, this blonde moment is for anyone who is intrigued by trying out something new. If you fully trust your hairstylist give it a go with this blonde and cool transformation, you’re going to love it!

4. Chocolate Brown Tousled Look

Chocolate brown hair is always a fun look to go for. Not only that it will suit your face shape, but this hair color is going to look phenomenal for the fall season and on any woman!

5. Icy Blonde Chic Hairstyle

Try out this icy blonde moment and style the hair however you like based on your headed event. Women who usually want to emphasize their face shape and facial features will like giving it a go with this retro yet subtle curl pattern, perfect for rocking a wispy outcome!

Retro Waves

1. Auburn Retro Waves

Retro waves will forever be in fashion. Women who like to wear their hair curly and those who prefer bright sexy red shades will enjoy this magical-looking and sexy outcome. Show off the curls for your next big event and an important party, everyone’s eyes will be on you.

2. Black Hair Retro Waves

Retro waves and shorter hair are super low-maintenance. Women who enjoy simpler and shorter ideas will easily style their hair this way and with this approach. Your facial features will look feminine and flirty, ideal for women who enjoy keeping it as clean, simple, and natural as possible.

3. Voluminous Black Hair Waves

You can also wear your hair on one side. This hairstyle and this look will suit most women, but especially those who have a formal event going on. No reason to hide your facial features when you can emphasize them fully with this haircut.

4. Messy Brown Hairstyle

Messy brown and worn on the side, this hairstyle is for anyone who is into chic and effortless ideas. Simply add a bit of hair foam to set your locks in place for hours to come!

5. Orange Wave Look

Orange hair is a bold move, which is why only some women dare to give it a go. If you want to try something that is in tune with your facial features and personal preference, orange is the way to do it!

Curly Lob

1. Cute Brown Curly Lob

Short brown and curly, this retro hairdo is often a must-have if you wish to wear your curls feminine and retro. In fact, a lob will suit women who love their naturally curly texture, perfect for anyone who is into summer simplicity and elegance.

2. Blonde Curly Lob

This blonde wavy blonde needs to be colored every 5 weeks to maintain the color and to look the best it can! If you prefer healthy curls make sure that you add a bit of hair cream or hair oil to fully emphasize their shine and elegance.

3. Auburn Curly Lob Hairstyle

Auburn red is a cool color choice for the fall season. Go for this bright and fiery look if you’re someone who prefers copper ideas, especially for business meetings or when trying to make a statement.

4. Black Lob Hairdo

This curly black lob will look amazing on you thanks to its bangs. If you prefer shorter hairdos that will round up your face give it a go with this for any time and any place.

5. Light Orange Short Cut Look

Emphasize your eyelids and open up your face shape. This way, your eyes will get a ton of attention and your overall styling will be fashion-forward and retro! You’re going to prefer this haircut for the summer, it is going to be a huge hit!

Fringe Bangs

1. Blonde Fringe Bangs

Wispy bangs and blonde bleached hair is for girls who like to look elegant and sensual. This look will quite perfect for most face shapes + it is not too hard to style or wear, no matter your age.

2. Yellow Fringe Bang Hairstyle

This yellow/orange fringe will look playful and attractive. If you’re in your twenties you’re going to adore this look and you will pull it off with ease, that’s for sure!

3. Pastel Pink Fringe Look

Pastel pink hair and defined fringe bangs are for anyone who wants to stand out. If you’re a fan of quirky and loud ideas + you want to look like a true trendsetter – this is ideal! Women who prefer loud colors and those who are in the mood for something a bit quirky will like this cut.

4. Healthy Brown Hair Fringe Hairstyle

Let your natural brown hair grow and show it off and all of its shine. Women who are into classic looks and those who can rock just about anything will also love the multipurpose and endless beauty of this haircut.

5. Black Hair Fringe Cut

Sexy and smooth, make sure that your hair is healthy and shiny if you wish to show off this haircut. Women who like semi-long and medium cuts that will properly sharpen up their facial features will also enjoy this haircut.

Messy Ponytail

1. Blonde Messy Ponytail

If you need a party-inspired look and something for formal or semi-formal moments consider this haircut. In the end, you’ll enjoy this beauty for your prom knowing that it properly suits your face shape!

2. Curly Brown Messy Ponytail

Show your curly hair off and embrace the curl pattern. Women who prefer their natural texture and those who have defined strands will like this for everyday wear and stylish wear. Put on your favorite curling cream and embrace the simple vibe!

3. Chic Brown Messy Ponytail

Chic brown, smooth and sleek, this hairstyle will look feminine and powerful. Don’t forget to add your favorite hairspray to spice up and emphasize your sleek shiny texture.

4. Blonde Messy Retro Ponytail

Retro and messy blonde, this ponytail will look so good on any age group. If you prefer curly looks and that wave pattern this is for you! Let your face look a lot more symmetrical and attractive by trying this out.

5. Light Brown Messy Haircut

A shiny brown messy ponytail and this hair with a ton of shine will look feminine and trendy. Show off your haircut and love for modern hairdos by booking this design with your hairstylist.

Time For A Haircut!
Which haircut do you like and fancy the most? Are you intrigued by shorter or longer looks? Either way it may be we know that you’re going to enjoy one of these exceptional beauties. Let us know which one and book your hairstylist appointment asap for the right look!

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