Discover the magic of blue and black hair color—a unique blend that goes beyond the ordinary. Whether you prefer the deep tones of midnight blue or the vibrant shades of sapphire, this combination invites you into a world of self-expression and style. Do you dare to wear such bright and outgoing colors? Are you a fan of the blend? If so, this article and our diverse options will leave you speechless. Keep on reading and see what you’ve been missing out on!

20+ Black And Blue Hair Color Ideas

1. Black And Blue Hair Dye

Quite long and a blue and black hair color combo such as this one is perfect for everyday wear. It has gorgeous waves and soft trendy features that will make you look elegant and chic.

2. Short Black And Blue Bob Hairstyle

A short bob with this hair color combo is for ladies who enjoy dramatic and feisty ideas. If you want to stand out and look retro and chic, this will look amazing on you.

3. Wavy Black And Blue Haircut

This hairdo with these soft waves is a must-try for ladies who like elegance. A subtle hue of blue is going to add that fun effect to your locks. If you enjoy subtle transformations and you are a fan of elegant waves that aren’t too difficult to maintain and wear daily, we know that this look is going to suit you.

4. Soft Bob Black And Blue Hairdo

A short bob with a middle part is going to look so cute on ladies in their thirties. You can recreate this design easily and you’re going to love it for your office moments. Color it every 6-8 weeks to maintain its pigment and shine.

5. Black And Dark Blue Hair

Follow new trends and try out this look if you like bob hairdos. A lighter hue of blue is going to suit women who like trendy ideas and ladies who know how to pull off a dominant and colorful (vibrant) look.

6. Blue Ends Hairstyle

Keep your roots dark brown or almost black and stick to your natural outcome. Add a bit of shine and color to the ends. Anyone who prefers a simple and almost like an ombré-type design will love this blue hairdo.

7. Light Teal Blue Hairstyle

You can make a drastic change and fully transform your look with this hair dye. If you like aqua blue shades and you’re a fan of dramatic looks, this will suit you. Heads up this hair color and pigment can easily fade and wash out as time goes on.

8. Voluminous Black And Blue Haircut

Keep your hair natural and simple and try out this wavy black and blue color combo. You can also try out cute stylish waves to achieve this feminine blowout and enjoy your new elegant hairdo.

9. Long Black And Blue Cut

If you like long and wispy locks and you want to try out something bold and sexy, this is for you! Don’t forget these cute wispy ends to round up the look. If you have 20 minutes to spare in the morning you’re going to love this look.

10. Elegant Black And Blue Hairstyle

Go big or go home, right? This big and fluffy hairdo is a fun choice for ladies who love to make a statement. You’ll love its subtle shine, as well as showing off this hairdo with your favorite hairspray.

11. Straight Silky Black And Blue Hair

Super straight, sleek, and stylish, this hairstyle is a gorgeous look that tends to look the best on ladies who have naturally straight hair. Don’t forget your favorite toner that will make your hair color its best while also prolonging its pigment.

12. Wispy Bob Black And Blue Hairstyle

Try out a retro wavy bob and add your favorite hue of blue to the style. If you have a darker base underneath such as brown or black this shade of blue will easily pop and come into play!

13. Natural Dark Roots With Blue Ends

Keep your hair simple and natural brown but spice up the ends with your favorite dye of blue toward the ends. If you have flat and naturally straight hair this look is going to suit you.

14. Stylish Black And Blue Hair Design

This shade of blue and black is going to look phenomenal on ladies who enjoy bright and fun ideas. If you prefer attention-seeking looks this will suit you.

15. Black Roots With Blue Highlights

Go for a wispy blowout and show off your cute and elegant black and blue design. If you like stylish ideas and you’re quite creative this will suit your style and your overall vibe.

16. Short Straight Bob With Bangs Black And Blue

Blue and black hair colors have a rebellious history, with shades like navy and jet black symbolizing non-conformity and self-expression for women throughout different eras.

17. Wavy Ends Black And Blue Hair Style

The trend of combining blue and black hair is often inspired by the beauty of the night sky, where deep blacks merge with the ethereal blues of twilight. If you have longer hair and you love its shine, this will suit you.

18. Black And Blue Haircut For Ladies

Many iconic female celebrities, from Katy Perry to Rihanna, have rocked blue and black hairstyles, influencing a generation to embrace the bold and unexpected. Do you want to embrace some of your favorite celebs? 

19. Vibrant Blue And Black Hairstyle

Achieving the perfect shade of blue and black can be a delightful DIY adventure, as women experiment with various dye combinations to find their ideal mix. Do you dare to try out this color combo at your home? 

20. Dark Black And Dark Blue Hairstyle

Some women choose blue and black hair colors to reflect their moods – from serene navy blues during calm moments to intense blacks when feeling empowered.

21. A-line Bob Black And Blue Haircut

The trend aligns with the dreamy aesthetic of mermaids, making women feel like they’ve stepped into a fantastical underwater realm. You will love this fun bob hairdo if you’re in your late thirties looking for a practical haircut.

22. Black And Blue Hair Curly Look

Contrary to common belief, blue and black hues are ageless, suiting women of all ages and providing a timeless and chic look. If you have defined curly locks and you enjoy your thick and voluminous texture – this will look so good on you!

23. Soft Wavy Bob Black And Blue Style

Blue and black hair colors have made their way into professional settings, breaking stereotypes and proving that unconventional hair colors can be both stylish and sophisticated.

24. Long Black And Blue Design

The gradual fading of blue and black hues can create a beautiful ombre effect, offering a low-maintenance and ever-evolving style for women who love change. Does that sound like you? 

Combine Black And Blue Hair

From its rebellious history to DIY adventures, this dynamic duo symbolizes empowerment and creativity. Whether subtly embracing midnight blacks or boldly rocking vibrant sapphire blues, black and blue hair invites women to explore a world of personal style. Which one is your favorite when it comes to these striking combinations?

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