Curl hair pairs perfectly with short hair. You have beautiful beach waves, tight springs curls on your pixie, or luscious curls with your bob. Whatever it is, curly hairstyles are a great style to look at when you are rocking a short look.

Here are 40 of our favorite short curly hairstyles you need to try.

1. Bold Cut, Big Curls

This bob cut has a little extra detail at the neck and a lot of curls!

2. Rounded Bob

This rounded bob is a beautiful style and looks even more stunning with natural curls.

3. Curls with Color

Pair your gorgeous curls with a fun color, like this deep purple.

4. Angled Bob

An angled bob is a popular bob style but makes yours a little more unique with a beautiful curl.

5. Curly Pixie

This curly pixie looks beautiful and gives you a little length on top to still play with.

6. Ringlet Bob

If your hair doesn’t naturally curl, try adding some ringlet curls for an added look.

7. Wavy Lob

This wavy lob is a classic look and is perfect for just about anything.

8. Loose Wave

If you’re not a fan of tight curls, opt for this stunning loose wave instead.

9. Finger Waves

If you want a little extra style, try out this small finger waves for something new and different.

10. Tousled Look

A tousled curl is adorable and looks fantastic on everyone!

11. Caramel Highlights

Make your curls stand out more with a beautiful highlight, like this caramel color.

12. Yellow Beauty

Try a new color out for your curls if you are looking for a drastic change.

13. Textured Bob

A textured bob with curls will give your hair a lot of dimension and volume.

14. Waterfall Braid

Pair your curls with a waterfall braid to get a stunning look that will make all your friends jealous.

15. Tight Curls

The best thing about tight curls is the number of days you can wear them since they become looser each day.

16. Waves and a Side Braid

Amp up your wavy style by including a chunky braid on the side.

17. Cool Pixie

Curl your hair and pin it back for a fresh and unique look.

18. Flowing Pixie

Keep your pixie long on top so you can get a fun style like this one.

19. Amber Shine

The angled bob with a beautiful amber color is gorgeous.

20. Chocolate Dreams

Pair your stunning curls with vibrant chocolate color.

21. Hollywood Glam

Pull part of your hair back and add some waves for a Hollywood glam feel.

22. Blonde Dreams

Curls and blonde hair go together like a fairytale, try it out for yourself.

23. Golden Highlights

Bring some light to your curls with a beautiful golden highlight.

24. Soft Curls

Your curls don’t have to be large and in charge, if you don’t want them to be. Try out this softer look instead.

25. Braided Detail

Make your curls stand out with a cute braided detail on the side.

26. Burgundy Vibes

A burgundy color, paired with a fierce cut and beautiful waves make for a stunning look.

27. Wavy Pixie

A wavy pixie is a perfect style when you’re changing up your pixie.

28. Volume Galore

Nothing works better with a curl do then a ton of volume.

29. Summer Vibes

Go for light summer color to help compliment your curls.

30. Balayage Waves

Take your hair to the next level with a beautiful balayage color and waves to finish it off.

31. Layers

Layers are a great way to give your curls more volume and lift.

32. Space Buns

Have fun with your shirt, curly hair and try a new style like this space buns.

33. Emerald Dreams

Pair your curl style with a fantastic fashion color like this emerald.

34. Ice Queen

Silver hair is super stylish right now and is perfect for adding a wave too.

35. Flower Crown

Flower crowns and curls are just meant to go together like ice cream and chocolate.

36. Bun Detail

If you have second-day curls, try adding a braid and bun for a fresh new look.

37. Modern Pixie

A simple curl to your pixie will completely change the look.

38. Rose Gold Curls

Rose gold is a favorite color right now and looks fantastic with a wavy lob.

39. Curly Dreams

This loose curls that frame the face are beautiful and stunning.

40. Messy Bob

This messy bob is the perfect style if you’re thinking of going from long to short.

As you can see, there is a ton of options when it comes to curling your short hair. Which one was your favorite?

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