If you want a hairstyle and a haircut that is not too hard to maintain and upkeep, always go for medium length and stick to something simple and easy. Girls can try out a ton of different looks till they find their “the one” hairdo. In fact, rocking a medium-length haircut will require minimal maintenance, yet it will create an enormous difference in your day-to-day wear. You can cut it and get rid of split ends or you can do an interesting color that you’ve been trying to pull off for so long. If you’re ready to experiment and you want something new – here’s what we recommend!

30+ Women’s Medium Length Hairstyles

1. Dark Brown Medium Length Hairdo


A dark brown bob such as this one with subtle bangs is going to look feminine and super girly. Show it off and enjoy its wispy chopped outcome.

2. Glossy Medium Length Hairstyle


A ton of gloss – who could resist it?! Women who like asymmetrical cuts and those who prefer feminine ideas will fancy this chocolate design.

3. Orange Cut Medium Length Hairstyle


Show off this gorgeous medium-length beauty and rock it for your formal event. Curl the ends with your favorite curling iron and show it off for glamours and important moments.

4. Chocolate Brown Medium Length Hairstyle


A medium-length cut like this one is often worn by natural brunettes and those who fancy soft and minimalistic transformations.

5. Cool Bob Medium Length Hairstyle


A bob cut will never go out of fashion. Try this design out if you want something elegant and super wispy this season!

6. Medium Length Hairstyle With Highlights 


Medium-length beige haircut with subtle highlights that you’re going to love this fall! It is super sexy and defined, perfect for those who love lighter hairdos.

7. Blonde Medium Length Hairstyle Idea


A blonde cut with layers is commonly worn by mature women who like to switch up their hairdos often. Style this design with just a bit of hairspray to give it volume and definition.

8. Golden Medium Length Hairstyle Idea


If you have a naturally warmer (orangey) undertone, you’re going to pull off this cut with ease and effortlessly. Give it a go with these light highlights and rock the design for the spring and summer.

9. Medium Length Hairstyle With Cool Highlights 


Throw on some cute and simple highlights to your bob cut to add dimension and overall definition. If you fancy warm tones and you’re looking for a quick and easy style, why not this beauty?

10. Chopped Curly Bob Look


Go for a chopped curly bob cut and add these wispy short bangs to round up the look. If you enjoy practical and quick and easy ideas – why not show off this design?

11. Straight Fun Pink Hairdo


Straight layered medium length pink hairdo like this one is often worn by younger women who love to try out new trends. This shade of pink is going to look amazing for the spring season, so why not recreate it?

12. Blonde Medium Length Hairstyle Look


Blonde wispy and wavy cut that you’re going to love for day-to-day wear. It is elegant and aesthetically pleasing, don’t you agree?

13. Medium Length Hairstyle Brown Cut 


A brown short bob that most workaholic moms are going to fall in love with! Make sure that cut it every 3 weeks to maintain the result.

14. Curly Wavy Medium Length Hairdo


A copper shade and this fiery style are the perfect look this fall season! If you love to do trendy ideas and colors – give this a go.

15. Straight Brown Medium Length Hairstyle


Try out this straight cut and rock these defined edges for everyday moments. If you enjoy straight and sleek hair and you want something medium-length which is not too hard to maintain in the long run, this is for you.

16. Shiny Elegant Medium Length Hairstyle


Show off your shiny elegant curls and rock this medium-length layered hairdo for your next big and important event or for your formal gatherings.

17. Medium Length Hairstyle With Frontal Highlights 


Add just a bit of color and definition around your frontal portion. These highlights are super popular on social media these days, don’t you just want to rock them yourself?

18. Dark Brown Medium Length Hairstyle


Medium-length chocolate bob is a popular look for the fall season. If you like to follow trends and switch up your design based on season, this is something that may intrigue you.

19. Elegant Blonde Medium Length Hairstyle


Add layers to your medium-length hairdo and stick to this gorgeous warm-toned blonde design. You won’t have to color it too frequently as this undertone is not too hard to pull off.

20. Fun Purple Medium Length Hairstyle


Women who are in their teens or twenties will enjoy trying out something fun, wild, and different. This lilac shade is also a popular choice for the spring season.

21. Chic Blonde Straight Look 


Go with this straight blonde look if you want something simple and cute for everyday wear. This is the best and cutest look for women who enjoy simple ideas and straight locks.

22. Wispy Bob  Medium Length Hairstyle


You should cut your hair every 4 weeks when it comes to this look. The final result is going to work the best for women who are in their forties.

23. Light Orange Medium Length Hairstyle


Go with this light orange shade if your natural hair is dark blonde and you wish to spice it up and change it in one way or the other.

24. Cool Icy White Medium Length Hairstyle


Icy blonde locks such as these will work best on women who are in their thirties, trying to rock a formal updo on a daily.

25. Simple Cut With Highlights 


You can go super simple and effortless and consider this design. If you fancy straight hairdos and a bit of color – this will suit you.

26. Lilac Medium Length Hairstyle


Add just a dash of color to your locks and give this lilac hairdo a try. If you’re a fan of wispy and voluminous locks, this is for your day-to-day wear.

27. Simple Medium Length Hairstyle Look


Simpler and wispier hairdos are for those who enjoy effortless and bouncy looks. Make sure that you can color your hair every three weeks when it comes to this specific shade.

28. Everyday Medium Length Hairstyle


An everyday cut like this one will look amazing for the spring and summertime seasons.

29. Natural Brown Medium Length Hairstyle Look


Leave your hair natural brown and in its luscious simple color to embrace the natural and effortless design.

30. Wavy Blonde Medium Length Hairstyle


You should buy the right hair toner when it comes to this shade of blonde.

31. Medium Length Hairstyle Chocolate Brown Look


Let your natural brown locks shine through and spice up the look with just a bit of hairspray to set them in place.

32. Flirty Medium Length Hairstyle Idea


Lastly, why not curl your ends and try out this elegant look? You’re going to like it for the most important events and meetings.

New Hairdo Time

As you can see, going with a medium-length hairdo does have a ton of pros! You don’t have to go too simple, yet you can make a total difference in your look. Which haircut do you like the most? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you rocking something new off of this list.

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