Have you ever thought about going with a cherry brunette hairstyle? It is a specific shade. We can agree on that, but it is a hair color that cannot go unnoticed and if you’re someone who likes attention and you love hairstyles that are big, bright, and bold, this article is for you. The cherry brunette is a hair color that is very popular for the fall season. If you want to try out something new and especially if you are in your 20s we know that this hair color is a full strike in your case. Here is what we have to offer.

20+ Cherry Brunette Haircuts

1. Shiny Cherry Brunette Hair


Medium-length haircut like this one with a ton of shine is feminine and so pretty. It is very trendy and is often worn by women who are in their mid-twenties. If you like cool-toned shades and you want to try out something new, why not this?

2. Long & Glossy Cherry Brunette Hair


A longer haircut like this one is for those who can handle the maintenance. It is voluminous and shiny, as well as super formal-looking. If you’re a girl who is trying to rock some serious volume and you’re a big fan of fall-inspired looks and shades, this is going to suit you.

3. Cherry Brunette Hair With Red Ends


You can leave your top natural brown and only add a bit of color toward your ends. To make this cherry brunette vibe come to life, make sure that you gradually add color, and only go 2 shades lighter than your roots.

4. Sleek High Shine Cherry Brunette Hair


A cherry brunette like this one is feminine and elegant. It is on the longer side, meaning that it can look so good when you take care of it and invest some care. If you enjoy wavy shiny locks and if you’re a fan of modern designs, this is for you.

5. Cherry Brunette Bob Haircut 


Transform your bob haircut with the right shade of red dye. This outcome is going to suit women who have naturally thick and dark-colored brown hair. The final result is very sweet and cute.

6. Dark Plum Cherry Brunette Hair


Do you enjoy darker red shades and feminine color switch-ups? If you’re a mom who wants a change and you’re all about low-key and practical ideas, this is going to suit you.

7. Cherry Brunette Hair With Bangs


If you’re looking for a summertime hairdo and something that is appropriate for warmer sunny days, this beauty is the one! Try out this feminine haircut and incorporate a pair of bangs with it. Those who are in their twenties might enjoy this the most.

8. Elegant Cherry Brunette Hair


This type of brunette cherry is very wispy and wavy, often worn by women who love elegant hairdos. Make sure that you use the right toner when it comes to maintaining this look.

9. Red Cherry Brunette Hair


During the summertime period, women tend to enjoy this color and this shade quite a lot. It is a warm-toned beauty that looks the prettiest when cut in a stylish bob. Make sure that you brush it out to style it the exact same way.

10. A-Bob Cherry Brunette Hair


A super cute and feminine bob that you’re going to adore for everyday wear! Women who want a business-appropriate look and a design that they can show off during important meetings will fancy this beauty.

11. Hot Fiery Cherry Brunette Hair


If you can grow your hair to this length, who are we to stop you and tell you to do it otherwise?! Although quite long and a bit extreme, this shade and this design will work best for party women and those who wish to attract attention.

12. Cute Bob Cherry Brunette Haircut


Try out a straight-across-defined bob such as this one if you’re someone who likes low-key and practical designs. Women who are into fashionable cuts and those who have naturally thin and shorter hair will enjoy this design.

13. Straight Bob Cherry Brunette Hairdo


How sexy is this design?! For a lot of women, short and straight chopped bob looks can look elegant and breathtaking. If you’re a girl who enjoys wispy ends and fiery colors, this is for you. Set it in place with your favorite hairspray to prolong its durability.

14. Cool Cherry Brunette Hair


Go with this fiery bright red shade and enjoy its sleek elegance everywhere you go! You should have a lighter base underneath if you want this color to blend in nicely. The final result and the color duo will look powerful and fiery.

15. Cherry Brunette Hair With Layers


Add layers when cutting your hair and try out this look for everyday moments. If you want to keep your length but you are a fan of subtle switch-ups, this is for you.

16. Dark Plum Cherry Brunette Hair Design 


A dark cherry brunette like this one is going to look amazing on women who enjoy natural-looking transformations. If you have black color underneath and naturally darker roots, why not spice it up this way?

17. Wavy Bob Cherry Brunette Hair


Women who are in their forties will enjoy this beautiful haircut. It is a voluminous and sexy cut, often worn by those who want something elegant that is not too dramatic. Simply comb it out and show off!

18. Hot Fiery Cherry Brunette Hair Design


A cherry brunette like this one is gorgeous thanks to its frontal pieces. It is a unique shade blend that you’re going to like for your attention-seeking moments. You were born to stand out, so why blend in?

19. Fun Bob Cherry Brunette Hair


Cute bob with straight bangs and edges that you’re going to like for everyday wear. Make sure that you color your hair every 5 weeks to prolong this shade and its beauty.

20. Long Hot Cherry Brunette Haircut


Long and dramatic, a hot red cherry shade such as this one is the perfect look for the fall season. If you’re a fan of longer wispy locks and you trust your hairstylist fully, why not commit to this cut and style it in your own way?

21. Cherry Brunette Hair Bob Design


Keep your roots naturally brown and only add a bit of color and warmth throughout your hair. Women who enjoy practical and everyday looks will fall in love with this beauty.

22. Wispy Wavy Cherry Brunette Hair


If you’re a fan of modern hairdos and cute looks, this is for you. Make sure that you curl the ends but keep the top straight to emphasize this beauty and its highlights even more.

Want A New Hairdo?

Do you want to color your hair on your own or will you be doing it at a hair salon? It is not too tricky to do most women can pull it off on their own. Let us know your plans. We cannot wait to see you in this specific shade.

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