Buzzcut hairdos are gorgeous hairstyles that require minimal maintenance. They are often worn by guys with naturally thin hair, as well as guys who want to enjoy something simpler and shorter. If your hair is thin and you’re a fan of looks that can suit different age groups, this article is for you! Keep on reading and find a hairdo that you like and that works well for you.

Top 14 Men Buzz Hairdos 

1. Dark Brown Buzzcut Hair

This dark brown buzzcut is going to look great on men with naturally darker hair. If you enjoy shorter hairdos and you also love subtle fade details, this is for you.

2. Simple Buzzcut Hair

A simple buzzcut such as this one with crispy clean lines and defined edges is a trendy look to go for. If you love creative and trendy ideas and you know your barber can leave you with the exact same results, book this look.

3. Black Hair Buzzcut Look

Dark brown or black hair when combined with the right beard is going to look so fierce. If your natural texture is thick and voluminous and you enjoy showing it off, this is a must-try in your case.

4. Icy Blonde Buzzcut Hair

An icy blonde buzzcut such as this one is a colored hairdo. It is an edgy hairstyle that is often seen and worn by younger men who love to look attractive, as well as by guys who love to get a ton of looks. If you like your look and you want everyone to see it, why not go all out?

5. Simple Buzzcut Hair

A simple buzzcut hairdo such as this one is going to look great on younger men. If your natural hair is lighter and you enjoy your texture, this is for you. Show off the look knowing well that it is a trendy and low-key design that won’t be hard to do or maintain.

6. Defined Buzzcut Hair

A defined buzzcut hairdo such as this one might look the best on younger men. It also has that military vibe, don’t you agree? This design is going to look good with a bit higher top and more volume around there. Set it in place with your favorite hairspray and rock on!

7. Buzzcut Hair With Clean Lines

Decorate your buzzcut and fade haircut with one line detail. Guys who enjoy defined and precise hairdos will enjoy this chic outcome. Make sure that you cut it every 3 weeks to maintain the design.

8. Hot Brown Buzzcut Hair

Warm-toned hairdos and guys with lighter pigments can also try out buzzcut looks. This one, in particular, is going to look good with no beard or with a stubble beard outcome.

9. Buzzcut Hair For Curly Guys

If you have a smaller head and face shape just know that you can fully open it up and get definition by aiming for a shorter skin-fade buzzcut. This will create an illusion of a bigger forehead, and an asymmetrical look.

10. Buzzcut Hairdo Blonde Look

Try out this blonde buzzcut if you can handle its coloring & maintenance. A bleached blonde such as this one will take you 2-3 hours to achieve when at a hair salon.

11. Simple Buzzcut Hairdo

Some guys love to go quite short. Are you one of them? If you love a short buzzcut design and you want a quick and practical look (which is also perfect for the summer), this is for you.

12. Dark Brown Buzzcut Hairdo

Combine your buzzcut hairdo with a shorter and subtle beard detail. This will look so good and cohesive and is perfect for guys who are in their thirties.

13. Clean Look Buzzcut Hair

Some guys can look like actual models with this hairdo. If you love that simple, elegant & clean shave look, this is for you! Embrace your masculine facial features and enjoy the ‘less is more’ style!

14. Light Buzzcut Hairdo

Lastly, if you are on the light-blonde side, this buzzcut is for you. Go for a clean shave and a stubble beard to get this duo. Men who enjoy elegance, as well as those who have 2 minutes to get ready in the morning will fancy this outcome.

Time To Try Out A New Short Hairdo!

And there you have it guys! Are you ready for a change? Do you dare to cut your hair short and give it a go with a buzzcut? If so, let us know which design is your inspiration out of these 14. Also, will you be doing it on your own, or at a barbershop? Either way it may be, we can’t wait to see you with something new.

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